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Could this have been the Super O?
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    Serious question as each session is a new experience and, while I've read a lot of the forums and wiki, I'm still not certain what I'm looking for.

    Anyway, had a session Saturday and something very cool happened. As I was on my back enjoying waves of pleasure and some involuntaries I got a rush of internal sensation. I call it the "glowing orb" in my abdomen/prostate. The feeling is buzzing there and then it feels like the Helix is blowing up like a balloon inside of me. This "big" feeling of the Helix is coupled with great internall buzz sensation and typically some involuntarily clenched PC/schincter muscles (I have to find a way to relax them at this stage!!!). Anyway, I've had this sensation a few times but today it was different. It continued to escalate. It lasted for what seemed like a minute and at it's peak - at the end - my rectum muscle must have been contracted as well because it moved the Helix out of me about an 1/8 to a 1/4 of the way. (thought for a second it was going to shoot it across the room, LOL) Oh, and one more thing that was different. For the last 20 seconds or so of this minute long pleasuse I got very hard very fast, almost instantly, and then it dissipated after. I've gotten a brief hardon before, or the start of an erection, but nothing like this instant hard and full erection that lasts for such a short time.

    This felt wonderful, and I felt depleted for a minute or two after before continuing on my session. But, there was never a specific feeling of orgasm as I know it from a penile perspective.

    But, while the feelings felt, hell, I don't know, "better" than an orgasm I'm not sure what it was. I don't know what to make of it. It felt incredible, and I think I might not be recognizing it as an orgasm because it didn't last 2-3 seconds, it lasted like a minute. So, any ideas guys? Was it the Super O, a prostate/anal orgasm, or is that what a P-wave is?
  • Hello, rck.

    Sounds like when I get a big Dry-O, which is rarely dry. Usually there's a pulse of clear fluid that comes out when the erection peaks and the involuntary spasm happens. The partial ejection of the Aneros at the same time used to happen more than it does these days. The associated pleasurable feeling can last for more or less than a minute. Once you figure out how to "unclench" you'll be able to chain these together. I consider it a kind of Super-O when the chain goes on for 3 or more minutes. Then, the Super-O frequently continues in another mode, like flying/floating, or psychedelic effects, or full-body waves one after another. Everybody experiences these things somewhat differently.

    Big congrats on your progress!

  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Yes, congrats! I may be right behind you in progress!

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575

    you are in precisely the formative stages of a prostate or dry orgasm. They come just with the feelings you're describing, only in your case the sensations you're experiencing are yet the early formative stages of what will eventually "mature" into a full blown dry orgasm where you feel like you're ejaculating intensely, though nothing, or at most a drop of clear Cowper's gland secretion at the time with come out. The sensation starts (and having rewired now to the point I can dry-orgasm easily and consistently these come best for me relaxed on my back doing gentle PC contractions--like you're holding back your urine flow--and tickling my nipples) with a warm buzzing feeling in the lower abdomen and pelvis that quickly "rises" in intensity and with which your rectum involuntarily begins to pull the Aneros inside, and in the case of my Eupho, wiggle it. Then a rapid very hard erection occurs and the warm feeling that was in the pelvis surges like a wave crashing over a dam out into the penis which feels very hot all the way to the glans whereupon the most intense and prolonged ejaculatory feeling you've ever experienced occurs (mine last about a minute or more each and repeat approximately every three minutes for up to thirty minutes like this) but nothing comes out, hence a dry orgasm.

    You're simply at the stage where you're experiencing the involuntary pattern this all occurs in but without the orgasmic intensity inside reaching high enough levels yet to surge out into your penis and cause the vivid ejaculatory sensations. Once I was at the stage you are describing for yourself, it took me about 6 more weeks to get there, although my rewiring went fairly slowly overall and yours may be faster. Congratulations and keep focusing on what you're feeling. The fascinating aspect of it all is that once you "get there", continued practice makes it become even more intense and enjoyable, and so in that regard, the "journey" never ends.