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  • Hi there

    How do you stay relaxed when pleasure is building.
    For me i have more succes with trying to relax instead of contractions.

    Last night i had my best session ever,for an hour and a half i had dry orgasms comming and going.
    Not yet full body but it starts to expand,like it's radiating the feeling outwards and light headed.

    The more i breath and relax to more pleasure it gives but at a point it feels so good i tense up i think.
    6,7 times yesterday it happened,maybe i should ventilated my pleasure more by moaning or something ,i don't know.

    How do you keep the relaxed state ???????????
    I'm beginning to focus on the pleasure instead of let it come to me.
    Realy would like to know.

    Don't get me wrong , i like the level were i'm at right now but wouldn't mind to take it up a notch.
    I don't switch models anymore,for now all my sessions are with progasm ice.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I often find myself having problems relaxing when pleasure strikes. I hate it, I start feeling good and then realize my back, thighs, and calves are clenched, I don't even realize when it happens and then I'm distracted and have to start over...:mad: I never know when it happens either. I've noticed that when I concentrate on the idea of a Super O, it doesn't happen I just sit there feeling uncomfortable and getting frustrated.

    So here is what I have done. I'm sure all this was covered a multitude of times, but I don't really like looking too hard, lol! Okay, so first off, no cumming Mon-Fri.

    Day 1- Watch porn jerk off for a while and get to the peak a few times, but don't blow it!

    Day 2- Look at porn a bit through out the day, but make it in short little sessions, with a bit off rubbing to get hard. Tell yourself that you're "going to have fun tonight". That night try and find a really good video and just watch it, feeling whats happening in the video (blowjob...think about what it feels like getting blown), really try to feel it. Feel the tingling and warmth start to surround your balls. Tense your PC and Sphincter muscles for at least 10-15 minutes on and off, trying to get good control over each with out tensing other muscles. Then end with good yank session, peak a few times but, no cumming!

    Day 3- excitement should be building! Repeat day 2, but try touching less, concentrate on the tingling and warmth you get in your balls and in your prostate region. At this point when it feels good and your porn is turning you on, close your eyes and try envisioning a really hot girl/guy (I don't know what you prefer) playing out a good fantasy, one that is concentrated on penile stimulation. Try really feeling it and flex your PC muscles. Breath deep filling your belly, not your chest (try KSMO, it seems stupid, but really works great), see if you can grow a hard on without touching yourself. If you feel the need, end this session with some light stroking (very loose grip), no cumming!

    Day 4 - Repeat day three as much throughout the day as you can, but don't rely on the porn, watch it, but close your eyes when you don't need it, try not to touch yourself, think about the feelings that are growing down under (cause they will) and what the aneros would feel like in you (full, involuntaries, tickling, pressing) , and build on those feelings while getting a stiffy with no hands, just using your PC muscles and feel that happen (you start to grow one and it rubs on your pants? that's a good hands free feeling!) no cumming

    Day 5 - You should be pretty worked up at this point, very little porn (only what is needed to keep you turned on and to peak at) Same as Day 4, but this time try and relax by belly breathing (or KSMO) and concentrating on the feelings that are really boiling, at this point I have a ton of pre-cum goin on. think about the next time your going to use the Progasm, Imagine what it's going to feel like, image a hot fantasy and feel it. Look for involuntary contractions. I've had a few dry O's at this point.

    The Day!- repeat any of the previous days avoiding touching. Wait till the end of the night, a point when you feel a bit tired, grab your toy, clean it, get on a good porn, get worked up and wait till you can't wait any longer :p, turn off the porn, insert, lay down and relax by belly breathing for 5-10 minutes, don't think about the aneros and Super O's, think about relaxing, making sure you're not tense, breathe through your belly and stare at the back of your eye lids (all the colors), try and think about how your bed feels like its floating through space, and relax. When the dirty thoughts and good feelings arrive, don't force them, go with it. They will happen while you begin to drift asleep, stay relaxed. Try NOT to have a Super O, get to a point that feels good and try to stay at this point

    Whew, sorry it's so long!

    I've had what I think are Super O's only after this strict schedule...and it was great! I will say that I never do get involuntary contractions when the aneros is in, but they'll get here soon. Good Luck!!! :-D

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you for the advice.

    I actually hold of 3 to 4 weeks before i can't take it no more,maybe i should hold it longer still and that will be the push to full body?
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    Since I have struggled with relaxation issues during thecourse of my Aneros journey I will share with you some of my techniques thatwork for me.

    Firstly, you mention the light headed feeling. Do you believe that you have established aconnection between your prostate and your head? The light headed feeling for me is a disorienting rush that cascades outof my head and radiates out through my extremities. While not orgasmically pleasurable, for me, Ithink this is the gateway to the Super O. This feeling only comes with true relaxation.

    I don’t follow a strict routine like Orgasmo outlines, buthe gets it right on day 5: Relax enough tobe able to fall asleep surrounded by your “dirty thoughts”. I have issues clenching my PC muscle in particular– I could be laying there not moving at all but unable to relax or unclench myPC. Can you fall asleep with the Anerosin? It took me about a year and a halfbut I was finally able to do it. Fromthere, if I get an afternoon session, I can do stimulation (contractions, nipstim – whatever gets you going) and at some point I stop all stimulation, builda little tent over my penis to prevent contact and try to fall asleep. If I’m lucky, that’s when the full body wavesstart to cycle.

    Another technique I use I learned from my KSMOpractice. I found that if after a 20-25minute KSMO session that if I just lay there and relaxed, the involuntarieswould intensify and the full body experiences would start up. The best part of my KSMO sessions are the 30minutes AFTER the session is over. Thesame thing can be applied to Aneros. Instead of just jumping into the shower or beginning some other daily/nightlyroutine, take the Aneros out and then just lay there and enjoy the aftershocksfor 30 minutes – again, the involuntaries continue and without the constantprostate pressure, the PC muscle naturally is more “relaxable”.

    I also like to spend the first 30 minutes every night beforeI go to sleep trying to invoke Anerosless involuntaries. This too can lead to some pleasant brainrushes.

    On a final note is the issue of semen retention. You say you go three to four weeks in betweenwet orgasms, and since this may not be long enough for you to build arousal,you considering going even longer! I don’thave that option (my S.O. would kill me if I didn’t give it up on a regularbasis) but what I have found is that my mind is seemingly more vulnerable to thebrain rushes on the evenings and days following wet orgasms. How long does your body take to recover froman orgasm before you can start having dry O’s again? Between my S.O., KSMO and Aneros I have apretty good system of keeping my prostate charged and ready for its next waveof pleasure. It’s my opinion that semen retentionas an arousal tool is a little overblown. If all your thinking about after a couple of weeks or self denial issex, how are you supposed to relax? Whatare your sessions like the day after an orgasm when you are already relaxed?

    Valliant, I have followed your journey for years. Keep having fun!

  • Thanks J4 for the advice,

    The light headed is about the same when you have a normal orgasm only this last a few seconds longer.

    Sleeping with it,i did that in my beginning year but that didn't do it for me,no pleasure what so ever.
    Nipple stim i usualy do when the session runs it course and i revive it that way,my nipples are real sensitive right now as the area around it.

    I'm single so i can wait as long as i want.
    I do feel that i have a wet orgasm it takes me about 4 days to get back at the point i can have pleasure with the aneros.
    So it's not like i want this but maybe i have a low sexdrive,if i did a wet orgasm twice a week i would get nowhere with the progasm.

    If i do it like i'm doing it just build up to amazing feelings like the session yesterday.
    And also in the morning when i wake up i lay on my belly,my penis pressing against my belly i getting nice feelings aswell and this is new.
    I'm starting to take fish oil (omega 3 ) pills now,that's good for alot of things i read somewhere.
  • Hello, Valliant.

    I know exactly what you mean. When I got my Aneros 11 months ago and read that relaxation was the key to success, I thought this thing would be a piece of cake since I'd been through a lot of Yoga and Zen learning how. Man, was I wrong. Every time I got a P-wave my muscles would tense automatically. To combat that effect, I visualized melting into the bed while using breath control, slow and deep. It took me 10 days of practicing that to get over the automatic clenching business. Then, my first full-body Super-O happened at Day 14. Even though the Super started while I was asleep with Aneros in, I know the relaxation technique was responsible for getting over the barrier because I still employ it while wide awake.

    Best Regards,

  • Yes it's hard to master this relaxation.

    I also need to do more bellybreathing during the day so it's automatic.
    I've always been more of a breastbreathing person,hope this is correct english.

    Thanks for the advice.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I'd say "chest breathing". Another thing you can try is to distract your mind by reciting a mantra or even poetry, (I tried John Keats's "To Autumn", which I'd learned many years ago when at school, a few nights back. I got stuck at the third line...)
  • Thank all of you for the advice.

    Journey continues,and what journey it has been so far.
    Nearly 4 years and still progressing,
    Don't understand why people want to give up after a few months,for some people,like me,it just goes very slow.
    I just kept at it and now 4 ears later i'm having wonderfull session,still no full body super O but that's ok.
    It will happen when it happens.