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I think I almost got it...
  • So I got the Aneros back in April after reading stuff on these forums about how great it is. I got it, tried it out, felt absolutely nothing and maybe tried once or twice more until a month or so back. I've tried a few times in the last month and think I've almost got it now.

    Last night, I got into this weird state where my body, especially my legs, was just shaking uncontrollably. I felt like something was coming, but I'd shake so hard I couldn't control what I was doing anymore. Also, I kept forgetting to breathe. Is this normal? At least I know that something is happening and that I didn't just buy an expensive lump of plastic. I'll try again tonight.
  • Welcome, friend! As I understand, the shaking is a phase. I had that a couple of times. Keep at it, and you will probably experience the heavenly calm seas of orgasm!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Yes, it's perfectly normal. I had the shakes come before I started to get any orgasms. You'll still get the shakes at times as you progress further. It's one of the signs that your body is starting to "get it".
  • enjoy the super T phase as well that was one of my favs.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    One thing to try (I've said this before but it deserves repeating) is to start and end any sessions with a period (10-15 minutes) of just relaxation on its own. Don't try any contractions. Don't try to concentrate too hard on anything to force the Aneros to do something -- relax, listen to some music, read a book, anything like that. And along with that, just belly breathing. This is the "do nothing" period.

    Belly rather than chest breathing will cause a slight movement within the lower abdomen which will move the Aneros around very gently. (Belly breathing is also a good thing to practice outside a session. I've done it for years, ever since I learned that it helped with singing, and now it's my normal mode of breathing.)

    If some little pleasurable tickle comes your way, focus your attention lightly on it and affirm to yourself that it was nice, saying to yourself something like, "I liked that. That was nice." The sensation might build. It might not. What you're doing is reinforcing these mental pathways so that you might make it more enjoyable next time it or something similar happens.

    Resist the temptation to "help things along" with a contraction. In my experience, that's the best way of killing the feelings stone dead. Not doing anything when things are getting interesting takes considerable restraint. You will make this mistake -- everyone does. Do not feel bad if you do. That goes also for any dud sessions. You might think they were duds at the time, but they may open up some new paths.

    Part of the journey is physical but a lot of it is mental. The adult male body does not know how to get pleasure this way: it needs to be taught.

    PS. As regards the Super-T... Don't make this the focus or climax of every session, otherwise you'll be reinforcing the traditional arousal pathways rather than encouraging new ones to form.
  • I've been using an Aneros SGX for a few months now, and each session has been extremely intense. Many mini-orgasms and even a few
    dry-orgasms as well each session. ( I usually wait 5 days or longer in-between sessions).

    I havent quite had the legendary "super-O" yet, I may have come really really close, but i a cant seem to get it for some reason.
    Maybe it's a sub-conscious thing, or my own impatience, a wanting to not loose control thing. I usually do the sessions late at night, since other people live in this house i dont want to wake them with any load moaning or loud shaking of my bed frame, the walls allow sound to pass through to readily. So any loud noises could wake up the person in the next room.

    However, each session with my SGX has been *extremely* pleasurable,and pretty damn multi-orgasmic, and I usually finish off with a bit of strocking off, which by then my penis tends feel extremely sensitive and intensely tingling, and so stoking it off after a hour to two hours of periods of mini-O's and Dry-O's it is immensely, intensely, pleasurable and massively orgasmic.
    Now, normal fapping is dull and not really that exciting anymore for me.
  • You are definitely on the road to the Super-O!!!