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Job opportunity
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    IPSA // Don't quit your day job right away.

    Since many of us have a better understanding of human orgasm than the average bear...

    CBS story: -- More women turning to sex surrogates for help - CBS News --

    IPSA training: -- Qualifications & Application --

    Perhaps a great 'second job' for those with great listening and empathy skills.
  • Hi rook.
    Yes nice job if you can get it.
    Years ago, dildo's and vibes were performed on women with hysteria by doctors.
    A clockwork vibrator came out in the 1800's.
    When the women were'nt having orgasms for ages,
    I think the poor mid wife was to issue the relief as a doctor commands more money.
    Did it say $25 fee?
    I can see thousands of con men and indeed women rubbing their hands in glee.
    Can you imagine?
    'Well it'll cost a couple of grand for a months treatment, in the meantime you'll have to suck on this.' ;)
    Remember these are desparate and lonely people, the ideal hunting ground for the confidence trickster.

  • Was thinking about hysteria.
    Well, this word is linked to uterus.
    The ancient Greeks were performing hysterectomies since about 20 BC. Don't quote me on the dates,
    Butt a hell of a long time.
    I'd imagine some were successful.
    What I was thinking tho', maybe hysterectomies were carried out on hysterical women at some point in history?
    Maybe in mediaeval times.

    Don't know if that would put them in the fishwife stable?
    (coarse scolding woman, gossip, and general gobshite)
    Sorry, just a thought.
    I've way too much time on my hands.