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My $64,000 question
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    I, Michael, what if I wanted to become Michelle?
    I'm not, but suppse I were.
    What would happen to my male hot spot?
    Would it be discarded?
    Would it be reshaped into a female 'G' spot?
    And if they don't discard it,
    how could I access it?
    From up the butt or from my new front door?

    I remember watching a documentary in Britain in the early 80's about a male to female op'.
    Then they says 'Look away for a couple of minutes it you don't wanna passout.'
    Anyhow all the guys in this club that were watching went to the bar at this stage and I missed all the gory details.

    And if anyone knows,what about female to male?
    Please do tell.
    With about 25,000 members, I'd imagine somebody must have an idea.
    Mind you, I'm not expecting loads of answers.

    You may well ask 'Why not take the plunge?'

    Well I'm knocking on 52 now, an if I went to the whole right doctors,shrinks etc...
    I be knocking on 60 ish.
    Not someone I'd like to shag!!!

    I'd be just the age for the blue rinse.
    Suppose I've always wanted to be a lesbian.

  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    My partner is a Female to Male Transsexual, so I can answer most questions you might have about that.

    As for Male to Female, I don't know as much about that. I have a lot of MTF in me, but I'm happy enough to just fantasize and privately identify as female, I don't want or need to physically transition.

    Generally for transitioning in either direction genital surgery is optional. If you want to pass in society as Male or Female then your chest, face, body shape and voice are the most important points.

    I don't know much about Male to Female genital surgery. There may be a way to sculpt some sort of functional clitoris from your existing glans, and I'm pretty sure your prostate would be left un-touched.

    Female to Male genital surgery generally has fairly disappointing results which is why my partner has chosen to stay away from it. The testosterone has caused his clit to grow to about 1.5cm in diameter, and although it isn't really hard enough or big enough to penetrate anything by itself, it is big enough to hold and wank with two fingers. The clitoral hood acts very much like a foreskin in that respect too.

    If there's anything more you'd like to know about FTMs then please ask and I'll do my best to educate you.
  • Hi Fuzzy.
    Well have got 50% of my answer. Thanks.
    Just thinking of an old
    Jerry Springer like tv programme.
    This particular show had a male telling his girlfriend he was born a female, shock, horror.
    Then a bit later the girlfriend admitted she was born male.
    Whether they'd had sex before this I can't recall, I'd imagine not.
    Me personally, I did'nt believe them, I think they knew.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI madmick and Fuzzy!! :D :D :D

    I have assisted a male to female (MTF) trans person get her clinical approval, government funding approval and other admin matters and friend support through the whole process. The male prostate is preserved as the orgasmic target at essentially the end of the new vagina formed from the outside-in penile skin, and maintains its same position on the urethra just below the bladder. Therefore in MTF trans, there appears to be orgasmic access to the prostate stim possibilities from both the vagina and the anus/rectum!! Bonus!! Double penetration could be incredible!!!

    Mick she was 65+ at the time and is still healing and, when pain-free, very happy nearly a year later. She has shown me her new vulva, vagina, labia, clitoris repeatedly through the healing process. What a beautiful job!! Her surgeon an artistic genius.

    Hope that loosely scientific explanation helps a bit.

    all must find themselves and then as my friend says: "to thine own self be true" crediting WS


    ps Fuzzy & partner, great to catch with you and all the best.

  • Ah Art.
    Is there limit to your knowledge and wisdom?
    Thank you very much.
    I put I was knocking on 52, butt actually it's 53.
    Must be going senile. :)
    Wow, to be penetrated double on this spot must be awesome...
    It must be great to have the bollocks (pardon the pun) :) to go through with this.
    I'm a bit squeamish about anything like this.
    I can't knock 30yrs off, so it's never gonna happen.
    Butt I can always dream of what could have been... :(