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Question for those who can get a Super O
  • I have been using the Aneros literally on and off for years, and while I enjoy it and can get p-waves on occassion, I have yet to hit the Super O Jackpot.

    So I need to clear up something..

    What do you think of during a session? Do you think of something that turns you on, something which makes you happy or...?

    I can relax and have had sessions on the edge of a super O for a couple hours on average, but never fully make it, I continue breathing and relaxing and such, but I am doing something wrong,. I would like to know what.

    I took a several month break and recently started up again, it is still my favorite thing to do but I need to know the mindset of someone who is successful.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, A.

    Glad to read you are enjoying Aneros. Sounds like you've already reached a good place, but feel like you're "stuck" at a plateau. True, there are always new, better, or at least different sensations that can be achieved. The key to that is letting it happen as opposed to expecting something to happen. For some men, it's relatively easy and that adds to the frustration. (See Deckard's thread, for example.)

    I know you think you're relaxed. I doubt that's true. When you're fully relaxed, the Aneros will take over, move itself, and take you places few men have been. The relaxing part isn't simple. In fact, for most men it's the most difficult thing. I struggled with it despite plenty of Yoga and Zen training. There are muscles inside your body that you don't have conscious control over. I can't say how I managed to get those to "let go," but eventually they did on their own. I was sleeping at the time so I'm not sure how my mind/body figured that out. Then, getting the Super-O experience to repeat itself while I was fully awake proved elusive -- took another month of daily practice.

    The milestones listed in the Wiki are more like guideposts standing on a road that differs for each person. Don't fret about skipping one or another or in what order they appear for you. I have no idea how long it will take for you to get where you want to go. Try to leave the wanting behind and see what happens.

    Sorry if the above sounds like New Age mumbo-jumbo. The whole process is more than a little "out there."


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. There is a wealth of information to be obtained on this website and it is often confusing and even contradictory. I wish there was a magic formula we could just issue to everyone to take them to their Nirvana of pleasure but alas there is no such formula. 'ten_s_nut's experience illustrates some of the various issues Aneros users may encounter in their journey.

    It is unfortunate you have not been able to achieve the level of success you seek. This is not an uncommon situation and for a small percentage of men the Super-O experience may forever remain an unfulfilled experience. Why this is so may never be determined but we have identified some issues which have proven to be problematic. You may wish to read my thread Identifying Obstacles to Progress to see if any of those identified issues are posing obstacles for you, if so, I hope you are able to quickly and simply surmount them.
  • DeckardDeckard
    Posts: 32
    Actually to toss my .02 into the ring...I actually try to think of nothing except visualizing what the Aneros is doing inside me. I can't obviously bend down and look, so based on what I think I'm feeling that it's doing, I just kinda visualize it moving in and out of me slightly--fucking me if you will. Sure I tried to get myself into an aroused state of mind by looking at porn/stories/etc., but I found it too distracting while trying to relax. My eyes work better not focusing on anything and usually closed.

    Hope this helps you.
  • This is the information I am looking for, I learn well and assimilate information daily, so keep it coming!

    As far as total relaxation, I know I am probably missing the full amount, and I often try to not focus on results, when I am reaching a certain point I do let myself enjoy what is going on, not what may be next, and as I said, I have had sessions last several hours where the time just flies like a fun journey tends to do.

    However, the more I read the forums lately, the more it helps.

    When I first started with the Aneros in 2006'ish there wasn't much on the forums except B Mayfield and a few others. While B Mayfield obviously knows what he is talking about, none of his methods ever seemed to work well. I think it is because I am wired differently from most men. I am straight, not homophobic and have no reserves about how the Aneros is used. I understand the science behind it, as I am a science major and dabble in biology on some small level.

    The main point is, I know it works and works well, I have tried every model shy of the Vice and the Tempo, the smaller models always work best for me, I currently alternate between the MGX and the Helix. The MGX gives me the best results, odd since before my long break from it, the Helix worked best, but hey, wiring changes.

    What I would also like to know is the physical build of the successful bunch. I am pretty healthy, I weigh around 210 lbs and stand just under 6' tall, pretty muscular build with a medium belly.

    This mostly weighs in (No Pun) because certain positions of laying down cannot last too long when you weigh over a certain amount.

    I find laying on my side works best, right side more than left.

    I have gotten once to the point where the contractions were out of control and quivering around the MGX just a couple weeks ago, so I know I am close, but I am not desperate by any means, I am fine letting this happens when it happens.

    My final questions is about contractions.

    Few people ever specify which type of contraction they use with breathing. My common practice is a *Pulling in* contraction while inhaling and a *Pushing out contraction (Very mild one) while exhaling and I alternately hold a contraction between breaths.

    So what contraction techniques do you use?

    Thanks all!
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889

    I doubt physical type matters much for Aneros success as long as we don't count the morbidly obese or anorexic. FYI, since you asked, I'm 6' and 170 lbs.

    As for voluntary contractions, I don't use them much. There are a few exceptions. When the Aneros gets into a mode I'm not comfortable with, like causing those "electric" jolts and consequent large muscle spasms, I use a light, brief in and out set of contractions to "reset" the device. Sometimes I have to do that 2 or 3 times before the mode switches to something I enjoy. I find the Vice+vibe and the Eupho need intervention the most. The Peridise never requires any voluntary contractions.

    I'll do the same intervention thing when I just want the Aneros to change from one enjoyable mode to another; not that I'm bored, I just like as much possible. In no case do I "work" the Aneros to get a massage or advance to a Super-O. 99.9% of the time, the device seems to be moving on its own even though I know full well my body is propelling it.


  • I have noticed that as well, it tends to handle the movement on its own and I always tend to have more luck when I let it do its own thing. I just always read that others have luck with jump-starting it, though I don't think it needs to be done, or so my wiring says.

    The odd thing is that lately, more so than before, I can feel the re-wiring taking place as time goes on, so I am considering myself as starting over, which I am fine with because thus far it is going so well.
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    [URL="http://[url="]Identifying Obstacles to Progress [/URL}

    link does not work on my end,has redundant html.

    ^^^ Copy & paste this to get to the thread correctly ^^^
    (I had intended to make it a working link, but apparently im retarded & its not working,m whole lotta help i am)

    I really just stopped by this thread to point out the link was broken.

    My 2 cents while I'm here. (I have not had a Super O)
    ~Switching from aneros model to model sets me back & i have to relearn a bit each time I switch so for now the pro will be collecting dust.
    ~Music or another aid to help you relax and get to the same mind-frame each time is very important to me, without it i get very little sensation, if you are not using something, then adding something may help, but if you find it hurts your focus, it's not for you then.
    ~Forgetting about the super o and thinking "that sensation from last session was awesome i hope i get there again," will not only lead you to get stronger sensation but will bring more fulfillment from each session.
    ~It may sound silly but when you are at your highpoint of your session, sigh or moan. Yeah it sounds silly but man it works. Doing it the whole session is likely a waste of effort and concentration but it can help to get another step higher at times.
    ~As with any skill, practice, practice, practice. Set a "schedule" for sessions and stick to it as best u can, For me that's every Tuesday & Thursday night, as on Wednesday & Friday mornings I can sleep in & afford to be up late. Weekend sessions are optional for me, depending on time.
    ~This one is the biggest real advice I have, all the other stuff i'm sure you've read a hundred times. If you are like me you are "expecting" sensations & in a sense that expectation is likely hindering you. With every sensation I wanted to define it and put a label on it to then know that im at a given experience level. Every time I got a slightly different body sensation i kept thinking "ok now that's sensation#1, so i should get sensation#2 next." Do your best to not even label/name your feelings as that will lead to expectations of "whats next", which is detrimental to progress.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    [QUOTE=imperium;100816]link does not work on my end,has redundant html. I really just stopped by this thread to point out the link was broken. My 2 cents while I'm here...
    'imperium' for pointing out the problem, I have edited my post so the link to Identifying Obstacles to Progress is functional.
    P.S. Your "2 cents" translates "to sense".
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    I am almost exactly your size by your description. For me, relaxation is the key, but you have to learn to harness it. I often find myself trying to manipulate the super-o or intensify it. What I have discovered is that instead of trying to feed the super-o, I try to relax out of it. Putting a little more or less weight on the feet (laying on back position), and/or a little more or less weight on the buttocks. Sometimes slight variances in the positioning of my feet will energize the device. Focusing on the small of your back or an area around the belly button seems to centralize the orgasmic energy. I've also learned that taking a break every now and then during a session can be a good thing and it is not difficult to get back into super-o territory once you complete your break.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm delighted to hear that you have stayed with the Aneros despite the fact that your journey has had it's share of challenges.
    Rewiring can be a mysterious process at times, and it's very often (frustratingly) non-linear. Users have often commented about coming back to where they began and things just seeming to fall into place. My suspicion has always been that so much of the process involves not allowing ourselves to get in the way of our own progress. My earlier emphasis on the roles of expectation and impatience are examples of this, but there are likely many factors (some of which are summarized in Rumel's Identifying Obstacles to Progress thread) that are unique to each of us that constitute impediments for this kind of learning.

    I'm glad to hear that you've found a set of techniques that are producing some results that you are pleased with. In terms of physical build I would agree that with
    Tens that it is not particularly significant so long as one is healthy and in tune with their body. With regard to the type of contractions, I generally don't use the voluntary type consistently, but if I do I stay with the very subtle ones. I maintain to this day that they are the most productive with respect to generating foundational P-waves, particularly when they're supported by mental focus. More typically I employ other forms of stimulation; nipple, diaphragmatic breathing, auditory, visual, olfactory and erotic thoughts and let my body respond to these things naturally. These responses are mediated through the Aneros in an involuntary way that are ultimately more powerful than any preconceived contraction sequence.


    BF Mayfield
  • To update, I had a really good session last night, it lasted about 3 hours.

    I used the Helix and laid on my left side, it was pretty good, a lot of different pins & needles in various areas, you know, like tingles which are just one point.

    I had to use the restroom so I did that and decided to lay on my stomach, and the burning feelings kept going and it was good.

    I decided to try something different and I lightly touched and stroked my stomach, just a normal light touch, and wow...

    By giving a light stroke on my stomach I felt an eruption of pleasure from the Aneros area, which would subside, then if I waited a few minutes and did it again on various parts of my stomach and sides it would happen and some of them were truly intense, where it felt like I was being grabbed by something, almost like an electric current of pleasure around the perenium, legs, butt cheeks and such and wrapping around the front.

    So it seems touching a ticklish area when things are going Ok can be a way to get some awesome waves of pleasure.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Do I think about anything? Not really, now that the super-O's can come so easily and consistently (two years into it now, took almost a whole year to get super-O's to come at all, then this past year to get them come really reproducibly and intensely). It's kind of like, "Did you think about anything when you first discovered masturbating as a young teen?" to which I'd answer, no, just enjoyed discovering and reproducing the new and exciting function my body could now have.

    During that first sometimes frustrating year getting rewired, I found that thinking horny thoughts about sex with my wife and fun things I'd like for her to do with me helped bring more feelings on and indeed for the first few months I began getting super-O's it took those thoughts to help them come, but they're so automatic now I just lie back and relax with no particular thoughts in mind and let the fabulous sensations come on.