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  • Is the plastic hard or soft? I just ordered a few days ago but forgot to ask before odering..
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    The main body of the unit (the part you insert) is hard. The thinner parts of the device (the handle and abutment tab) are more pliable though. The Aneros has a smooth "matte" type finish (not glossy). This finish offers a better surface for lubricants to cling to.

    b mayfield
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    It came in the mail today. Fast service.

    A couple more questions. I was planning to use it tonight in bed. How messy is it. Much anal drainage? Do I need to put down protection for the sheets?

    It came with a little packet of lubricant. Is this enough justfor one use or is it good for several uses?
  • It came in the mail today! Fast service.

    I was planning to try it tonight in bed. How messy is it?
    Do I need to protect the sheets?

    It came with a packet of lube. Is that enogh for just one time or
    is it enogh for several uses?

    Can it be left in over night? Does one have to work up to leaving it in
    that length of time?