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Helix disappointment
  • I have been using an MGX style Aneros for several years, quite successfully, too. I use the thing almost every time my wife and I get in bed - and solo, as well. I am a very regular, successful user so, I thought I'd give the Helix a try.

    I wanted a larger bulbous head and bit more length for my internal dimensions size and needs. The Helix appeared to fit that requirement. What I found disappointing is that due to the shallowness of the last depression before the cross-handle, the Helix tends to ride on the next upper depression, limiting it's insertion depth. I've tried pushing the thing in as far as it would go, but still no cigar (no joke intended).

    My request for the manufacturer would be to make the MGX about 1/4" longer and increase the size of the head, but leave the lower shaft and depression hold, the same size.

    I'll continue using the Helix, but I find it too short. Maybe the much thicker Maximus is what I should have gotten.
  • MaximusMaximus
    Posts: 64
    I find that the Eupho has the longest reach despite it's smaller girth.
  • tbluestblues
    Posts: 4
    I too found the Helix disappointing. After several months of using the MGX with some increasingly pleasurable experiences but with no real orgasms, I tried the Helix based on the description. I thought that it would provide the little extra I needed to push me over the edge I kept approaching. After two attempts of several hours each, trying the same techniques as with the MGX, I can honestly say I felt no pleasure at all. The last attempt resulted in my switching back to the MGX before my session was over in a desperate attempt to get some pleasant feelings, which I did.

    Maybe each person is built just differently enough to respond to just the right size and shape. I'll try the Helix again some day when I've reached the point of typically having involuntary contractions and orgasms (of any type). But not until.

    One question I have that is unrelated to this subject. What is the purpose of the ribbed section next to the base of the MGX? I don't recall seeing that on any of the other models. I'm wondering why it's there only on the MGX.

  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    commonman and tblue

    The Helix like the Eupho (part of the new generation of Aneros devices) are designed to be inserted to the shoulder of the device as you have found rather than all the way to the T bar. This lets them have maximum movement as they pivot from this point (the fulcrum being your external sphincter muscle) in response to your voluntary and involuntary contractions. As I understand it the ribs on the MGX act as a surface that your sphincter muscles can 'grip' onto. As you observe, the MGX is inserted all the way to the T bar and pivots from this point. From this description you will understand that the Helix and Eupho offer maximum amount of freedom of movement and consequently greater potential for stimulation of your prostate.
    Your 'million dollar point' is generally found as you discovered, close to the anal end of your perineum. However, the whole perineal area increases in sensitivity as you become sexually stimulated and directly in response to prostate stimulation as a consequence of the contractions and movement of the Aneros device. You may find that as you become fully sexually aroused that you want to reposition the tab to more adequately strike an area (but still probably closer to your anus than you describe) that offers you a greater individual response.
    Take heart and persist. There are rewards to be had!
    Look at recent posts that discuss these similar issues - and in further detail - and you can do no better than looking at the sound advice and reviews that also describe the attributes of each Aneros device in B F Mayfield's 'Sticky' - Beelines, etc. (q.v.)