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Similar biofeedback training wheel for woman?
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    To me, Aneros is a training wheel to totally body/mind orgasm. Many other training method require the participant to be relax first. it's like chicken and egg problem. I had hard time to convince my gf to train any of them after a few sessions.

    I'll look into KSMO. I hope it's not too abstract for my gf.

    I wonder if there any tool like Aneros for female. It's solid. It gives you pleasure the very first session. It helps you to focus and relax. It provides you bio feed back.

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    >I wonder if there any tool like Aneros for female.<<br />
    I don't know. But the KSMO, which can enable the most mind-blowing orgasms which are well equal to those that an Aneros device can for men, works just as well for women.

  • Great topic!

    Great question!

    I have looked for devices like this before. Women have muscles inside of their vaginas and their g-spots are there too. I don't think it's too farfetched.

    I would LOVE to see women having multiple orgasms without going crazy trying to keep things going. The closest thing women have to devices are vibrators.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Actually there are many devices designed for women to help arousal and strengthen sexual functioning. One of the oldest hands free devices are Ben-Wa balls (see the Lelo Luna Beads) and more recently the Gyneflex trainer, both devices are hands free, pleasure giving, bio-feedback enabled.

    I'm fairly confident the researchers at HIH have also been looking into a specific female model as well.
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    I would have thought females have loads more toys than us mere males.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115

    Actually there are many devices designed for women to help arousal and strengthen sexual functioning

    Sorry I didn't make my question clear enough.

    I wanted my gf to practice Ki Kong with me. She tried a few time and gave up because she didn't feel anything.

    Aneros helped me to feel how Ki Kong supposed to feel. I wonder if Aneros works on woman. If not, is there any other device can help woman to learn.
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    Not exactly sure what this practice is.
    Nothing to do with a big monkey i hope :)
    You could be waiting till the cows come home, butt do women
    have a sex toy website? (There's probably only a handful of women who use this site).
    If they do, thats probably the best place to visit.