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Confused about the Aneros Wiki, whihc muscles to use ect
  • "The anal sphincter also plays an important role in sexual orgasm. The anal sphincter contracts and relaxes repeatedly during orgasm. Without these anal contractions, orgasms would be diluted and less climactic. With stronger anal contractions, more intense orgasms can be achieved. This is because the nerves that branch out to the anal and the rectal area are also distributed throughout the external sex organs. Voluntary contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincter during use of the Aneros strengthens and tones the PC muscles. This is the basis of Kegel Exercises, established in aiding problems of the lower tracts such as urinary incontinence, impotence and premature ejaculation. Toning that results from use of the Aneros not only sensitizes and activates the nerves within this area, but also strengthens the muscles to increase the massage pressure applied to the prostate and perineum."

    Now im confused, durign a seession am I supposed to be doing light kegels (deep transverse perenium muscle, the muscle used to stop yaself peeing) or sqweezing my arse hole shut with those muscles there? :-s

    Thx alot
  • I have asked this same question a while back. I never really got a straight answer. I would love to also know. I'll impatiently await the answer lol. Good luck on your journey Number.
  • rumelrumel
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    IMHO, I think you may over thinking your approach . First, if your think you are "supposed to be doing" a particular technique, you do it and don't have immediate results, you have set yourself up to experience mostly frustration, not pleasure. This is a common conundrum for men in their approach to Aneros use. Men are taught to solve problems by employing rationality and systematic skill sets (formulaic approach) to achieving a desired end result. Unfortunately this style of effecting desired ends does not function well with unique biological entities (individual human males) in their quest for pleasure. The many descriptions of various techniques individuals have employed to achieve orgasmic states amply demonstrates the variety one may use to reach their pleasure points.

    We are all unique individuals, with unique skill sets and abilities. We also respond erotically to different stimuli and conditions. What may be a 'turn on' to one individual will be a 'turn off' to another. Likewise, a technique which is very productive for one individual may be ineffective for another. Just as you are a unique individual, the particular combination of techniques you employ to maximize pleasure in your Anerosessions will be unique as well.

    Kegel exercises strengthen the PC muscles and, in general, contraction of those muscles also involves the anal sphincter muscles as well as the rectal muscles. All the pelvic floor muscles become involved in your orgasmic response. To a certain extent, you can learn to exert voluntary control over the different muscle groups such that you can maneuver your Aneros massager in varying ways. This movement will consequently massage and stimulate you in subtly different ways eliciting more or less pleasure in the process. It is through the process of experimenting with different combinations of techniques you will find the effective path to pleasure and the Super-O for yourself.

    If you think about your Aneros use as a learning adventure into the mysterious ambiguities of the inner workings of your own body there will be no reason for confusion. You are in the process of mapping yourself, making known to your consciousness what has heretofore been taking place on a subconscious level. You are going to also find seeming paradoxes in your body knowledge such as how on one day your body responds well to a particular technique and the next day it doesn't. This makes each Anerosession entertainingly special, even the "dud" sessions can reveal information to you about your body and what is not effective. It is not so much a case of either/or of muscle contractions but a combination of contractions.
  • ClenchyClenchy
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    I found this thread helpful when it comes to contractions.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
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    Now im confused, durign a seession am I supposed to be doing light kegels (deep transverse perenium muscle, the muscle used to stop yaself peeing) or sqweezing my arse hole shut with those muscles there? :-s

    Thx alot

    Can I ask a similar question? When I jerk off, should my hand just go straight up and down or should I have twist action while up and down or can I just rotate massage my head without any up and down?
  • Thx alot for the help guys :-D

    I think I was looking at it more as a "do X Y and Z to get "there" and all other movements will have no effect" rather than seeing it as you guy sahve pointed out (and hydrogen so beautifully heheh) that tis about litteraly just enjoying the way it feels and experiment and find new movements and litteraly jsut do what feels good :-)

    Cheers :-)