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Performing cunnilingus helped me with Anerosless dry orgasm.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    I was fortunate enough to do a audition photo shoot of a my favorite girl. I could feel my excitement build up. Because she had agreed to let me dine at her Y.

    After shooting, I gave her a foot massage. As a foot fetishist, I became more excited when I got to lick her feet. Then she took off her panties to let me perform cunnilingus on her.

    On my kneels, my both hands cupped her ass cheeks. I buried my face between her legs and started to eat her well. I had the itchy sensation inside my anus from my first Eupho session the previous night. I contracted my sphincter to ease the discomfort. The itch turned into pleasurable sensation. I started to build the P wave. Once I sensed it going well. I focused my mind on her. I honestly tried to please her. Surprisingly my P-wave became stronger.

    When her juice came out flow into my mouth. I swallowed it. My p wave responded positively. I didn't know if it's the action of swallowing or the taste of her juice. I kind of remembered that saliva swallowing technique was part of Taoism practice. I deliberately try to get more juice from her and swallowing every drop.

    I imaged the center of my p-wave is my Anerosless penis, I connected my penis up to my tongue. When my tongue moved in and out of her, I imaged that my Anerosless penis pleasuring her directly. I could sense her body wave coming. I slowed down my breath to match her body wave. Her private part pulsated on my tongue inside my mouth. I had a dry orgasm.

    Looking up her beautiful face. I dry cum hard. A pleasurable sensation shot down to my legs. I could see thoughts stars like neuron lighting up down around my entire PC muscle area. My mind was half way in an altered state. She looked so perfectly beautiful that it was surreal. I truly felt I was worshiping my sex goddess. The feeling of being submissive and sense of losing myself gave me another wave of pleasure.

    I'm a firm believer now. The Aneros is more than a massage tool. It provided bio feedback to give me direction. I've been searching for tantric technique for a five years. Sometimes I could get penile dry orgasm. But I couldn't duplicate my success consistently. The two weeks with Aneros showed me the short cut to the nirvana.

    Has anyone have similar experiences?
  • I have had similar feelings while giving oral.

    Although I have yet to achieve Super-O's with the Aneros I have had some recent experiences while giving a woman oral that I can only describe as a "mental orgasm". In the realm of some of the feelings I've felt with the Aneros but not really centered around my prostate or anal area.
  • H2 thanks for sharing yer hot experience
    - rip
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    I don't have much time now. I hope when I do I can write more.

    Basically I gave a girl a blow job on her clitoris with my handle-less Aneros inside me. I started by conventional cunnilingus technique by licking around. After she got excited and had cum accumulated around her pussy opening, I cupped my mouth around her clitoris. I breath out into her clitoris. I applied ocean breath. Her clitoris responded well. I then varied my pitch and frequency for fun. She loved it. My Aneros loved it too. They seemed to move in sync. And I swear that my tongue moved in sync too.

    I had a dry orgasm down there and INSIDE my mouth. It wasn't her pussy pulsing inside me. It was definitely something physical belonged to me. It could be my tongue. But I wasn't sure. I didn't care. I felt good.

    A fair amount of white cum appeared around her pussy opening, a cream pie, someone might call it. I licked it up and swallowed slowly to savor the taste. The traditional ki practitioners believe that ki is in concentrated form in semen and vagina fluid. The act of swallowing her pussy juice made me feel good.

    Lesson from this experience: massage my prostate as I massage a clitoris. They are both glands. They share same similarity. What works on her clitoris works on my prostate.

    Next time, I'll sing overtone song into her vagina. I hope it will work.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I have been doing mmo dry orgasms for a couple of years. One of the ways I launch is by spooning with my wife and nestling my frenulum in the crack of her rear. I will reach under her night gown and cup her breasts in my hands. The tactile sensation of her skin in my hands and on my cock will set me off in almost uncontrollable prostate orgasms. I can go two hours this way. Its the stimulation of doing something erotic with a person you love and the sensuality of the moment.