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Soemething REALLY weird is happenning, enough to stop f
  • 24fps24fps
    Posts: 8
    Hi all,

    First things first please read my quote below taken from another post:

    1: As soon as the erection comes I feel very sensitive. There is a flow of pleasure that starts from my prostate and ends at the gland.
    2: I have to masturbate slowly otherwise I will ejaculate, the sensation is that strong.
    3: Precum goes into full scale production 5 minutes into a session
    4: The precum stage will last about 10-20 minutes, at this point I am still hypersensitive but it is somewhat more controllable
    5: Precum production will decrease and then things switch into cruise control and I can ride the wave for as long as I want.

    Again this started since I awoken my prostate (thus doing kegels) now even though I go through a hypersensitive stage I can still control my ejaculations but it is been a lot harder to do so than before my awakening. Now this applies to masturbation and intercourse, for oral sex things haven't changed a bit.

    Since I received my MGX each session has been a lot better than the previous ones, the hypersensitivity has also increased.

    Now I am at a point where at step 3 it is not precum that oozes out but semen, therefore I am ejaculating without orgasm. It seems like the mechanism that retains sperm is no longer functioning and the valve is WIDE open.

    At first I thought it was just a fluke, so to speak, but now it has been 5 days straight and every masturbation has ended as described above.

    Does anybody know what is happening to me?
    What causes it?
    How to prevent it?


    ps, there is no pain or discomfort of any kind
  • Interesting as I've recently noticed that during sex and/or masturbation I sometimes ejaculate or leak cum before the actual feeling of orgasm peaks.

    Thought is might be age related although I'm only 42.
  • 24fps24fps
    Posts: 8
    Well I am only 33!

    When the sperm start to come out if I continue masturbating the "reserve" will completely come out.