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A question on Dry Orgasm and if I should consider a different Aneros
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    Sorry for asking a lot of questions, but I'm a newb. I spoke of the feelings I'm getting in my blog (Exploration), but thought I'd excerpt a couple of the ideas/questions I posed here and hope for some feedback from the knowledgable guys on this forum. So here's the excerpt:

    "when I'm in the groove contracting fairly hard on the helix, it can really create a warm, fulfilling, and tantalizing buzz. I hope that that feeling ISN'T the 'dry orgasm' people are speaking of because there is no peak or satistaction or release (and I'm not talking about ejaculation). But darn if it isn't pleasurable.
    The other thing I'm starting to wonder about is if I should use a different device. The helix feels good, creates a little buzz, etc., but doesn't send strong feelings through me unless I'm contracting really hard and sucking the thing pretty far in. Could this be an indication that my prostate is 'higher' and I should be using a longer Aneros?"
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, rck.

    Right, the warm fuzzy feeling is not a Dry O. You'll know when you have one. Feels like ejac and not as much liquid comes out.

    Given that you ARE getting feelings there, the tool is fitting you properly. Just takes practice to get really going. Could be weeks or months.


  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    Thanks, Dave!!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I would concur with Dave, the sensations you're feeling now are not indicative of a Super-O ...they're simply nice sensations. If you've read through any of my threads and/or the WIKI you know that I promote the idea of using very gentle contractions. Gentle contractions may not produce this "buzz" initially but in time they can lead to very subtle P-waves which are the building blocks of the Super-O. Keep in mind that these sensations are often so subtle that they're easily ignored. To increase their magnitude they must be focused upon and nurtured with small contractions. The conventional wisdom, that we derive from our familiarity with the ejaculatory orgasm, is that more is better, i.e. harder, faster more intense stimulation leads to orgasm. When it comes to this alternative pathway, the
    less is more approach is generally more productive. This is counter-intuitive for many people, and they will often spend months trying to hammer themselves (with stronger contractions) to a dry orgasm. Consider this, spend some time with it and see where it takes you.

    With respect to the Helix being the wrong tool for the job, it is far more likely that your body needs more time to
    rewire itself. This rewiring is an awakening of the prostate and nervous system to this new kind of stimulation.

    Stay with it!

    BF Mayfield

    Remain open to all...and things will reveal themselves to you
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I would agree with Brian.

    Don't be tempted to try another model in an attempt to move things along. Just let your body get used to this one. I made the mistake of experimenting with different models and I think my body became confused and this would have slowed the whole process.

    Just be patient and Good Luck!
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    Brian and Pommie....thank you guys for your input!!! I appreciate it.
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32 are so right! Thank you. I had a session yesterday that was short, but it was the best I've had yet. I did what you suggested and adhered to the less is more strategy. For the first time I think I could actually feel the aneros moving by itself (ever so slightly) inside me. When I did do contractions I made sure they were light to at most medium in strength and I've never felt anything so good. I think I got closer than ever to having an O. But the cool thing is, if felt so good I could care less about the O, lol. Thanks for your advice; I will continue to use it!!!!