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progress comes and goes...
    Posts: 9
    Hi guys! Newbie here and not successful yet (by success I mean any kind of orgasm). I should also tell you that I'm from Brazil and my english is crap! =)

    The very first time I tried to use the aneros I did it with regular masturbation, just to see how it feels, and I actually felt more than the usual in that first time. I tried a few times again in the following days and it didn't have the same effect. After only a few tries with regular masturbation, I started to exercise as I should.

    I usually don't have much success. When I put the aneros in my anus for the very first time of the day, I can feel a little pleasure, but soon my body gets used to it and I don't feel much anymore. Except for last week when I actually felt good waves of pleasure when I tried to contract and hold my sphincters, instead of contracting and relaxing constantly to create the come and go movement. Holding it was pretty good that day: I could clearly feel my prostate pulsing and it gave me even more pleasure. After a few minutes session I decided to stop to try again (and possibly progress even more) another day.

    I found out it wasn't progression: it seems I can't recreate that feeling again.

    I was wondering if you guys had the same problem when you started and if you think my problem may be the influence of other sexual activities (like penile masturbation and regular sex) that may be influencing my levels of arousal (which would mean that for a good aneros session, I have to be more excited than it's needed for other activities).

    I don't even want to think that I got the wrong model: it's too damn hard and expensive to get an aneros in Brazil...

    Thank you for your atention, guys!
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 866
    Hello, DFK.

    The Aneros model you use is not the main factor. It's about you, not the device. My first 3 sessions, 1 hour each were total zeros. That's not unusual.

    Before you do anything else Aneros-wise, read the WIki, linked at the top of this page. You'll find a ton of helpful information, tips and tricks that will help you make some progress.

    Best Regards,

    Posts: 9
    Hi Dave!

    I've read the whole wiki already (twice!) before posting here. I can recognize the few progress I had when I read the milestones section. But still I felt stuck because sometimes, in the same section, I can reach a certain point and then I lose it for the rest of the day. But that's ok, I probably must be more patient (I think I didn't get the point of a section that could last over an hour, it actually is a very different conception of masturbation)!

    But thanks a lot for your answer, you were very kind. I'd like to ask one more thing about the first sessions: how OFTEN should I try it (daily, twice a week or what - considering I could be in the mood anytime I want)?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    If you've read the WIKI then you know that what you described in your first post is very often the nature of the process. While our bodies are equipped to produce this alternate response it is the ejaculatory arousal path that predominates. We must in essence turn our attention away from that kind of stimulation and focus on different subtler sensations to bring about the P-waves that will in turn build to a Super-O. This is the awakening or
    rewiring that we refer to around here and this often takes time and patience to develop. I assure that this will be time well spent.

    With respect to how often to use the Aneros, this varies from one individual to the next. There really is no limit to how many times one can use it, although in my opinion as with all things the old aphorism of
    quality vs. quantity applies. This is particularly the case for the new user who has not yet achieved the Super-O. There is a poll on the Frequency of Use in the polls section, but you'll find that the results there are all over the board. The best rule of thumb on Aneros use is to calibrate it to your own arousal cycle. That is, keep your use in line with your level of traditional sexual activity. Starting your Aneros sessions with some level of sexual arousal is a key component to success. To that end many users have found it helpful to approach their sessions with extra sexual tension. To achieve this, they have abstained from traditional (ejaculatory) masturbation for a period time. How long one abstains is again geared to how often you normally masturbate. So if you masturbate daily, abstaining a day or two may be all that is required to build some useful sexual tension. Conversely if you masturbate twice a week, it may take a week of abstaining to produce a heighten level of arousal. Be careful not to over do this however, becoming sexually frustrated is not what you're after.


    BF Mayfield

    p.s. your English is great!

    Remain open to all ....and things will reveal themselves to you.
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    I'm a newbie with only a few sessions under my belt, but my two cents are before you do or try anything else remove your penis from this experience. Don't masturbate while in a session. Also, if you start to feel anything pleasant at all, or just feel relaxed in a sexual way, don't try to direct any of those feelings to your penis. Concentrate on the feelings inside your rectum or pelvis. As B has said, it's a battle to rewire because we all go through life (until the aneros) as penis-centric when it comes to sex. As soon as the penis gets involved in these early sessions then the little guy takes over and prohibits us from feeling what we might otherwise be able to notice.

    The veterans around here can correct me if I'm wrong, but that's my impression: start a session but leave your penis at home.
    Posts: 9
    Hey guys! I would just like to thank for all the answers! I'm all excited about getting somewhere with it. I'm on these journey of finding new ways to get sexual pleasure and became aware of aneros when I was researching multiple orgasms techniques (I was all into that PC squeezing stuff and I'm already able to do it, but I decided to go further and try other things).

    And RCK, I'm aware that I shouldn't estimulate my penis in the sessions. I've tried it once to see how it would go and I noticed that there's a big change of focus when I do that. I think I just need to be more patient and the process and understand that it may take a little bit longer to reach an orgasm.

    Thanks a lot, guys!