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I've hit the zone
  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    It's been around 2 years since I've started my journey and I've had a wild ride and continue to do so. My body and mind have become one, It's not when I get a Super-O, it's now how strong and how long into the session.
    Remember the thread I started about hair and rubber bands being looped through a cock ring and then attach it to the handle of the Aneros?? My God, I still thank Luc2000 (I hope that's right) for the idea of incorporating this. I've used a wide variety of them now for the past few months from different strengths, lengths and even colors. I find hair bands last longer and are sturdier than rubber bands.
    I start pre-cum as soon as I loop the band on the handle. Funny how the Aneros (I use the Eupho) is able to still move with the tension. I love to use differnt types of tension as well especially when after about 45 minutes I switch to the Progasm Ice.........WOW!!

    To try this: get a hard or stainless steel cock ring and about 5 hair bands (I use 2 thin, 2 thick and one slightly longer than the others). Lube and get the Aneros in first then put the ring on. Then, loop 1 band through the ring then another through the ring, add the next 2 bands to the first 2 bands , you then join them together with the long one ( you should have 2-2-1). Connect the long one to the handle of your Aneros (or whatever handle you may have left, it still works). Adjust 2 bands on the right side of the scrotum and 2 bands to the left of your scrotum. It acts like a "ball ring".

    Tell me that doesn't feel good!!!! Just enjoy and don't be surprised if you get a Charlie Horse. LOL
    have a great ride!!!
  • Well done on ya success man! :-D ill get there eventualy :-)

    Hmm, I may need a diagram heheh so basicaly ya connect from cock ring to the aneros "handle"? ya mean the one opposite the taint right?
    What does this do exactly? coz, if it pulls up then the other end of the aneros, the end inside you would be puched down so it wouldnt touch the prostate as well..... I must be wrogn though right?

    Cheers for the info man! :-D
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Just a reminder, boys, that the Aneros is designed to move naturally with your body, anal muscles, pc muscles, etc.

    It sounds to me like your rubber band method may put too much pressure on the Aneros, and even though it moves, it's still pulling up. In the long run, this may put too much pressure on your prostate, and could actually cause you harm. It's recommended by HIH that you use no external force or manipulation of your Aneros. But as long as the bands are not pulling it up too tight, it should be OK.

    Try it without all that hung-on stuff. I think you'll find that it works just fine.


  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    Understood, that is why I suggest you watch how much tension you put on the bands. I also do it without, just experimentation. That's what the journey is all about, right?? As always just be careful, if there is ever ANY hurting involved stop immediately.

    Number, you have it exactly right. I use the handle and I've even tried the P tab as well. It feels good around the scrotum. Just different sensations.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    This game, while not as extreme as what I got into does potentially fringe on Bondage where you should consider what can go wrong and how to extricate yourself without causing injury.

    As with many Aneros users, I'm used to being flaccid or just partially erect during my Anoeros sessions. For therapy sessions that will end in a Super-T, I frequently don my Titan ring to increase the challenge during multiple edging passes toward a Super-T.

    A couple of months ago I was using a Vice for therapy massage. Toward the end of the session (a point in time when the cognitive parts of my brain aren't really firing on all eight cylinders -- aka, being a bit stupid), I wondered, "what if this was a Progasm instead of a Vice and I could hook the p-tab of the Progasm into the Titan, just forward of my sweet spot." Beyond that I didn't think of what might happen. So, it was out with the Vice and with a sloppy job of lubing, in with the Progasm.

    Despite the lube mess, I was able, with some tugging, to click the p-tab into the Titan. Voila, a very nice downward tug on my package. Was very proud that I had the imagination to improvise all that within just a few moments.

    Circulatory wise, that " nice tug" had closed off the venous (outlet) side of the cavernosa and crus. At the same time, the Progasm tilted away from my Prostate and put a heavy forward load on my anus and penis bulb while the p-tab dug into my perineum.

    The nerves to the spine worked as God and Dame Nature planned, triggering an erection that most anyone would admire. I went from about 20% erect to 'cat-scratch hard" in less than 5 seconds which in turn tightened the ring and pulled harder on the Progasm. In a flash I was now thinking ahead. An instant sense of panic raised my blood pressure turning the erection purple. I realized I was in trouble (aka, deep-s**t). I was considering all options including a drive to a local Urgent Care center. Even wondered if a couple of Turbutaline (anti Priapism) tabs might kill this erection. My fingers, the Titan and the Progasm abutment arm were covered with lube. And, what might usually be a difficult task now seemed near impossible.

    I mentally inventoried all the cutting tools over my workbench that might be usable to destroy Progasm's abutment without cutting flesh and sinew. I was unable to recall all the anatomical details but knew there were large arteries right inside where I would have to cut. A lot of blood on the sheets was on my mind. Finally, thanks to a large number of Kleenex, I got lucky and released the p-tab.

    Counting and cherishing my blessings, I skipped the edging part of the drill and pulled off a gentle Trad-O to get out of this mess -- one of the rare times in my life that I've really enjoyed a surge of Prolactin and entry into refractory.

    Lesson -- Cockadoodle's thoughts are most germane. As Blownmind says, THINK it out in advance!

    When one is going to use toys for other than their design purpose, think it through for a day (or three) to consider what the outcomes might be. Had I done that I might have had handy at least a mirror, cutters and something to protect my perineum and testicles.