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Potential: you will know.
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    So i got my 1st aneros (the progasm) back in mid February.
    A handful of times ive stopped by around the chat and shared my experiences so far with people on chat, but i never have sat down and taken the time to post anything about my journey. Having recently had some great feelings and breakthroughs now is a good time to write things down.

    I was not new to anal play when i started my aneros journey so when it first arrived i knew somewhat to expect. I read the wiki front and back and back while it was shipping. I have access to a large database of music i can borrow from, so before the anreos arrived i happened to get my hands on Kelly Howell's "total relaxation" album.

    My first few sessions were as one might expect very un-eventfull. I cleaned out started the relaxing music and got in place before injecting a small amount of H20 JO and inserting the progasm. My first few sessions really got nowhere, at best i would get some pleasurable sensation from the toy being inserted and a light tingle in my ass. At best i would get some good freelings, that at the time i was describing as prostate contact, and would get some full body pleasure. Most all the feelings would come directly upon first inserting the aneros and once they died down i could never get them back. My sessions stayed like this and i had little to no improvement. At some point i'm not sure exact, my progasm was damaged by essential oil and i waited a while before finally replacing it with a progasmn ice, everything below this line is with the ice instead. Also araount the time i got the ice i started using the hypnoanerosession cd every session.

    Finally through the use of other anal toys i really finally came to the conclusion that glycerin irritates my bowel. When a fair amount of lube wound up getting pushed higher in my system and i had a very uncomfortable purge. At this point i stopped injecting H20 JO and was just using a thick coating of Vaseline on the aneros, and did also try injecting some Vaseline also. This change did help and i got new sensations of contact and fullness however as you might expect the progasm has lost nearly all mobility.

    Having liked the mobility and ease of cleaning of the old water based lube i was using i went upon looking for a glycerin free water lube, finally landing on trying some Swiss-navy water based from a local shop. Uppon getting home i realized this lube was way way to thin to ever really work for insertion, so i injected some of the Swiss-navy and coated the progasm lightly in Vaseline. The new lube did not irritate or give the need to purge like the old lube did. This combination of lubes did not produce any new sensations for me, but it did work and allow me to have a longer session without as much discomfort in the end.

    Any time i would have a fairly long session i would find that there was almost no water lube left each time, it was getting absorbed by the colon and i could always feel a gas-like sensation of bubbling which i'm assuming is the lube being absorbed. During the last weekends open chat i stopped in and talked to a few people about lube.
    Rummel pointed me toward the following thread
    I cant remember who pointed me to this thread ( pm me and ill gladly put u in here)
    ^^^i agree we do need a stick on lube, or at least a link to all the pertinent lube threads within the wiki ^^^

    After reading around thees threads i went down to a local health food store and intended on getting all the stuff to make my own "natural jelly". Once i was there i got to considering that i already had many bottles of lube i needed to finish and i really didn't need to spend a whole lot more on lube till i was out. So i just got a container of Shea butter (the exact now solutions product that Love Is talks about in the probe thread)

    Shea butter i tired for the first time on Sunday afternoon. I read and asked a bit and had been described to simply by hand insert a small amount of the butter, like 2 pea size balls. However my house and body were way to hot this summer for that to happen and i just wound up smearing it all over me. I then went for a problem solving approach and simply by hand crammed a bunch into the lube injector syringe and injected, which was really hard to get the plunger to move as you would expect. Now i still use the injector syringe but instead i use a much much smaller ammount, probably not too much more than the 2 pea balls others suggested. Once i get the small amount of Shea butter in the syringe i press the plunger to move out all the air i can & prime the injector tip. Then i run the hot water tap on full and since mine is very close to the heater it does get steaming hot very quickly. After a few moments in the water the butter in the syringe can be seen starting to melt, that is when i inject it, just as it is beginning to melt, then my body can still melt it but it is easy to inject and pleasantly softer.

    Changing to Shea butter has completely blown out of the water all my perceptions i had before, truly unlocking potential and proof that when your body is ready for it you WILL know. I have now finally been in the realm we are all looking for, not just a good feeling but an overpowering all consuming feeling that is like noting i have experienced before. I have previously had an hands free traditional orgasm from a toy in my ass that was the most intense experience i had before. I have always tried to have an orgasm like that again as it was the best experience and thus i wanted to repeat and surpass that. I have finally surpassed that experience, but not re created something entirety new. I'll try and put the last 4 sessions i have had into words here and try to not repeat things, rather just referring back to previous descriptions.

    Session 1: Upon inserting my progasm I felt contact, immediate and powerful, blowing away the faint whispers I had called contact before. My Penis became rock hard and was throbbing so intensely i could not have told if i was leaking or not, it stayed impossibly erect the majority of the session and by the end was sore and i had blue balls from it's excitement. Normally the Hypnoanerossesion cd is huge for me and i have to focus and calm down to get good sensations, this is no longer the case and pleasure is overpowering to the point where my mind has little focus outside of pleasure for fantasys / listening to the cd. My body is in such a high state of energy that my back and neck are always tensed and i have to adjust the pillows for better support. As i relax and get more focused on the pleasure the strong tinging sensations in my ass begin to crawl over my body and soon my whole body is covered by it. The prostate contact and tension in my ass is so great the progasm has never felt so big and filling, when i try for a gentle contraction it feels like i have to squeeze for a long time before i actually contract. Like my muscles are already involuntary contracted to a certain point and i have to contract past that point to get any real contraction. The contact is so great and tight that my breathing causes the aneros to move when i breath deep into the stomach and exhale so that my stomach collapses, like sucking in your gut to get more pressure but on a involuntary level that linked to my breathing. At some points it would actually wind up dictating my breathing patterns, such that i was breathing in a rhythm that was moving the progasm to rub my prostate. But not started by me, my body would begin the breathing pattern on its own but then i would need to focus to keep it going in the correct manor to build sensations. By the end my dick felt like it wanted to explode so bad and my balls hurt like blue balls, i wanted to so badly but did not ejaculate.

    Session 2: Later that night after the first session i had to have more so once i was ready began again. this time it was practically identical to the last one but more powerful and at many points the full body sensations lasted longer and were more pleasant. A few times i got so relaxed and focused on my ass that the rest of my body was so numb it felt ambiguous, so to say. Like so numb that my left hand was grabbing along my right wrist but the sensation there was that it was all 1 continuous part of my body i could not feel the skin on skin. My body again was so full of tension my back and neck were getting sore from the unconscious tension in them. Once again at the end my balls were sore and i felt like i was going to explode ate any second but again fought the urge and went to bed for the night.

    Session 3: Monday night i cleaned prepared and set things up so that i could sleep with the progasm in for the night ( i have done it in the past with no problems). I inserted and layed down to have a session the way i do when i sleep with it, a session all in bed covered and just try to sleep as i can relax enough. The session went well and was more or less identical to the last to. eventually i finally went to sleep and i'm very glad i decided to wear a pair of old boxers as protection. Now parts of this next section may sound weird but keep in mind i was sound asleep and this was all in a dream. I slept majority of the night soundly, then early around 7am i remember part of the dream. I cant remember anything leading up to it but i was laying on my back and right next to me was my lower end. Picture that saw a woman in half trick at the circus, like i had been magically cut then the 2 tables had been moved and arranged so that i was laying on my back and next to me was my lower half. Sticking out of my ass was one of my other toys i have, and in the dream i went to moving that toy. Only a few short strokes in and i was having an orgasm, very hard both in the dream and in reality. In the dream the sensation in my ass was overpowering and my mind focused on it as a huge ass-gasm visualizing the toy in my ass vividly. Then as reality took over my mind switched to the sensation of the ejaculation and in the dream made up some imagery to go along with it. My mind felt the semen getting forced out of my penis and then took the imagery of the toy and put it together with the sensation of cumming and it visualized my orgasm as though my penis had the toy in it and was cumming and expelling the toy from inside my penis. As the orgasm and this image came into my mind i slowly came awake during orgasm realizing that it was a dream and what had happened.. I told you it was going to sound weird, but man was it such an intense orgasm with amazing sensation.

    Session 4: Tuesday night i got ready to once again have a session and then sleep with it in. So the last 3 sessions were great and i'd love to just keep my sessions like that regardless of any orgasms. What happened in my session last night was entirely new and has me excited and intrigues to see where it will go, but for the time being the sensations are intense, and new, so much that its almost scary and discomforting. I set up and inserted aneros once under a blanket and all tucked in and ready for session and bed. As i relaxed i got a lot of the sensations in my ass i did previously, however they only seemed to last a short while as full body sensations took over for the remainder of the session. My body began to feel numb, like the ambiguous feeling i had in session 2, but then it went far far beyond that. I began to feel cold, which is impossible since my room is around 70F at night, the lowest it ever gets is like 65 with the sliding glass door and windows open, yes those are real and accurate temperatures my bedside alarm clock has a thermometer on its display. Any way it was impossible i was actually physically cold because the room was not cold, also i had been under a thick blanket for a while and had socks on, yet out of nowhere i began to feel cold. As the cold set in i felt as my blood was flowing really fast, not sure how to describe the feeling other than that, it just felt as though i was cold because my blood was circulating very rapidly. As this went on i eventually relaxed and felt almost at ease with the coldness but it still never felt good or pleasurable. Once i got relaxed something amazing happened i had 1 very intense full body spasm / contraction, it was actually scary as i had no warning and did not expect it, it forced me to curl up some towards the fetal position and made my ass quake a lot. After relaxing more eventually more spasm came, randomly in various power, and in random parts of my body, because i felt cold and the spasms characteristics i would literally describe it as i was shivering all over. The shivering was powerful and took over the whole session, like i said it was overpowering and so new that i really would not describe it as pleasure, at least for the time being. Eventually i got wore out from shivering and gave up on sleeping with aneros for the night. Has anyone else ever felt cold or shivers like this?
    EDIT: I just though of it as i was in the store, i had 1 24oz beer, not a whole lot of alcohol for me, but i haven't had any in a while. Any way the thought that occurred to me is that the rapid blood flow and coldness may have been new because of the beer, which i did no have the other 3 sessions.

    I have not acheived a super o, but this breakthrough has made me fall in love with aneros and the idea behind it all so much more, and i cant wait to hit the next breakthrough.
    I personally fell like this breakthrough is a combination of a few factors.
    ~New lube, water based simply is not good for aneros and anyone out there still using it i highly recommend you to move on, preferably to something more natural.
    ~Persistence, having sessions on a schedule.
    ~Finally getting better at relaxing an breathing properly.
    ~Before i was "listening to the feelings" as people recommend but i felt lost because, i always felt as tho it was my fault sensations were not growing. When in reality i just wasn't having the sensations, put simply when your body is ready you will know, and you will be able to focus on the feelings and learn from them..
    ~When things work out and your body does finally realize its potential, you will know.

    Sorry for my horrible grammar and spelling etc, i do proofread i just have the problem of reading things in my head correctly, not how they are written so i can proofread stuff infinitely but always miss the same mistake.

    Thanks for reading & I hope this may help someone.
  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    Wow! I love the dreams as well. Wild things happen for me too. Just wait until you hit the Super-O you sound so close, then again, it's different for everyone. You may have experienced one.

    Great read and congrats!