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My First Super Orgasm...
  • a_usera_user
    Posts: 16
    Third time is a charm!
    After receiving my Aneros Helix in the mail, I was all excited to try it out. I read the instructions, lubed up and went in for a long session. I spent too much time concentrating on using my muscles to move the Aneros and not enough time on relaxing. It was not a complete failure, but close. The most I got out of that session was how the product felt in my body. The second time I used it, I made a little more progress. I got the twitching sensations, but not the sensations of orgasm.

    Today, I understand what all the fuss is about! After about a half hour of just plain relaxing with an occasional voluntary movement, I felt a tickling near the end of my prostate. Then there was the added sensation of warmth. I focused on this sensation, NOT on the Aneros. I concentrated on making the sensation expand. It quickly spread into my balls. Then I started to shake all over. I was thinking "this must be it!" However, I had none of the pre-cum or the erection people had described. This experience repeated a few times. Finally I thought about calling it a day. However, I decided to just lay there and relax for a while with the product still inserted. This was the best thing I did. About an hour into the session, without any effort, the sensations built again. I directed the feelings as before. This time, I got some dribbles of the precum everyone describes. The sensations spread into my penis and I knew it was going to be different! As I climaxed this time, a fountain of prostate fluid started flowing uncontrollably as I thrashed around in the bed. Words fail to describe it further!

    So for my experience, it seems each session builds a little on the past. If that's true, I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Ref EnzaRef Enza
    Posts: 1
    Hi, all. About 15 years ago, I managed to achieve some sort of milking of my prostate with a constant flow of cum from my penis by putting a large (for me!) vibrating dildo inside me. I have been searching for that feeling ever since. I have had a few massages where the masseur has provided some digital stimulation and that has helped the level of penile orgasm, but I have never had a satisfactory prostate massage. Well, whilst on a business trip to Singapore, two days ago I bought an aneros of some sort. It is a Japanese one, that some website said was the official Japanese version.

    Anyway, used it that night, but included lots of penis play and got nowhere. But I did read the Wiki about how you are supposed to use it. Last night, I had just returned from the gym, where I had done some cardio, then weights, then some Pilates exercises (hence working up the PC muscle). My colleague called to say he could not join me for a meal, so I suddenly was on my own for the evening. So I decided to give the aneros a try and follow the guidance. Cleaned myself out, inserted a good helping of lube and inserted the massager. I wandered around the suite for a while, bending over, going on all fours and various other positions. I was pleased to experience some definite feelings of pleasure.

    Possibly because I had just done some Pilates exercises, I quite quickly got my PC muscle to quiver, which delivered some nice sensations. Anyway, I kept moving around until I finally knelt by the side of the bed and rested my chest on the bed. I found that doing a repeated pelvic roll motion was very arousing. However, my semi-erect penis started to hit the side of the bed, which was distracting! So I got onto the bed on all fours, then dropped to my elbows on a couple of pillows. More pelvic thrusts/rolls and I was amazed at the feelings. It seemed to subside. I was thinking of giving up (this was about 30 minutes into it) when lying half on my side, it all re-started again. I went with it and ended up moving quite fast and energetically. I was past caring whether this was "the right way" to do it - it was clearly working for me. Then it hit me and I cried out several times. It kept going and going. Even when it did subside, after a minute or two, when I got up and walked around again, it started coming back. It was incredible. Eventually, after about another ten minutes, things had cooled down and I removed the massager. I showered and headed out. When I was sitting in the taxi, I found that PC muscle contraction still caused very pleasurable sensations. Alas I arrived at my destination and I was not able to discover if I could rise to another orgasm without the massager inserted!!

    Cheers. ;)
  • So I bought the MGX yesterday. Used it last night, but I masturbated while the Aneros was still inside. Still an awesome "O" but nothing like I have been reading.

    Today, I got aroused, then decided to try it again. Just laid on my side, lubed it up good, and inserted. Relaxed for a good 10 min, then started shallow contractions and matched it with my breathing. Never touched my penis. After about 10-15 minutes of the contractions, I would feel small waves coming over me, as if I was about to have a regular penile orgasm, but it would just go away. Not hard or anything.

    Then, maybe 10 minutes after that, as I was doing more frequent contractions, my rectum started kind of contracting on its own. My breathing became rushed and uncontrollable, and I could almost feel my eyes roll to the back of my head. I was very light-headed. I was moaning out loud. After a couple of minutes it subsided. Then I started doing some quick contractions, and it started all over again!

    The only thing I could liken it to would be that I felt like a woman who has an earth-shattering orgasm. In fact, it was exactly like that. And never did my penis get hard, and I never ejaculated. Also,like a woman, I was shaking and trembling for a good 15 minutes after. I got a little concerned because when I took the Aneros out, there was like a queef sound, and when I looked down there was a little discharge, which I thought was red, but it was actually brown. I didn't use an enema or anything before, so I figured that's what it was from. I know, TMI, but since I'm sharing, might as well share everything.

    I masturbated normally, without the Aneros, and it actually took me quite awhile to get an erection, but when I did, and when I came, it was fantastic. The truth is, I masturbated only because I thought I needed to. In the future, I probably won't, because it seems almost like it lessened the experience as a whole.

    I almost have a headache, because I think the rush is lingering. It was so intense, I think this might be good only once in a while. That's how intense it was. I am SOLD!
  • well here is a question I was usiing my aneros helix today does a super O feel like your emptying even though nothing is coming out and do you have to have a full erection? I was using it for an hour and for about 45 min it felt like i was cuumming I was shaking and everthing good thing no one was home lol or the whole damn neigherborhood? Hit me for more info but was a wonderful feeling it came went in waves :)
  • DEX1979DEX1979
    Posts: 1
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    Or rather many Super Orgasms yesterday, during my three hour session I lost count! After I had my tenth dry orgasm the thought popped into my head, "My life is changed forever, everything has changed. This is SO insane!" Special thanks to all the Aneros members for all their insights, information and sharing their experiences, I would have never gotten to the Super-O without this forum. Love to all my Aneros brothers!



    After inserting the Eupho I vaped some weed to relax, enhance sexual pleasure and shifts attention away from the penis. I laid down on my side with my legs bent. After 20 minutes I felt twitching in various part of my body, eye, arms, legs. It was like the muscles were being touched by a mild electric current, which made them react. Then my butt started to clench (involuntarily), drawing the aneros deeper. I resisted the urge to clench more, I have learned on past sessions that letting my body dictate where I am going in the session is best. Then my hips began to tremor. Then they started to buck more wildly. I turned more on my back to get a freer range of motion. My legs are bent and feet are on the bed. The lower part of my body is shaking wildly now. It is so hard to not contract, it feels so good. My body takes over and contracts for me. My hips are off the bed, my body is pushing me upwards. The feeling is so intense I have to let out a scream or I think I will die. Waves of pleasure wash over me. My prostate feels like it is on fire. The harder my body contracts, the further the orgasm ascends. My mind is completely blank, I am consumed, I am a lightning rod. My back arches further. My body is completely clenched from head-to-toe, wringing out every drop of pleasure out of me. I must scream out again, it is such an immense feeling. Then finally I come back down again. My hips and back come back down to the bed again. I am gasping for breath, my whole body is throbbing.
    Over the next two hours I had orgasm-after-orgasm. Some small dry orgasms, some Super Orgasms. After I had my first three orgasms all I had to do there after was just slightly clench my butt to start another orgasm.
    After I could not take it anymore from physical exhaustion, I took out the aneros and took a shower. In the shower I started getting a tickling sensation in my prostate again. I contracted and had a dry orgasm WITHOUT THE ANEROS!!! I did this three times in the shower. That was wild.
    The day after I am totally spent, but I CANNOT WAIT for the next session!
  • cmfcmf
    Posts: 10
    After accidently stumbling across this site, I became intrigued. I went out and bought some smaller, cheap, knock off. It gave a few good sensations, and I even felt the "butterflies" a bit. It actually came with no directions, and I later realized I had the darn thing upside down. Lol. The thing just could not reach the right angle either. I decided out of frustration one day, and took the plunge. I ordered the Progasm. I looked eagerly in the mail box everyday. Then one day, after I was gone all day to work and school, I went out to the mail box. A note was left for me to go pick up a package at my post office. (I Know this was for security puposes, which I appreciate, but was dissappointed with eagerness.) I went down the next day and picked up the package. That night, could not wait to try it. I had a few good sensations, and there was definitely a difference. But no super-o, yet. I tried a 2nd time, and the sensations got more frequent, but was not accustomed to it yet. Then a week later, after a chaotic week, I came home from work, drank a couple whiskey and colas. I had my room very dark. I put some ocean wave sounds on, and gave it another try. I started with the breathing exercises for about 15 minutes. Then I did the contractions. I experimented with full contractions for 5 times. Medium sized ones for 5 times. Then 5 semi contractions. Then 5 full ones again, to equal 20. I relaxed for a few minutes and did my breathing exercises again. I repeated the contraction process again. Then I rest again. Then I started the contractions again, but before I even got to the 10th contraction, I was shaking, convulsing, and flopping around in my bed, I literally lost my breath. I started doing "ollies" (skate board moves), and started doing hand stands in my bed. I felt like I was in the Exorcist, but in a good way. Lol! I was having a true outer body experience. I was still buzzing pretty good from the drinks, but I knew I was having my 1st "Super-O!" This slowed down. Then in a few minutes started back up again. I was convulsing in my bed, slapping my pillow, and banging my head against the head board, it was that good. It then slowed down. I tried to catch my breath again, but the orgasms kept coming. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. This roller coaster of orgamic bliss went on for another 15 repetitive cycles. I went a good 4 hours that night. This definitely will be a night to remember, especially after the chaotic week I just had. It was a well deserved experience!
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Super-O I think so, if not it was one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life. Was doing a session in the bathtub with the Helix, I seemed to hit just the right tension in a PC/sphincter contraction and I started having the most amazing involvantaries that Ive ever felt. They started with strong PC involuntaries that just kind of shot up into the rest of my penis I could feel it kind of jumping, felt exactly like orgasm but dry and it just kept going and going. I only had some light contractions in my legs and there was no real loss of control of my body or moaning, but man the feeling of one dry orgasm after another was just awesome. I cant imagine it getting much better than that. I had to stop cause I was turning into a prune and my wife would have started wondering what I was doing lol. I want to thank all the posters here on the boards I couldn't have achieved this without you guys and you have no idea what it means to me. My sex life is pretty miserable so to have this is just really something I cant put into words.
  • Been reading the forum for a couple days and thought I would give it a try. Glad I ran across this site. This is the first time I have tried this and thanks to reading all the stuff on the forum I got to Super O the very first time. It was the most incredible thing I ever felt in my life.

    I started out by putting the towel on the bed and lubing up. I laid on my back on the bed in a dark room and inserted the massager slowly. It took me a few minutes but I figured out how to move the massager back and forth across my prostate very lightly instead of squeezing hard. The sensations were absolutley pleasant. A few minutes in I noticed that my cock was super hard and it was starting to leak that precum that I read about in a long stream. I continued to experiment with the contractions until I finally hit the spot just right with a kind of slow rhythmic massage. The lube made it so slippery it felt like a tongue was licking my prostate. I enjoyed the sensations for awhile and kind of got my mind into a trance kind of state. All of a sudden I felt this incredible vibration in the prostate area and bam, it hit like a sledgehammer. I felt this tingling sensation from my feet all the way up my body and that tingling in my prostate turned into the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life. I had those uncontrollable spasms and started grunting and all of a sudden my butt came off the bed and I had my first prostate O. Oh my goodness gracious what a feeling. It lasted about 30 seconds and I started the rubbing the massager on it again and the second one hit in a couple seconds. Then a third and a fourth. Wow.

    Where has it been all my life? I was not done by any means. I took a little time to get my wits back around me and started doing it again. I figured I was probably done because that is what happens when you ejaculate. Not even. After I could start concentrating on it again I got back into that groove where I had been earlier and it hit me again. This time I had the big one again followed by another one and then a couple of what I assume are the mini Os. I couldn't get enough of it. I went solid for about two hours (stopped twice to relube) and lost track of the Os I had at about 10. And there were quite a few after that. I thought this stuff might be BS due to bad experiences with sex toys in the past, but I can tell you that it is not. I have a feeling every time my wife gets out of the house I will be trying to repeat that performance. Perhaps we can incorporate it into our sex but I am not sure how it will work out because it is so intense that I don't think I can concentrate on her at the same time.
  • I had today off. My wife and kids went to school and work. I was given a whole day alone. Perfect time to take a LONG stride on my journey.

    I'm in my early fifties, married to a wonderful woman who is so supportive of my explorations with my Helix. Usually I put the Aneros in when I go to bed, it does its magic, then my wife does her magic and I have multiple, dry orgasms. We pleasure each other and I have a huge, tremendous traditional orgasm. We continue to cuddle and she knows what to do to make my mini-orgasms continue. Her touch is amazing. Well, you'd think that was amazing enough. Oh, no...

    Back to today.

    I took my son to school and returned home about 7:30 AM. My wife was just about to leave for work and my daughter was spending a few days with a friend. I had the house to myself. Carpe diem.

    I did my weekly manscaping, shaving the important places nice and smooth - feels great, and my wife loves it. Took a shower and got myself cleaned out with a douche. Lubed up my ass and the Helix, slipped it in. I got a towel and my iPod/headphones. I selected an hour of sexual simulation music by i-Doser, put on the noise canceling headphones, laid the towel on the bed, completely naked. After the warm shower, I felt so relaxed.

    The Helix began its job. I concentrated on my breathing and didn't do any contractions for a long time, about 45 minutes. I just allowed the Aneros to move on its own. The p-waves started up, mmmmm. I had a nice mini-orgasm about an hour in. That was NOTHING compared to what was to come.

    I started the music selection over, so I knew it was an hour into things. About ten minutes later, my pelvis convulsed a few times. Then my legs began to tremble, my breathing became short, I contracted my anus. Then, like a tidal wave it hit me, HARD! I could not control myself at all, my legs were convulsing like crazy, then my pelvis would shake front and back, my dick was swinging back and forth, pre-cum flying, hitting me in the chest and face. Then the legs again, then the pelvis. The noise canceling headphones couldn't cover up my screams, yes SCREAMS! Glad I had closed all the doors and windows! The orgasmic wave came over my whole body, the bed was bumping against the wall and the metal frame squeaked loudly. I was pounding the bed with my fists and my mouth was completely dry due to the hyperventilating. This orgasm lasted for about a minute and a half. At the end, I felt like I shot my load, but I didn't. Slowly I calmed down, catching my breath, slowing down the muscle contractions and returning from the out-of-body experience. That was DEFINITELY one heck of a Super-O. I started to sweat.

    I regained consciousness and relaxed. About ten minutes later, it happened again. This time lasting about the same time, but more intense, I thought my dick was going to come off of me I was flailing around so much. I noticed a lot more pre-cum this time. Same stuff, legs convulsing, pelvis contracting.

    Okay, I thought, that was amazing. My body was drenched in sweat, my legs felt like I had run a mile, and my eyes were seeing images and colors I had not even dreamt of before.

    So, two Super-Os in one session, cool. I thought that was it. OH NO!!!

    TWO MORE AFTER THAT. Four, really? They were mostly the same, but the last of the four involved my upper body more, arms, hands, chest. Awesome.

    By this time, I was exhausted and VERY satisfied. My breathing returned to somewhat normal. I looked at the clock, I had been enjoying myself for two hours. That was great. I decided to remove the Helix and regain my composure and get on with my day.

    That's what I thought!

    I slowly pulled out the Aneros. That in itself felt so good, just thinking about it right now is making me shiver! I laid back to relax. About ten minutes into relaxing, I felt a tingle at my was still awake! I thought to myself, "Damn, here I go again, I don't know if I can handle it." Sure enough, a Super-DUPER-O. It lasted about 10 minutes and came in three waves, never entirely going away. I was at a plateau the whole time. My body actually ached with the convulsions and contractions. I screamed like a banshee. My legs lifted off the bed, almost touching the wall behind my head. My fists pounded the bed, my ass bounced off the mattress, I almost fell off the bed entirely. I was at the point of hallucination, colors flashed, abstract shapes and images swirled in my head. After I thought I would go into a coma, this ultimate orgasm started, slowly, to subside. And I mean slowly. About five minutes of recovery time for this one. I could not believe it had happened.

    I laid in bed for about for about 20 minutes, touching myself (not my cock or balls). My legs, ass, chest, face, arms, nipples. Every inch of my body was on fire. I had soaked the towel with sweat and pre-cum, so much that the sheets were wet too. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to stand up. I had to pee like crazy. I felt like I was edging constantly. I wanted to come so badly. I finally got up the courage, drew what strength was left in my body and stood up. I immediately knelt down next to the bed and laid my torso on the bed, knees on the floor and trembled. After another minute or so, I stood again, this time with more stability. I took the towels to the hamper and had to hug the walls to make it.

    Lots of heavy sighs and massaging my body to return to the land of the living. Finally, I made it to the shower (second one of the day). Turned the water on hotter than usual, and let the water wash over me. I felt so alive and sensual. I washed up, the whole time savoring the water and soap on my aroused frame. I stepped out of the shower and just stood for a moment, looked at myself in the mirror and smiled a big smile. I glanced at the clock. It was 12 noon. Three and a half hours of bliss, how wonderful. I still hadn't come!

    What a morning! Guess what, the wife and kids are gone tomorrow too. Hmmm......?
  • Four hours, four hours...
    Okay, so I took advantage of another day alone. Better than yesterday. Helix in - six or seven Super-Os. Helix out - four more. Helix back in - three more. The last one was incredible. After my whole body went crazy, the peak of the orgasm came and didn't go away for honestly, about two and a half minute. Ecstasy the whole time. The plateaus lasted for 15 to 20 minutes each. Again the towel/sheets were soaked with pre-cum and sweat. I felt a connection with my body and everything else so strong I wanted to fly. The whole session from shower and set up to final shower lasted about four hours. So great.

    The set up is essential. Make sure to allow almost limitless time. Take a shower, shave, get warm, get everything ready, towels, pillows, Aneros, music, lube. Don't expect anything, don't try to make anything happen, just relax and let it go. Today, the p-waves began immediately and a mini-o came in about 10 minutes. Then it was three hours of bliss. A cool thing was how the music affected me. It is pretty much new age-like with a single drone of a frequency that is supposed to heighten sexual feelings. Then some really cool instrumentals come in, some mellow, some playful, some dramatic. When the music would change, my body would react. The playful music had the most erotic effect and gave me some great orgasms. It was great. I made a mix of two of the songs on the album. Each one is about 15 minutes long. I made a mix that used those two fading in and out for about two and a half hours. It worked really well. The songs I used are "First Love" and "Extend" by I-Doser, available on iTunes.

    I'd love to hear replies from you all.
  • DyersDyers
    Posts: 7
    I'm proud to say that I managed the Super-O on my first day. Back when I was a teen, I once managed to get myself off with nothing more than a finger in my bum, but it was hard work and I could never repeat the performance. Years and years have passed since anything has gone near my nether regions. I'm straight, but recently got involved with a girl who enjoys anal and it got my imagination going. I was actually looking for advice on the female G-spot, got rerouted to Youtube, and saw a link to the male G-spot, watched an interesting mini documentary and got Aneros as my first Google hit. Very sporadic purchase.

    Got the Helix in the mail after work, washed my ass in the shower and laid down to try it out, but wasn't able to get past the initial sensation of having something in there. Picked up a dropper for the lube and tried again after a couple pale ales. Noticed I was still holding a lot of stress so, gave up the "on the side" method in the directions and got on all fours. For whatever reason, this is a position that calms me down when I'm having a panic attack and I slowly got into a meditative state.

    After feeling a few involuntary thrusts, and then nothing, half hour went by. I left the damn thing in to go and wash my hands. Packed up a small bowl and took just enough. Don't underestimate marijuana in this process, because it's what did the trick for me. Weed makes my mind do whatever it wants to.

    Anyway, once high, I really focused on the feelings I was having down there. It was little by little at first and I had a first wave that I thought my way out of. The second wave, I allowed myself to let go, and got to the point that I was having trouble stifling noises, and subsided. The third was nuts. Uncontrollable back spasms, inability to breathe, laughing, and eventually...shaking. "Now I know what a girl feels like after an O", is my first thought. I thought I was done, but after the third, I had a very keen feeling of the Helix on my prostate and did some experimental "on purpose" contractions. Pretty soon, my body was reacting but I couldn't feel the same fascination I did before, kinda numb, but that forth wave came like nobody's business and for at least ten minutes I was yelling into pillows and absolutely could not believe what was happening. Finished up the old fashioned way, because I felt like I was going to explode, and the fifth wave took me unawares.

    I eventually took the damn thing out, in haste, because I was losing my mind. I even had a few aftershocks five, ten minutes after it was out.

    Kudos to you all. I've never felt anything like this in my entire life, and it honestly felt like a spiritual experience for me (from an atheist). More men should know about this, but how do you bring up the subject?

    "So Jon, have you ever thought about prostate stimulation?"

    Right, hahaha.

    So I consider this an amazing success. The most unusual thing for me is that, once it all started, I'm not even sure it was a sexual experience anymore. It was beyond thinking and beyond sex and I found myself almost not in the mood to see some porn while I was trying to finish up. During the most intense moments, the hard on was consistent and rock hard, but it would quickly go down after the wave. All in all, I think I was at it for over two hours.

    Now, do I tell the girl or keep this my secret? hah
  • MB5MB5
    Posts: 6
    I had my first Super-O yesterday. I was using my Helix and sever minutes into it I started rocking my pelvis while contracting, and all of a sudden I was overtaken with full body shaking convulsions centering around my pelvis. The shaking/convulsions would continue until I relaxed. As soon as I would start contracting and rocking the shaking would start right back up. Each time would last 30 seconds to one minute or until I was so out of breath that I couldn't go on. I had ten of these in close secession, then I removed the Aneros and got dressed. I decided to lay down and go through the movements without the Aneros and I got the same response. I did this 13 more times without the Aneros for a total of 23 Super-O waves. During this time while dressed, I went outside and walked around a couple of times to try to let the feeling subside and to catch my breath. When I would go inside and lay down with just a few anal contractions the whole thing would just start up again.

    This was all very exciting, but it was frightening as well. During the shaking I could hardly breath, and I could hardly catch my breath afterwords. My heart raced like nobody's business, and wouldn't come down. Today I have muscle aches all over from the intense convulsions. Convulsions so violent that if I had been in the kitchen I would have been rattling the dishes in the cupboard. For the rest of the day I felt totally spent and could hardly function. I don't know if I'll be trying this again.

    While intensely pleasurable it was, I think too intense.
  • for the past week i have been using the helix that i have purchased .
    last night i experenced a feeling that i have not had before.
    ti can feel the helix massaging my prostate,the buzzing starts,my anus starts involuntaries an my penis starts to throb a little with a little precum.
    then my lower abdomin muscles started to reel tighten up ,my anus sucked in my helix and
    my anus continued to pulsated uncontolled. my penis felt like it was fully erected even hought it it was not. i had these waves of pleasure roll in my part of my body for a few minutes. i did not experince the uncontrolable vocal behavoir others experince but it was great!
    Posts: 13
    I think I got mine today! The previous night, I pleasured my partner completely without release on my part. The next day, she was more in the mood to just watch. I had just downloaded the Hypnofantasy Aneros MP3, was using the origial model of the Aneros, along with a simple male masturbation sleeve with good suction. I followed Nikki's instructions, but am not exactly sure if I released, but I think I did from the way it felt. I did not feel that temporary feeling of loss. I felt satisfied completely at that point. I thought I was finished, and had a bigger suprise than my first orgasm (I didn't know what an orgasm was when I had my first). I was sitting in a hard, flat chair, with my perenium holding some of my weight in the chair, as I usually sit. My left fist was gently but involuntary drawn to my pubic bone, and I involuntarily had pelvic spasms, and realized that I was experiencing something wholly different from any climax I had ever had. It lasted 10 minutes, then I went and told my wife. I then started more of these whole body experiences in sort of a fetal position, and could manipulate the feeling by touching different parts of my body. This lasted at least an hour! My very first orgasm had been sort of my benchark and goal up to today. I feel so invigorated now that my previous ejaculations now seem like urination by comparison, and urinating is a pleasureable feeling for me if that matters. The key for me was to relax, have no expectation other than to savor pleasure. Having a wife who accepts my sexuality and response is a huge part of relaxing while enjoying pleasure. I can basically do whatever feeels good to me without her judging me as not filling male gender expectations. Wow, I feel better than a virgin touched for the very first time. This is no joke and is not BS. Feel free to message me if you want more details. I am a real person, and Aneros is for real, not hype. Thanks!
  • I had my first with my first experiance....after having my new sgx in for a few hours, and getting used to it...i turned over and started working the handle a little and had some nice spurts and i kept on with it as it got hotter and hotter...fuck, soon i was wandering to the floor feeling my prostrate cummming, and soon found myself in another room just playing with it, thats what seemed to work for the first time, urging it on..soon I was on my knees cumming some juicey pre all over my fingers!
  • First time with sgx....I had it in with olive oil for a couple of hours, laying around, walking felt best, but I did not really try to hard with anything as I seemed to be be kinda distracted....then after a few hours it started giving me some signals, like wow, and contrary to all instructions I started to wiggle the sgx around in my ass, and wow, I was connecting with it finally, fuck, I though, lets do more of this! I wound up on my knees in the bathroom with precum and cum? oozing and squirting out of my cock! I was so hot from the feeling in my prostrate that I was totally into my precum, licking and tasting, and what I assumed was just cum...I thought it tasted really good too....fuck, I was naked and I started stroking my cock out of just sexy feeling all over my body and the pre/cum cumming out of my cock was making me mad! Hmmm, can I ever get enough of this stuff? Wow, I couldn't without just stroking my cock with the precum and I came all over my t-shirt and buried my face in it for its wetness and flavor.....can't say enough about this sgx....have been reluctant to feel it so gripping and wildly unleashing sexuality.....not an every day thing for me!
  • This is my first post on this website, I have been checking out posts now and then since I first got my Helix on September, 2009.

    Another milestone after 14 months of usage, and I can now say this is truly where my journey really has started. I have been very skeptical when I first encountered this website, founding it hard to believe that a device like the Aneros was capable of producing the things claimed on this website.

    After obtaining multiple super o’s last night, I can now analyze what has been blocking my progress all along, and I came to the conclusion that the term super o has been blocking me from being open minded to all kind of sensations. My anerosessions have became a routine, after a while, like masturbating has been for so many years. When I first started to masturbate, I did not know what to do, but I was open to all sorts of new sensations that came with it. When I finally got my first penile orgasm, it was clear what path leads up to getting this kind of orgasm, and almost instantly, orgasms are linked with ejaculation.

    I can understand from its unique selling proposition, that the term super o is a very strong parameter for its current success. I believe it is even so important, that the Aneros would not have became so successful as it is today, therefore, I don’t believe the term was an accident.

    When I now masturbate, I know in my mind what I will be getting in let’s say 5 or 10 minutes: a penile orgasm. I knew of the term super o when I first started to use the Aneros, and this has been my mindset all along, which is a wrong one. The mind is so powerful and crucial for this product, which I discovered in every session. I had been getting great results quite quickly in my journey, but there was always something in my head saying there would be an explosion, a payoff, a point of no return, a climax, an orgasm, a SUPER ORGASM. It is so important to see the term orgasm separately from ejaculation, and it has been the hardest thing in my journey to do.

    This week I discovered the secret of being able to distinguish an orgasm from ejaculation, and to my amazement, it’s very fundamental: masturbating. I found that I can only experience super orgasms if I stop my mind from thinking that an orgasm is linked with ejaculation. I promised myself not to masturbate for two weeks, to see what the results were in my Aneros journey, and they did not disappoint.

    Before I continue, I would like to note that I rarely use the Aneros now, as my prostate is awakened and giving me very strong responsiveness to my thoughts and mood. Therefore, I can build up orgasms whenever I want, if I let my mind.

    This week, my sessions have stopped from being routine-wise, they have been much more open minded, because I knew: I AM NOT GOING TO EJACULATE. As I find that a penile orgasm is very satisfying, I now somewhat start from a certain level, in which I don’t expect anything to happen.

    Last night was very special. I was laying on my side, listening to some music and I noticed my prostate was very ‘awake’. I could build up this sensations in my prostate by my mind alone. After a while, I laid on my stomach and put on an audio book from Kelly Howell: ecstasy. I started to feel very light as time went by, and my body was feeling like it was numb, my hands were feeling very tickly/itchy, as my arms and legs were as well. After a while I heard a certain noise in my head, feeling like you are being shut down from your surroundings. Now, I almost could not feel my body, I let it do what it wanted to do, being completely relaxed. Then, my body started to feel like it was being inflated, like an air hose is put on your anus. I got very strong muscle spasms in my groin, being accompanied by pulsing and throbbing sensations in my prostate. This is when my first super o occurred, and it feels like you are very special, a moment just for you, like someone is caressing your body and giving it immense pleasure if you want to. And I wanted, and this resulted in a very long and strong orgasm while having the sense that you are ejaculating. This orgasm lasted about 10 minutes, and when it ended, I had a very strong sense of wanting more. The next 5 super o’s were all different in it’s own way. The best one definitely was the second one, on which I got a very strong anal orgasm on top of my super orgasm. Before this week, my heart rate would be very high, and this would accompanied by shallow and fast breath. This time however, I almost could not feel my heart beat, and my breath was fairly deep.

    This week has been such an eye opener to me, and I can’t wait for my next session and all things to come!

  • Hello, all.

    I got a Helix almost 3 weeks ago to treat my enlarged prostate since I couldn't reach it for manual massage. Since then, I haven't had any prostate aches and pains. Hallelujah!

    The pleasant feel-good side effects of the Helix were nice, as was using it during sex with my wife, but I had no idea what the super-o was about. Last week, I accidentally fell asleep with the thing in me. About 2 hours later I awoke in the middle of a super-o. A second followed the first within minutes. Holy s***! is all I can say about that. They have repeated every few sessions though I'm not motivated to seek them. The big rush and out-of-body business is too much like the LSD trips of the 1960s I'd thankfully forgotten about.

    Overall; great product. I appreciated the tip about olive oil as opposed to glycerin-based lubes, which had a laxative effect on me.



    PS. Update

    After 5 weeks with the device, I can now tell when the super-o thing is starting (leg muscle twitching). I abort that experience by changing positions and mentally resetting to get back to my p wave comfort zone.


    PS. Update 2

    Now at 6 months with these devices. In addition to the Helix, I have Eupho and VICE. Super-Os are consistent and reliable with any of the 3 units. I remain opposed to "spazzing out" during sessions, but do have whole body spasms/rigidity at the dry-Os and have learned to give in to the trippy feelings.

  • Holy Lord Almighty, I can't believe what just happened about two hours ago. It had taken nearly ten tries, but at last I reached the impossible dream, my very first super-O. I am currently 22 years old, and don't have a girlfriend right now, but when I came across Aneros, I said to myself, "Hmm, maybe this will be worth it." At the time I had never considered anal stimulation, but at this point, I figured I had nothing to lose, (and I mean nothing, as I had lost my virginity over the summer... lol).

    So anyway, I'll try to explain it as best I can, considering I'm still reeling from it right now. Since it was finally the end of the term, and all my classes had finally come to an end, I decided to give it another go with my MGX. This was the fourth time I had used it this week, (I had used it twice in a row two days prior). Anyway, to unwind from the stress, I gave myself a good cleaning of my rectum and took a hot shower. During this time, I decided to do some deep breathing exercises while showering for at least ten minutes. After drying off, I laid out a clean towel on my bed and quickly injected about 4ml of KY jelly into my rectum, while also applying both a thin layer of Vaseline and a fair coat of KY on the MGX. As I slipped it in, the feeling it gave off this time was different than previous attempts; it felt as if it knew exactly where to hit. Once it hit, a sharp jolt rushed through my body and it was then I knew, "I may be in for a wild ride." So, instead of doing slow or short contractions, I decided to just lie in the fetal position and take a nice long nap, perfect for coming down from a hell of a term. The time was about 6:54 when I actually did fall asleep, during which I took nice cleansing breaths. For about 22 minutes, I felt nice mini-O's that made my body quiver with excitement. However, at about 7:22, something amazing happened; the MGX suddenly jumped up my rectum and locked on to my prostate as if it was saying, "You're mine now!" At that moment, involuntary contractions began, and my whole body began to shake and convulse like no tomorrow. Finally, a huge surge of what I like to call "Pleasure Electricity" surged through my body and made me move uncontrollably for nearly a minute and a half before I ended with a good penile ejaculation with the MGX still in me. I had never cum so hard in my life, not even like my first sexual experience.

    In the end, I got up, still weak at the knees from the amazing thrill and cleaned up for dinner. As I got up, I looked back at the MGX and thought, "I'll be back for you later."

    To anyone who is still hunting for that ever-elusive super-O, don't give up. Patience is truly a virtue, so use it to the fullest, and you will receive a great reward in the end... believe me.
  • Dear Reader,

    So origionally I had started out with the first two models. I had plenty of fun with them, but never went past my body starting to shake. By the time I had reached that point usually I would give in because it seemed more like work to get there. Recently I got the Aneros Vice, the one that vibrates. At first I tried without the vibrator in. Let me tell you, I could sit down! It made a huge difference for me to be able to sit at my computer and watch some porn for a bit. I well exceeded any experience I had had up until then. I was convulsing in my chair and making sounds I never thought I could make. Then I went into my room and grabbed the vibrator. Wow. All I could do was clutch a pillow and hang on, cunvulsing like crazy. I felt high. I am still experimenting with it, and wonder if I'll be able to get the hands free.
  • I've been a user of prostate massage devices for about a year. I've been using the "other" line of products and after a few months of it I really believed I achieved a Super-O. Boy was I wrong. I stumbled upon this site by just looking for some advice on how to further my journey. Such wonderful stories from everyone here. Just by using the advice here and buying my very first Aneros (Progasm Ice). I've had the most fantastic time experience. Let me begin by saying now know what the Super-O is. WOW!!!
    About a month ago my Aneros came in the mail, now since I have older kids, it's hard to find the time. I have managed to do so at night when "I'm tired and need early sleep". Anyway, I have a slight different technique. I got out the progasm and used Olive Oil (as noted by someone here). What a difference!! I was amazed how something so large eventually went it, the key being slow and gentle. Next I put a soft, silk like sleeping bag (rolled up) under the small of my back and then used the "do nothing" technique. In about 15 minutes I was getting crazy spasms in my legs, from just breathing!!! 15 more minutes in I tilted my hips up just a bit resting my weight on my feet. My mind was a about to blow!!! I pictured my sphincter muscles working and my perineum working to get them to "lock" my Progasm up. The spasms and contractions were working on their own. i was out of control and could not stop if I wanted too. I tilted my hips up in the air a bit more and gave a medium size contraction..........and there it was!! The most mind blowing thing on the planet. It was an orgasm x100. Now I know why it's the Super-O. Over the course of this I felt the pool of pre-cum, cum whatever it's called, dripping down my side. I was surprised as I've never had that much, sometimes nothing at all.
    I've heard of people having 2 even 3 Super-O's in a session. I was totally exhausted and could no loner manage another. A matter of fact I was so content I believe I never had a penile orgasm. I must thank all of you for the terrific advice and without your stories and help I would have never gotten here!!! I now believe, relax and let my body and mind take me there.
  • Hey all,

    It took me while to decide whether or not that I should get an Aneros. Eventually, I gave in to curiosity and purchased a Helix. I waited like an excited 12 year old for it to arrive and when it finally did it didn't take long for me to give it a test drive.

    Imagine my disappointment when after an hour all I had achieved was a sore bum. I had even bought the Hypnaerosession MP3 to help me get in the mood but it just wasn't working. I gotta say after that first session I wasn't convinced. That was three days ago.

    Last night I decided to give it another shot. Not trancy MP3's, no deep breathing, just pop it in and see what happens. So I lubed up and got ready.

    Within 10 minutes I was starting to get my first tingle. I lay down on the couch on my side in the one leg up, one straight position for a while and tried a few contractions. Yeah, something was definitely happening here. I walked out into the kitchen to get drink and noticed that the tingling got stronger when I walked. So I did few laps my flat and within five minutes had full on heavy breathing and was having these... waves... of pleasure that just seemed to pulse out of my prostate. I was dribbling pre cum down my thighs. After some 15 minutes of walking around, I took a quick break back on the couch, once again in the preferred position and contracted some more. The waves were great but weren't building anywhere. So I stood up.

    And then it hit.

    I felt this amazng pressure building up in my bum that felt like it was pushing outward. My entire body started to contract and have spams. The building just grew and grew until I could barely stand as I was quivering so much. All the time the pressure just building and spreading throughout my body. Then I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. I felt it surge through my cock which by now was pulsing with my heartbeat. As I recovered and thought "What was that? Was that...." It happened again. Stronger.

    Wow. Thats gotta be it. By now i was moaning and could barely keep my breath. And it happened AGAIN. And AGAIN. My first multiple orgasm. Holy shit. I never thought it was possible....

    For the next hour, I walked slowly around my flat having orgasm after orgasm. Some strong, some eye poppingly good. I lost count how many I had. Sometime I would just stand there and contract and within a minute I would go off again.

    As my session neared the 90 minute mark, I knew all goods things had to come to and end so I had to rub one out. What followed was the strongest penile orgasm I have ever experienced. I was literally shaking with pleasure and making noises I never thought I would. My entire body was tingling. I could barely stand as I blew my load my orgasm was that strong.

    Its now nearly 24 hours later and I'm still feeling great. All day I've been having these on and off moments where it feels like that awesome pressure is starting to build again. Every now and then I get this great low down tickle. Watch out world, my prostate just woke up!

    Cant wait now for my next session. I cant imagine I will have to wait that long either...
  • Important tips for failure with super-O and my super-O experience in detail.
    A two and a half hour session in 2011 3rd day.
    No. 2nd tries on Helix, multiple tries on MGX.

    After using MGX since Sep 2010 with mini-O at times, I decided
    to purchase helix.

    This is what happened on my 2nd tries using

    It is a two and a half hour session.

    As usual, went for shower.

    Lub with Ky-gel on helix fully. Ensure all surface is with

    Lub my rectum by using finger and gloves, apply lub on the
    glove and lub the surrounding of rectum as much as possible.

    Insert helix.

    Position with whole body turn left, right leg bent, over
    left leg, with head turn upward.

    IMPORTANT: the whole process I did not did any contraction
    at all. I relax my anus sphincter all the time.

    1mins later, start to have feeling.

    Another 5 mins later, slight movement of helix.

    10 mins later, slight pleasure as helix rubbing against the
    prostate involuntary.

    IMPORTANT: do not start contraction or force relaxation.
    Just let the helix do the work. If helix which to contract, let it be, do not
    attempt to contract harder or relax.

    15 mins later, prostate enlarge slightly and pleasure build
    up slightly while rubbing at certain point. And it got smaller at certain
    point. The pattern of rubbing is like – when helix travel in, at certain point,
    prostate get large and helix continue to travel inward a little bit more, a
    feeling of ejaculation without cum is the pleasure. Then helix slide outwards
    and until certain point again, prostate become smaller. Duration of sliding in and
    out in one cycle is about 20 sec.

    5 mins later, similar to above but get slightly stronger in

    Each pleasure builds up, respiratory rate and heart rate

    20 mins later. Pleasure still exist, helix moves in and out.
    No change in pleasure

    Took out helix and RE-LUB with KY-gel as I feel the pleasure
    slightly decrease and movement of helix and sticky slow feeling.

    Reinsert back immediately and 2 mins later, it is back with
    the same pleasure

    Decided to change position to leg bend, lie on back, feet on
    ground / bed.

    Immediately, during 1st cycle, prostate enlarge
    while helix travels inwards. Prostate did not get smaller and get locked
    against helix. Pleasure build up.

    1 mins later, prostate feels enlarged for 2nd
    time, and once again get locked in another level. Pleasure feels different,

    1 mins later, prostate feels enlarged and locked for the 3rd
    time. This time, there is tingling sensation building up from prostate.

    3 mins later, tingling sensation spread to whole body.

    2 mins later, muscle started to shake, teeth start to shake,
    pleasure build up.

    5 mins later, with body shaking up violently, the prostate
    seems to enlarge further and locked on my helix once more. Suddenly no body
    shaking for about 20 seconds. STRONG Pleasure suddenly fills up around prostate
    area and feel like pre- ejaculation without cum.

    NOTE: I don’t know if prostate is enlarge during each cycle,
    but the feeling of prostate being locked is there.

    A few seconds later, body shaking on and off with feeling
    like strong pre-ejaculation without cum, and strong sensation of the whole
    body, a bit of dizziness as well, felt slightly like floating body shaking

    Super-O I supposed, Lasted for about 3 mins, a few wave of
    strong pre-ejaculation without cum, body shaking non-stop. During this time, I tried
    the change position and the feeling is different as well.

    Pleasure still very strong on and off and slowly it start to
    reverse the pleasure back. During this time, I keep changing position to
    experience different feeling.


    1. Lub at rectum and aneros completely as much as

    2. Position varies for each individual and is one
    of the key to success. YOU MUST EXPLORE YOUSELF for this. For me, now i know
    the key to open my Super-O by my changing of position.

    3. Relaxation is important but when aneros which to
    contract, don’t add force or force relax. Allow aneros to contract NATURALLY.
    For me, I did not use any contraction at all. However aneros helps me in
    contracting automatically.

    4. Slight change in relaxation can cause aneros to
    be ineffective. Sometime when aneros contracts, it is so tense that you will
    not realize that you are actually holding a very slight amount of contraction for
    your anus spincter. (repeat asking yourself frequently, did I relax FULLY? It
    helps) and is one of the key to success

    5. Re-Lub if possible for a long period of time.
    Pleasure will build up quickly and is one of the key to success by lubbing

    6. You should feel something upon inserting for 5
    mins. Or else, maybe that model of aneros is not for you. Like me, trying on
    MGX for 3 months without success, but helix 2nd try, I successed.
    Hence correct model of aneros is essential and is one of the key to success

    7. Avoid touching penis at all time, if you have
    urge of urinate or passing motion, do it and continue to session again.

    8. Don’t rush aneros, it take time to build up
    pleasure. Remember, each wave to build up pleasure is about 20-30secs. Once the
    wave broken either you are impatient or contracting suddenly, the pleasure will
    be GONE and you have to restart building pleasure again. The first 20 mins
    (depend individual, some may take longer) is basically that will sense nothing
    but to build up sensation slowly by RELAXATION. Hence don’t try to do anything

    9. Maybe do not end with ejaculation cum at the end
    of session helps.

    10. Mistakes I made in past: contracting too hard,
    contracting and relaxing too fast, holding contraction.

    NOW I GOT MY KEY FOR MY SUPER-O, after reading this, I hope
    you may find your key to Super-O

    For your information:

    It is a 2 day break from my last session with helix.
    These two days, i did not do any masturbating as i used to do it daily.
    Session was done at 8pm after shower.
    Viewed porno 2 hours prior to session.
    dinner 1 hour prior to session.

    I always thought that mini-O is the real organism i had been wishing for, but i never though that there are even greater and powerful pleasure in Super-O than the mini-O
  • mlmacmlmac
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    Hi everyone

    I dont post on forums much at all, but after what I just experienced, I thought I should share it with all the wonderful folks here.
    First of all, I just want to say that this Forum is awesome. I think if it wasn't for this place, I don't think I would have had my 1st Super-O.
    Anyway, it started about a month ago. I was reading an article on the web about prostate health and some how I was directed to this site. I started reading some of the posts, mainly from this thread (My First Super Orgasm) and like most guys here, I started getting curious about the Aneros and what it can do. The only thing that ever went up my ass was a thermometer( when I was a kid) and my docters finger. so like most, I was a little reluctent to stick something like the aneros up my butt. However, curiousity got the best of me and I went to a local sex store and bought the MGX.

    For the first couple of times of using this thing, I didn't get nothing out of it at all and I was very frustrated. I thought I just wasted $60 bucks. I decided to not give up and I went back to reading the forum to see what I was doing wrong. I thought to myself that maybe the MGX wasn't for me and I went ahead and ordered the Helix.
    I got home from work one day and the Helix was waiting for me on my front porch. I looked at the clock and I relized that I had only a hour to try it out before my wife gets home. My wife doesn't know about it. Im not sure she would accept the idea that Im getting off on something that I stuck up my rear.
    Anyway, I started using the Helix and it actually felt nice and I was getting some pleasure from it but not anything near an orgasm. So I started using it once every couple days and as time went on it was feeling a little better each time. I was even starting to get some mini-O's. After awhile though, the pleasure feelings were still there but they were no longer getting better. I needed to change something. Back to the forum board.
    The first thing I learned was no distractions like TV , radio, sirens, dogs, etc. I started to clean my self out with an enima and stared using KY inside my ass and of course the biggest thing, is to relax. All these things made a big difference and I started getting some dry-O's but no no Super O yet.
    Just to let you know I used a silcone lubericant to lube up my Helix.
    Well, just this past week, I decided to give the MGX another shot. I lubed up and inserted the MGX and as soon as I did, something was different. I was getting a warm tingly feeling down there. So I went ahead and layed down on the couch on my side with one leg bent. and relaxed. In 10 mins I started to shake a little and was getting some twitches here and there. It felt like the MGX was kind of moving on its own and I thought to myself, is this it? Well all of the sudden it felt like my ass was trying to suck in the MGX as hard as it can.I started shaking more and the twitches were getting harder and harder. I was floping all around like a fish out of water. I can feel precum being shot out of my penis. This was it, Im getting the SUPER -O ! This went on for about 5 mins. and then it slowed a little. It hit again in 2 more mins and it was even better yet. I think I had 4 Super-O's in about 45 mins. I had to stop because the wife was coming home.
    Since that day, each time I had a session, it was getting better and better . Yesterday, I had a 40 min session and my Super O started almost instantly and man, what a ride! I hope this orgasm does'nt get any stronger, beacause Im not sure if I can handle it, but I'm loving it.
    This morning, I was having my morning coffee and doing some surfing on the net and I started thinking about the session I had yesterday. All of the sudden, it started happening again. Another Super-O, but with no Aneros. I couldn't believe it. I was shaking so much , I had to go in the bathroom so my wife couldn't see me and freak out. It lasted for about 5 to 6 mins. Later this afternoon, I had another. Just like the one I had this morning. I thought to myself WOW! Whats going on? Although, I was still loving it and thinking how cool it was to have an Orgasm with out touching my self and no Aneros in my butt. I think I have woken a sleeping giant. My prostate.

  • I cannot be sure if I had a "super O" but I can tell all of you that I did have an orgasm like none other I have ever experienced. I followed the instructions, inserted the progasm in the proper position. It once again was a bit uncomfortable but before long that was forgotten. Breathing deeply and contracting only my sphincter muscles, I gradually felt my breathing speed up and I began to really feel excited and pleasure sensations. I began to go oh, oh, oh, oh, faster and faster and reached a climax which lasted much longer than any I have ever had. My genitals were unaffected (too bad for them), but after it ended, my breathing gradually slowed down and I felt a peace and contentment I have never felt before. I may have not had a full orgasm but I got a wonderful taste of what is possible. I left the progasm in for a few minutes and continued breathing but the experience was over.
    I cannot wait to try again. Let me know if what I had is what I think I had. Oh, it was so great.
  • PareidoliaPareidolia
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    Oh my, I am both puzzled and amazed. During the session I had this evening I experienced a continuous feeling multiple times like my body being continuously deformed like ripples on the surface of water. I experienced the same emotional freedom I remember from a session from my breakthrough period... I was sacrificed to the gods. This must been a Super.
  • Jason MJason M
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    Well after a year with my progasm ice I haven't experienced any prostate orgasm yet but finally it happened I always read instructions did breathing & relaxing but nothing so 1 day I noticed I'm not contracting while deep breathing so like I always had my porn ready lube with condom on the progasm then once inserted use muscles to slide to my prostate then just started contracting & breathing oh another thing I always read guys who had a prostate orgasm always had alot of precum coming out so I aimed for that also so i'm contracting & breathing watching porn just focusing on the sensations & the porn oh btw my position is laying on my back knees bent so anyways after a while I started contracting harder & my penis starts leaking precum I continue hard contractions & breathing alot precum comes out feels great I continue the same routine for like 20 mins or more then I stop everything then for the second time forgot to mention last session my legs shook a little without me making em so like I said earlier I stopped everything & relaxed legs started shaking i'm like wth so i was like hmmm lets see where this goes lemme relaxed & let my legs shake so I did & after a while my legs started shaking uncontrollably & the shaking started moving upwards to my upper body it started feeling good so i'm aware i think this is it so it continued emotions flared up pleasure heightened then I did very strong contraction THAT'S WHEN MY BODY WENT CRAZY SO MUCH PLEASURE MY BODY FELT LIKE I WAS FLOATING MY EYES COULDN'T STAY OPEN BEST FEELING EVER THE MORE I CONTRACTED HARD THE MORE MY BODY SHOOK & ORGASM'D IT LASTED AT LEAST 30 MINS I WAS MOANING LIKE CRAZY THEN I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE JUST JERKED & FINISHED EVEN THAT WAS SO GOOD THAT WAS MY 1ST ORGASM.


  • RigelOrionRigelOrion
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    I just had my first Dry/Super-O with my Helix, so there's hope. Two weeks into this exploration, and it required all the relaxation mentioned in these forums. I did not touch Mr. Penis, until the last 30 seconds.

    It was a 2 hour session, with the first tingles starting about 15 minutes in. I was fully prepared, cleared out nicely, lots of lube, and this time I watched clip after clip of fun vids (xtube, I think). Wave after wave of wonderful tremors for most if it. I was on my back, pillow under my ass to elevate things, and my legs were alternating between relaxed and upright. I did some contractions (mosly at first, and not hard ones), and left it alone once the involuntary contractions started. When I could, I would rub my nipples and breasts, sometimes my perineum and scrotum, avoiding my shaft so that I could focus on the Aneros experience. When things got really good I found that light hip thrusts and gyrations felt amazing, and helped things along. I tried to resist the temptation to force the effect and found that by relaxing, instead of contracting, it would lead to stronger more intense sensations.

    With no Super-O yet, I was getting to the end of my time so I decided to finish myself by stroking my shaft. I was already in the middle of an intense involuntary series of wonderful, fluttery contractions, and just as I started to touch my limp shaft and scrotum it hit me. Deep orgasm, and no ejaculation. It felt amazing, and I could've kept going. At first I thought I had cheated, but all the pleasure I felt was deep between my perineum and prostate. I think I was right on the edge of te Super-O for quite a while. It's elusive.

    I had a chance to feel where the Helix is hitting me, and honestly I believe it's missing both my perineum sweet spot, and my prostate. I almost bought the Progasm, so I may have to try that out to see if it's a better fit. The Helix hits my prostate but I feel that it's not as much contact as I'd like (I was able to carefully move it a bit to check). This experiment has been both exciting and rewarding. Don't give up!
  • makelimakeli
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    i had similar experience image
  • priapusonepriapusone
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    Had nice o's with my sgx, and wanted to experience more, so I got the Progasm, and it has really hit the spot! I say, go for the Progasm!
  • nicepedenicepede
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    After5months I was rewarded today with no less than 7 super Os in 2 hrs. I can say now that the main thing that made the difrance was not trying and just letting it happen. I think if someone walked in during my super O they would have called 911 I was bouncing and floping a foot off the bed:-) I understand now how hard it is to explane the sensation I think an out of body expereance is the best I could do to discribe it. Your body already knows what to do LET IT!!!! I found that deteching my mind from what my body was doing thinking of something unrelated until I was past the point of no return stopped me from influncing the results.I am glad I watched some user vids if I had not the expereance would have scared the hell out of me. I can't wait to go there again:-) Nicepede
  • peter007peter007
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    I cant know, off course, what you´re feelig but the super-O is something marvellous. The thing about this is that the less effort you put in the better it will become.
    I´ve had my aneros for quite some time and tried almost about everything, I´ve had all kinds of orgasm but not the suoer-O, that is until yesterday...
    I was lying on my belly with one leg bent and the other straight. I´ve had my rectum emptied and my anal lubed, Only use siliconbased lube byt he way.
    I inserted the aneros and focused on the contractions of my sphincter.
    After a while you`ll get a small feeling of crapping-good!
    The ssame thing will happen over and over.
    After some times tihs feeling kept going and enhancing into a super-O. This is like crazy because the whole body will start to tremble.
    Jus trelax and the aneros will eventually do the rest. Trust me!!!

    The feeling is like nothing else. It starts from your ass and slowly grows to the whole body. It almost feels like fainting!

    It´s important to make sure it´s not touching the prostate

    Good luck pal!
  • PommiePommie
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    I began this journey just over two years ago, (at the age of 70; yes! I am now 72) using an SGX, soon to be followed by the MGX and Helix. Nowadays, my favoured tools are the Eupho and Helix and the 18mm Peridise. All of my Aneros models (MGX, Eupho and Helix) have the curly parts of their handles removed.

    For most of the intervening time, I have had an average of three sessions each week although, since suffering a plateau period of a couple of months earlier this year, I have reduced that to two. During the first year, most of my sessions lasted for up to four hours and, for a while, I experimented with sleeping with the tool in place overnight. Over the past couple of months I have learned that ‘less is more’ and have reduced my session period to just a couple of hours and have even found that 90 minutes has been ideal on some occasions.

    For lubrication, I still prefer a small plug of chilled unrefined shea butter inserted after having injected a couple mils of extra virgin olive oil or water based lubricant. The tool itself also has a coating of shea butter. More recently I have tried using Vaseline instead of shea butter, but so far have had little success with this. Over the past couple of weeks I have been seeking a bottle of walnut oil as recommended by Dave “ten_s_nut” and, a couple of days ago I found one.

    Early in the evening I prepared the modified Eupho by covering it with a coating of shea butter. Before retiring, I injected 2ml walnut oil before inserting a plug of shea butter. Was that coincidence, or what?
    Upon going to bed I was almost immediately able to receive P-waves from mild contractions. For the first half hour, the P-waves kept coming and it did look as if the session might develop into a good one.
    I dozed off into a light sleep three or four times during the next couple of hours but was still able to wake up fully with P-waves continuing. At one point, while lying still and without any input from me, I felt a sudden quite positive orgasmic wave deep inside my pelvis. This lasted for about twenty seconds but, by making a positive attempt to relax the anal muscles, I was able to make it return.
    After another short period of sleep, I woke up to the feeling that, while very pleasant, I should give serious thought to finishing the session since it had now been in progress for about two and a half hours. While considering this option, I found that I was feeling a strong tingling sensation down both legs into my feet, and this soon spread to encompass my entire torso and arms. While this feeling was not in itself particularly erotic or even pleasurable, it was certainly unique! After some 20 seconds of this, a strong sensation of imminent ejaculatory orgasm developed throughout my pelvic region, accompanied by a strong involuntary tightening of the muscles around the Eupho, and this continued without letup for at least the next three to five minutes. I cannot be sure exactly how long this continued but eventually I had to force myself to relax. During this event I was lying on my front/right side with my left leg bent at the knee. Due to an ongoing hip problem, I had to shift to my front/left side with the right knee bent to become more comfortable.
    This shift had the effect of dousing the flames, but I was amazed to find that within about 20 seconds I was back in the same condition as before. Thus it was that the whole event was repeated, although this time it wasn’t quite as strong. I would say that each event may have lasted about ten minutes and was repeated again. All three events took up about half an hour.
    At about 2AM, I took the decision to finish the session and, with some reluctance, got up to empty my bladder and remove the Eupho. As I was walking to the bathroom I was aware that my penis was dripping so much precum that the lower half of my left leg and foot became quite wet from the quantity of it!
    On returning to bed, I had the strongest echo effects I have ever experienced. I felt almost as if the Eupho was still in place and I continued to have strong AOs for the next half hour. Even then I was unable to get to sleep for at least a further half an hour, during which time I enjoyed the most exquisite feelings of wellbeing, contentedness and warmth which might best be described deep spirituality. I can now well understand how it is that several members of this forum have expressed a sense of the presence of God. I believe that some of them have even found their god through this activity.
    Incidentally, what makes me think that I experienced my first super-Os on this occasion was that they were both qualitatively and quantitatively absolutely different from anything I have experienced to date!

    At this point I feel I should express my sincere thanks to the many members of this forum who have offered so much advice and who, although I have never met them personally, I now count amongst my friends.

    One other thing:
    I was so affected by the night’s events that I felt a strong need to record my impressions on my computer during the following morning, if only to sort out clearly what had happened and how!

    My wife Jan walked into my study while I was absorbed in this task and was able to discover what had happened. While she was aware that I had been using Aneros devices for reasons of prostate health and haemorrhoid relief, I had not involved her in it until now. This forced us to have a serious discussion about it so that it is now in the open and I feel that I can now openly incorporate Aneros into our sexual activities. I have the feeling that both of us are about to undergo a quantum change in our approach to love-making! Wish us luck!

    Last night I had another session, also using the modified Eupho, prepared in the same way to see if I could replicate the experience that I had enjoyed in the session described above, two nights ago.
    About half an hour into this session, I did enjoy a powerful AO followed by two more that were not as strong. There was however, no hint of the super-O of the previous session.
    Whilst I am sure that Tuesday’s session formed a giant leap towards rewiring, it is now clear to me that total rewiring has not yet been accomplished.
    One important lesson from all this is that I have learned what a real super-O feels like, so I can now recognise one when it happens.
    What I now need is any advice on how reliably to return to that wonderful experience. If anyone has advice on how to achieve this I would be very happy to hear it!
    Obviously, the journey continues!
  • ÆnimaÆnima
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    My Aneros arrived just tonight, tried it out and I think I might have had something like a super-O.
    I was using it for a while, testing it out really and not really trying to hard at it (I think this is key, as I have read in other posts as well) thinking too much about what you're trying to achieve gets you nowhere, instead I think its best to just see where it takes you.

    anyway, I was idly using it and did start to notice some very mild full-body pleasure. Thinking this was interesting I decided to run a bath and keep it in. again I wasn't really trying to make anything happen, but somehow once I was in the bath I began to notice a throbbing sensation which started to go in time to my heartbeat. This got stronger and stronger til my heart was pounding and I was feeling waves of pleasure that I have to admit astounded me as I'd only ever felt anything like this by taking MDMA!

    I'm truly amazed that just having that little thing in there can produce such sensations, it's a whole new level just like discovering orgasms for the first time! And still it almost feels like I dreamt it now! If this is anything like how women orgasm then they are truly lucky and I'm so glad to have experienced it as well!
  • movermover
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    I think I finally get to write here!!

    I bought the MGX a handful of months ago and have been experimenting with it somewhat regularly. I'd say about once a week give or take I go through a bit of a ritual and noodle around with different erotic things to see what happens. Well yesterday I had a half a day off and completely blew my world apart. What follows are the things I used to get me there;

    I realized that by making this a bit of a ritual I am able to build on past experiences subconsciously. As such I always do the following:

    Body prep:
    * shower, a bit of stretching
    * quick rectal douche, tap water and a bit of olive oil shaken to gether
    * tiny bit of vaseline around entrance to anus
    * marijuana, followed by a cigarette
    * listen to binaural beats while I do almost all of my prep
    Aneros prep:
    * thin coat of vaseline
    * lots of KY for insertion

    During the session I've been experimenting with various things; everything from position to additional toys to erotic hypnosis/binaural beats. Yesterday I experienced a super O for the first time. For the most part the technique that worked for me was this awesome post:


    * I was on my back with a cockring on and my mgx inserted. A pillow under the small of my back so the aneros could move freely.
    * I played hypnaeros track 2 on my mp3 player
    * started to consciously relax as per the recording, started to follow all of the visualizations
    * when the recording suggested I contract, I did so following the quick and dirty model until i reached the involuntaries
    * when they occurred I continued to consciously relax that part of my body - interestingly enough they continued the more I tried to relax
    * as I teetered on the brink I employed a technique mentioned on these forums, although I'm afraid I don't recall where - I moaned.
    * rather than allow myself to spasm I forced my body to relax instead

    My moans quickly turned into whisper-screams/raspy I don't-know-what's LOL and before I knew it I...well I don't know what the hell to call it. I was spasming, but not quite in the same way that I have before. It was contained somewhat. The more I hoarsely moaned the more intense it continued to be.

    Before I knew it, I couldn't hear the recording over my own raspy wailing, and waves rolled over me, over and over again. And just like that, I was out, snapped back to reality.

    I gave myself a traditional orgasm afterwards but I was exhausted and really unable to focus after that. What a RUSH! I can't wait to do it again...
  • varmintvarmint
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    [B]Holy atomic pile, Batman! Multiple Super-O's followed by a HANDS FREE Super-T [traditional orgasm] from using Aneros Helix!![/B]

    Was SO horny, I popped my Helix in right away as I perused my Fav sites. So far, while I immensely enjoy prostate play, its only been there to enhance cock stimulation Os. Tonight I decided to do some more research. Hit the Aneros site for a read and from one forum followed a link to a vid of a guy's Aneros session. Involuntarily I started imitating the guy with my anal contractions. I then decided to check out some other videos to learn more techniques.

    Initially I focused on ejaculation, but after awhile that dropped from my mind and I focused on the sensation coming from my prostate. Before I knew it, my whole body tensed, then started shaking as this pleasure washed over me. I then started frantically thrusting, my dick making loud slapping noises as it smacked the giant pool of pre-cum on my stomach. As I would start to come down, an involuntary anal contraction would make me go off again!!

    I think I had 4-5 Non-ejaculatory Orgasms before coming down off the high. Hard to count when lost in the ecstasy. I was still immensely horny, so I continued. Watched some videos of Women jilling and soon I was at the doorstep again!! This time I had a series of small Super-Os, followed by a giant one, where my cock got so hard I had to touch it!!

    My fingers just brushing against my dick was it!! I used my last self control to pull my hand away and one last contraction pulling the Helix in REAL deep and WOW!--my WHOLE body exploded!! I could feel the energy from head to toe and then it seemed to rush to my cock. A ton of spunk rocketed out landing predominantly on my face and chest!! Afterwards I just sat there and reveled in the feeling for a lonnng time. When I went to clean up, my ass didn't want to let the Helix out!

    Anyways, still horny so going to jerkoff!!
  • Taff1Taff1
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    MY first Super O finally happened last night. It's been a 3 moth journey for me, a journey where I have discovered myself and what my body is capable of. In the first few weeks I tried too hard, probably because I knew something great was waiting to be discovered. And then I read about the" do nothing" technique. Its so counter intuitive that it takes time, but this was a massive turning point. I also read about breathing from your stomach, and of letting your body do the work, not your mind. When I brought all these things together, it happened. It started with a chilled out session where I was lying on my back, with a few more cushions than normal under me, and a couple of cushions under my knees as well. I focused on relaxed breathing, this wasn't about thrashing around as some describe (in fact my theory is that this is a bit of a distraction). After some involuntary anal contractions, I started to notice a tingle deep inside me. This grew and grew, feeling warm and incredibly pleasurable. Then, after about 30 minutes my whole pelvic area started to feel numb, but the rest of my body started tingling and a wave of pleasure just hit me. It was really scary, but I told myself 'you know this is it, this is your body doing new things, go with it'. The next thing I remember was a complete sense of joy, a sense of almost being out of my body. The more i focused on relaxing, the more intense this pleasure became. Its as though the most intense pleasure goes hand in hand with intense relaxation- let the one happen and the other comes along for the ride. I lost all sense of time and reality (is this happening to me, and i dreaming?), and just commpletely let my body go- my mind was no longer in charge and my body and the Aneros were as one, just doing everything for me. At this point I noticed my mind getting in on the act and anticipating the next step so I just made myself focus on the here and now and appreciate the absolute bliss I was feeling there and then. This blew the lid off and it was like my mind decided to let go and trust my body to do its thing. WHich it did. I had a tremendous urge to bare down on the Aneros, and at this point i could feel my prostate again, as thought it was the size of a football but hot and pulsating inside me. I actually heard noises, only to realise they were me moaning in absolute pleaure. I begged for it not to finish, and probably had 5 of these experiences. I looked down only to see the biggest erection of my life. It's a weird thing to say but my penis looked beautiful. I resisted the urge to touch my penis and suddenly had the most indescribably sensation in my balls- they just felt full or energy and bursting with warm pleasure. The moan i gave out at this point shocked me, it was almost as though it came from my inner core. I almost didn't know what to do with this feeling, but just went with it. I am so proud of what my body was able to do, I think I'm in a new place somehow...that's my story x
  • Well, I'd love to give you all some detailed explanation of a specialized technique that finally got me to the super-O, but I think mine was just the result of patience and sticktoitiveness. It happened a couple days ago on a night when I was beginning to wonder if my Progasm was doing anything for me at all.

    It was my third straight night of using the Aneros. I used what has become my standard lube regimen (Vaseline on the hole, a thin layer of Vaseline on the Aneros, then lots of KY on top of it) and managed to keep my hands off my penis for about an hour. I switched between my two favorite positions: on my back, feet flat on the bed, and lying half on my side with one leg down and bent and the other foot touching that leg at the ankle. I felt a lot of pleasure but there was nothing to indicate that this session was any different than any other would be.

    I rolled onto my stomach and consciously worked some long thrusts. I didn't really feel anything much. I was getting kind of depressed about the whole situation, to be honest. I was thinking about calling it a night when I rolled back into the half-on-my-side position and just sort of laid there.

    I was having a few small involuntary contractions but wasn't really sensing a lot of engagement with my prostate. Until ...

    It wasn't so much a "tingling" or "buzzing" like I've read so many other descriptions of. It was more a sense of overloading. Like when a tube amp goes into overdrive. Like adding 2 + 2 and getting 34,000. It lacked the tension/release aspect of an ejaculatory orgasm but was far, far deeper and more satisfying. And it left me feeling insatiable. My body would not let me quit having this orgasms. I lost count after about a dozen because really, who wants to think about math at a time like that?

    It took me a little over two months to get to this point but yes, it was time well spent. VERY well spent! Color me satisfied.
  • Good session today. About 9 or 10 dry 'os' in first hour, starting after about 10 minutes. I usually figure that when my precum comes in, as a glob, that’s it, my session is over, kind of like a traditional orgasm, the “wet finish”. This usually occurs after about an hour.
    Today though, after my usual ending point, I did wonder if there was anything beyond. I sometimes get glimpses in my minds eye; there could be more. Let me be more specific with today.
    My experience today was good, even great. Many sweet dry Os, like a normal “good” session (as opposed to a dud session, which happens once in a while, I’m sure to all of us).
    But today, after passing this point where normally I end, I thought there could be more.
    I did something different today: I did not touch my cock hardly at all. I know you're not supposed to, to get super Os, but I often end up doing so, just to see if precum has come out yet. But today I purposely avoided this, to see if it might help me go to another level. I felt like my cock getting smaller, but funny enough, the smaller it would feel, the better, like if it became a big zero, so to speak, that would be ultimate bliss. As it was filling with precum, seemed like the smaller it got, or I imagined it, getting smaller but something else taking over, something would leak out and start a sweet, painfully pleasing ride of the utmost pleasure. Has anybody had that? Is that what the super O is? I have always assumed I’ve had super O’s; I’ve had orgasms that go on for minutes; wonderful experiences. But today I was thinking there could be more too. Maybe I’m hoping for a hands free ejaculation, not just a quick “gloop” like how normal traditional orgasms are, but a long drawn out leak of an orgasm. Know what I mean? Does anyone have any experiences along this line?
  • I had my first Super O today. I had put in a fair amount of time over 3 months or so and had gotten to where sessions felt consistently good and I would get p-waves but seemed to hit a ceiling. I had tried the Progasm, Eupho, and Helix and found that I got the best results with the Helix. My usual position would be on my side with right leg straight and left knee bent and supported by pillow, although I had tried flat on back +/- pillow without much success. Until today my sessions would be about an hour (having tried 3-4 hr sessions when I first started and not gotten anywhere except sleep deprived) and I would get p-waves after about 20-30 minutes and then lose them and just have a mild feeling of warmth and fullness for the rest of the session.

    Today I tried the Helix in a condom (silicon lube on inside and out) for the first time. Although it made a mess initially (have to have condom unrolled pretty far or else lube pours out when you stick in the Aneros), I could feel slightly more movement and a slightly different feel when it hit my prostate from the texture of the condom. The session started out normally (watching porn) following the "do-nothing approach" and I got p-waves after about 25 minutes. I felt it engage my prostate which it had done previously and started having a slow build up of the warming sensation. I contracted and held on the Helix at about 25% because it felt like the right thing to do. Previously I had only switched to active contractions if I had stalled out and while I found them to be pleasurable and occasionally associated with involuntaries they had seemed to be a dead end. Holding the contraction, I felt warmth spread out from my prostate and I visualized fluid being pushed out of my prostate and spreading through my body. My legs quivered and my breathing became more rapid. I left the contraction at 25% and felt my penis begin to leak and the feeling of an orgasm start. I had probably 2 dry-o's in previous sessions and this felt like them to start but then the feeling kept going and I felt this feedback loop start where pulsing in my prostate caused my anus to contract which caused more pulsing. It had been something I had been trying to achieve from reading descriptions on the forum but had always stalled out and then slid back down. This time it just kept building, it wasn't as intense as the last second of a traditional orgasm but it lasted at least a couple of minutes and when it finished I could feel my body gearing up for another one but at a higher level of sensation then what I felt prior to the first Super O. And then I got interrupted so I didn't get to ride the wave again but I can't wait to try again.

    My typical lube had been vaseline (from my early marathon sessions the thinner Wet gel or liquid lube would dry out), but now I'm wondering if the vaseline wasn't also not staying on long enough because I definitely attribute my success to the condom method and holding a light contraction.
  • trextrex
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    I've heard of the Aneros like 8 months ago, and read several articles about it and still felt a bit suspicious.
    Yet, 2 months later after a lot of reading, I've decided to buy a Helix.

    The day I received it I was very excited, and prepared as much as possible to get a very good session.
    - Got my bowels empty and clean
    - Took a warm shower
    - Got relaxed with deep breathing (that is really important, even beyond the scope of the prostate orgasm)

    I was really in a very good mindstate, I didn't know what was a super-o like.
    For 40 minutes or so, I was breathing and relaxing. I felt good.
    Then I started to repeatedly lightly squeeze my anus & releasing, and about 20 minutes later I started to feel very nice waves of pleasure in my prostate and anus (Nothing like an orgasm, but it was a beginning).

    My dick was dripping some fluids, and felt it being sometimes soft, sometimes hard.

    I was really excited, really.

    I can't really remember with details what happened next, but I did some combination of stronger (yet not full force) anus squeezing and also some kind of what I read here "PC" squeezing (similar to what I do when I want to stop urinating).
    I want to say that anus squeezing isn't "ass" squeezing : it only involved my anus muscle, not my ass.

    I was laid in a left-side position (similar to foetus one, but with my legs more extended)
    Then, believe it or not, my anus started to squeeze autonomously very fast, making the aneros tickling my prostate in a very very soft way, very quickly.
    The pleasure was so good, my mind kind of disconnected and I let myself go : i've experienced 3 super-o in a row.

    Each super-o was being better than the previous one. I can describe a super-o as a very very intense pleasure in the prostate that somewhat reaches its climax and stays in this intensity for maybe 10 or 15 seconds, then the intensity reach another higher level and it repeated like that 3 times for me (no ejaculation involved). During all this times, the aneros was tickling my prostate to make the climax take another level, then stopped during 10 or 15 secondes. It did that 3 times, hence the 3 super-o.

    After the super'os ended, I was astonished, I couldn't imagine something like that could happen to me. It was way beyond better in terms of pleasure & intensity than a regular penis orgasm. I felt the super-o and I was "wow" and the next one arrived and I couldn't believe it was even better. It was just mind-blowing, I don't have words for this. But my body wasn't shaking, nor i was moaning of joy (I added this last sentence because of the last paragraph, see below)

    The only thing is 6 months later I've never been able to feel a super-o again, and that is frustrating.
    I think the key point was back then I was reading a lot about the Aneros and the super-o so that gave me lots of excitation from the day I started to read about the Aneros up to the the day I received and inserted my Helix.

    Anyway, I'm not giving up but I've been reading a lot too and I think i'm not the only one that reached the super-o the very 1st time and struggled to reach it again later.

    I also must say that in between those 6 months I've experienced with the Helix
    - 1 anal orgasm (a feeling of a pleasure located in the anus that spreads in the body in a circular fashion. It's a different pleasure, not bad but not even a match to traditionnal penis orgasm.

    I also read about people having body shaking orgasm, and moaning : my personnal experience is my Super-O wasn't accompanied with those events. Yet that interested me, and I've found that squeezing my ass (like you would if you want to prevent a fart from releasing) from lightly to half-force and squeezing the PC muscles too can lead me to body shaking & vocalizing but It never led me to a super-o (instead it was like a small intensity orgasm with some ejaculation without my dick being hard).

    I'm sorry for the lack of details, i'm not english but I thought I'd share that with you.
    Best regards,
  • It happened and was absolutely heaven, floating in intense and deep orgasmic pleasure with wave after wave hitting you stronger and stronger
  • AztecAztec
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    I've been using my MGX, Helix and Progasm since December, 2010. I've enjoyed every session, and I've been trying to learn how to embrace the feelings I've experienced over the past year and a half. I don't regret one moment of my journey because last night made up for everything.

    I was about 50 minutes into my session, when my Helix started to dance ever so slowly. Up and down, in and out. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had the Helix dancing. It truly felt like an ocean of waves, filling me full of pleasure that was cycling through my body. It started in my pelvic area, moved through my abdomen, then into my legs and arms. I had tingles all over, radiating pleasure waves. My Helix never let up, and I just focused on the feeling it was providing, while working through everything by breathing.

    I then tried something I read earlier in the day while I was researching Kundalini. To summarize, allow the feelings to happen, and try to 'bottle' them up and don't let go. Let the feelings build, but keep bottling them. I then pretended 'the coil' was a tail attached to my tailbone, and I started wagging it. The feeling inside kept building, the waves of pleasure cycling through my body was unreal. It felt like I was on another plain, communicating or connected to others who were trying to share their feelings with me to help amplify mine. I tried sharing back with everything I had, but kept calm and continued to breathe.

    I know this sounds crazy to some people reading this. If you knew me, and I told you this in person, you would place your hand on my forehead and ask me if I was feeling Okay? I don't talk like this, nor have I believed in the untapped energy we all possess, until last night. This may be why it took me so long to experience all this joy the Helix had in store for me. Tip: Just let go. You hear it over and over but it is true.

    As my imaginary tail wagged, the Helix continued to dance on its own ever so gently. The waves of unbelievable pleasure I had been experiencing for around six minutes, started to slow, but the Helix continued to work its magic. Those waves turned into a pulsing heat within. It started off warm, and the warmth continued to expand within my pelvic area. I bottled that warmth, and continued to breathe and fell deeper into a relaxed state, just letting go.

    Then it hit me! I started moaning out of control, ass cheeks shaking out of control, Helix dancing out of control, but pulled deep within me. The warmth turned into an extreme heat for lack of a better description. I had never felt anything like it, but that is how I remember it. I felt my prostate being tickled relentlessly, and I felt the spasms being generated, and they felt so incredible. So intense! The experience was so utterly amazing. I was not flopping around like you see in the videos. Instead I was in complete bliss, experiencing one of, no, the most intense orgasm I have had in my life, and I completely loved it.

    This intense orgasm lasted about two minutes. From start to finish it was about eight minutes of my life I will never forget. You folks say these just get better and better. Sign me up because that was out of this world. After my ass stopped shaking, and I was able to really breathe correctly, my hands stopped tickling my nipples, and I let my arms flop to the floor. I was spent, all my energy was gone.
    As I relaxed, I had six more mini O’s that were GREAT in the following hour! Best one’s I’ve had to date. What a night it was, and I’ll never forget it.

  • TeederTeeder
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    Gotta say that I never thought it could be like this! Talk about total body and not knowing where the central point is??!! WOW!! All I can say is that it was head to toe total orgasm! Instead of just my cock, my entire body throbbed and surged, and it was easily 15 to 20 times more powerful than a normal T. I used a Eurpho and KY Ultragel.

  • skyslangskyslang
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    After three years of playing with my Helix...I finally had a super O! Here's what I did:
    Had the whole afternoon to myself. Ate some pot butter and got a bit stoned,
    Had no expectations! Usually I do, but today I just cleared my mind. Listening to a good Pandora station helped. I was just listening to music, laying on my bed, relaxing with my Heliix up my butt. No big deal! I flexed my kegal muscles a bit, my anal muscles, but mostly I just let it be.
    I started to get the familiar the Helix is pulsing and hitting one particular feels sort of glowing? Hard to explain. But it feels really good. I've been to this point a few times, and usually I concentrate on it and try to take it to the next level. But then it goes away if I concentrate too hard. So today, I just enjoyed the feeling. I held the Helix in and let it hum. Then I had a thought, what if this is the Super O? It does feel really good! So I decided to ride on the wave of this good feeling. I started moaning and pulling in the Helix harder. That felt awesome! I rode that for a long time, until I just got tired and stopped. I rested for a few minutes, then started it again. I went up and down like that three more times! I was really enjoying this session.
    I thought I was over, so I laid there for a bit, almost asleep, totally blissed out. Then I started to casually do some kegals. I concentrated on not flexing my anus, just the muscle inside my dick. Suddenly that felt REALLY good, so I kept doing it. The movement is so little, it's hard to keep doing it? Just a little flick of that muscle in your dick, you know? I just kept doing it and doing it and then...
    It felt like there was a line of electricity going from my ass to my balls. I imagined it as blue electric light, filling up my balls. It was like a flowing current. Then I felt it go from my ass to my balls and into my dick. It was incredible! I just kept imagining my dick filling with blue light.
    THEN, it went from my ass to my balls to my dick and OUT my dick. all over me and then shot out my head. I seriously felt electrified. It was fucking amazing! I felt like my whole body was cumming.
    It felt like it lasted forever.
    The helix is still in me. I kind of want to try again.
  • Had an amazing Session with my SGX lasting a good 50min. Waves of P-Waves, and using nipple stimulation I was able to have mini orgasms that would building into a brief "dry cumming" with an orgasm, where I'd have an erection and dry-cum along with a mind-blowing orgasm.

    I don't seem to have crazy, wild jerking spasm like in some of the xtube videos I've seen.. But damn if I didnt dry-cum with an intesne 2 minute Orgasm like 4 times.

    I continued to stimulate both nipples and continued to have great orgasmic P-waves. I decided to finish with a Super-T, but only by gently stimulating the frenelum (wasn't stroking the whole penis with my hand). This was to edge closer and closer to ejaculating. I had great dry cumming experience and teased the frenulum some more it built up more and more with the help of stimulation of both my nipples.

    OMFG now it had been at least 9 days since last I ejaculated, but OMG when I had 3 stacked together super incredible ejaculatory orgasms, as I stimulated my nipples, the aneros sgx pushing in thumping against my prostate, my anus spasming as my felt as if water was spraying out of me, and wave of escasty washed over me.

    It was damn incredible. It makes me horney just remembering it. I wish I could turn that experience into a pill and take it every night. But dang do I feel like I've exercised for two hours afterwords. lol
    I'm not sure if the awesome dry-cumming with a great orgasm feeling are "Super Oh's" but what I can only describe as a massive "super O" with ejaculation makes getting the Aneros 2-3 yrs ago truely worth it despite it's pricey-ness. Dammit.. im drippy again thinking about this session. I'm 38, and wish I discovered this thing back 2002. if it didn't "wipe me out" I'd use the aneros every night. lol
  • priapusonepriapusone
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    The "Aneros Pill for Orgasmic Pleasure" will be featured here in 10 years! LOL
  • dingusdingus
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    Had my first last night. It was fantastic.

    I started a session with my Progasm not expecting too much, but my wife is away and so I've been having sessions daily since I have the privacy to do so. (She would *not* understand this; for her, anything to do with an ass--mine or hers--is incomprehensible.) 

    I have trouble relaxing sometimes, so I sprayed some Bach's "Rescue Remedy" on my tongue, not expecting it to work. I lay on my side and listened to one of Kelly Howell's guided meditations. I was so relaxed I fell asleep.

    When I woke up, I thought about ending the session, but instead I changed positions, to kneeling over the edge of the bed. Friday night I had a dry O that way, and I wondered if it would work again. Did it ever! My thighs started to shake, and my ass, and then, waves of intense contractions. It was as if my body was trying to expel and retain the device at the same time. The contractions would ebb and flow, leaving me moaning and grunting and laughing, before they started again. It was intense.

    I hadn't expected anything that would involve my entire body, or that the feeling would radiate out from my ass. At one point, I had a Super O and a dry O simultaneously, which was like an orgasm front and rear at the same time. And I hadn't expected to make so much noise! 

    I went back to my usual position, lying on my left side, to see if the waves would continue. They did, but they weren't as powerful, although I had another dry O that way. Then I tried lying on my back, both with my legs extended and with my legs bent. The waves were even less powerful. That's interesting, because when I've listened to "Hypnerosession" it's seemed pretty clear that's the position one needs to be in--otherwise you can't provide the additional stimulation to your chest and thighs and balls.

    After quite a while--I don't know how long; I wasn't looking at the clock--I decided to finish with a traditional orgasm. As I stroked my cock, the waves of contractions started again, and my ejaculation was accompanied by another Super O.

    I remember my first session well, and there was a moment then when I was very close, I think, but I didn't know how to let the feelings build.

    This morning I have a hard-on, and involuntary contractions, and it's like every part of my body is alive to sensation. I feel great!