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Help me decide
  • JakJak
    Posts: 1
    I'm a bisexual male, and I'm really interested into getting more into anal stimulation. I've been thinking about what to purchase for quite a while, as I only have so much I wan't to spend. I've been browsing mainly this site, and another popular online sex store. I'm either going to get the Aneros starter kit, a bit of lube, and the HypnAerosession, OR a pair of rather large dildos, lube, and an anal douche. These are two drastically different types of stimulation, and I'm torn between them.

    The main thing I'm worried about the Aneros, is the patience and dedication required to reach maximum results, and I'm not sure if Ill remain determined enough to spend weeks and weeks to reach the super O. I have tried stimulating my prostate with just my fingers, and it does feel good, and usually produces this slimy fluid that smells a lot like semen, so I do believe with time I could get it to work.

    With a dildo I would get the results I want quite a bit quicker, but on the same hand, won't be as rewarding if the Aneros is as good as everyone says.

    I understand that by asking this on the Aneros forums, the replies with be rather biased towards the Aneros, but this is certainly a good place to start. I want your opinions and suggestions on what I should do.I want to be convinced either way, or I may just never make a purchase.
  • the MGX comes wth a 30 day return. so no harm no foul. give it a try dont like it return it full refund. problem solved
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    MGX comes with a 30 day return if purchased from the Aneros website. I doubt you'll be able to return it if purchased elsewhere.

    I'd say you should get both: Aneros and a nice dildo. has dildos on the cheap if you need to save. However, don't let the dildo detract from Aneros use, as in... don't go and use the dildo and have an ejaculatory orgasm when you should be saving your sexual energy for Aneros.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    ...Let me make a more useful post.

    Everyone man, woman, child, and baby should start their journey to Super O... ok maybe not children and babies. You absolutely should get the Aneros to start this journey. It may take a while or it may not, but never give up. If you're interested in getting a dildo, definitely get one! But do not let it detract from your Super O journey. What I mean is, don't use the dildo or the Aneros to simply assist in ejaculatory orgasms whenever you feel like. Use the dildo as another tool to awaken anal pleasure. Dildo and Aneros are like two sides of a coin. One requires patience and has huge rewards. The other can satisfy your desires for something big and rough. Just be mindful and learn how to use them in tandem.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi Jak,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. You're correct about the members of this Forum being biased toward the Aneros products but that is because of the special nature of this device. While butt plugs, dildos, anal beads and other anal toys may all provide their own forms of sensations, the patented Aneros prostate massager is uniquely designed to simultaneously stimulate you in three ways : 1.) Its unique asymmetrical forward canted head gently engages your prostate in a focused manner. 2.) The shaft engages your anal sphincter muscles (the primary power source for movement). 3.) The abutment tab (P-Tab) serves to stimulate the perineal neural plexus (sometimes called the "million dollar spot") along the perineum. All these actions take place in a hands free manner, leaving your hands free to provide or engage in other stimulating activities, either with yourself or a partner. None of the other types of toys can make those same claims. Yes, there can be a learning period to optimizing your usage of these products but the journey of learning is about more than the pleasures to be derived. It is as much about you learning to attune to your mind and body in marvelous new ways, I seriously doubt you will derive the same level of understanding through use of a large dildo.

    In regard to choosing a first Aneros model, I recommend that you first read the following : Selection Guide from the Aneros Learning Center pages, "Choosing a Model" from the WIKI and “Which model is best for new users?” from the Community Polls Forum. For additional information and reviews, you may wish to read the Sticky: Aneros Products Reviewed. Typically, I recommend either the Helix or the MGX models for beginners so your choice of the Aneros Starter Kit is a good one. Incidentally, if you purchase either the SGX or MGX model through this website you are eligible for the 90-day (not 30-day), 100% money-back guarantee. Bigger is not necessarily better, the saying "Good things come in small packages." is particularly applicable to the Peridise model, but then it is not a prostate massager.

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started here.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    [QUOTE=rumel;99595]I seriously doubt you will derive the same level of understanding through use of a large dildo.Yes Rumel, the key word is understanding. But be careful not to devalue the dildo. We have a few threads going on about pegging and strap-on right now and we realize how much pleasure it can give when you're awakened. For some, or maybe even most, the Aneros gives or eventually gives them more pleasure they they could ever dream possible. However, I hate to say it, but the truth is Aneros has its limitations.

    I for one continue to struggle with the Aneros and that's why I've been exploring many more ways to awaken myself such as with KSMO, nipples, balls, sphincter, inner thigh, and the list slowly grows. Of course, I will always be indebted to the Aneros for teaching me about the microcosmic universe and awakening my body.

    There's one thing that the Aneros does not stimulate which, this morning, I found to be very pleasurable! You say the Aneros engages the sphincter and certainly that is true, but in my experience it does not stimulate it. And that's where a dildo could be useful if it has the appropriate roughness/ridges.

    So this morning I was massaging testes and it was feeling quite good and arousing. Being squeaky clean at the time, something told me to touch the sphincter simultaneously (while on my back in a fetal position, which exposes it nicely), and I did so like I would touch my nips, very lightly, slowly, sometimes applying light pressure to deform it. I'm slowly getting over embarrassing feelings of this area of my body, so I'm almost embarrased to describe the deliciousness of what I was feeling, lol!.. anyway! I found the sphincter to be large and I stimulated every little section of it as my body told me to try different spots. The larger surface has the advantage of having more to stimulate without getting overstimulated like my nips tend to do. This made my testes tighten, cock remained rock hard. I'm still feeling the echoes of this stimulation and shivering with pleasure.

    I don't have a dildo so I can't confirm this from personal experience, but clearly there is something about a large and straight object moving in and out of you that is orgasmic in nature. Aneros being curved does not have this advantage.