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is this cool or what!!!!
  • blazeinblazein
    Posts: 5
    As I sit here I toss some clinch and relax movements with no toys I am answered with a couple of waves of smooth rolling wow. I can do this dang near anytime. What the hell is going on... What is next...
  • Hi.
    It seems to me that you may have been smokin' a certain substance, which is cool in your world, but unfortunately I've not caught you up yet but when I do the WHOLE WORLD will be COOL!!! :)
  • blazeinblazein
    Posts: 5
    well no im a bit to tested and to old for that sorry if I upset you I wont post again as I refuse to be the basis of your ignorance my bad later all
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    errr what the hell just happened here?

    Anyways that's awesome blazein! One of the best parts of the aneros is when you don't have it in you but get to have great pleasurable feelings all the way up to aneroless super O's/MMO's. The often beautiful side effect from aneros use!