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What am I doing wrong?
  • goodguygoodguy
    Posts: 4
    I have tried the SGX, MGX and the new Helix and I have been very patient and followed the instructions to relax, be patient, etc. but I have yet to experience anything close to what has been described by those who seem to know what they are doing. Any tips would be appreciated. I have given each one at least a 2 week trial...the best I can say is that occasionally I meet feel something a little bit like a pleasurable sensation on the prostate but it doesn't get any stronger and eventually my squeezing muscles just get too tired to continue. Maybe I'm just one of those guys for whom the anatomy just doesn't fit?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 869
    Hello, goodguy.

    Aneros does "plug n play" for conventional solo or partnered sex, but not for the Super-O experience. In that regard, these devices are all about you, not the hardware. You'll need to spend some time studying the information in the Wiki, linked at the top of this page. Two weeks isn't much time in this process for most guys. Pay no attention to the rookies who step up to the plate on their first major league at-bat and hit it out of the park. That's extremely rare.

    I know you said you're relaxing when having a session. That is easy to say and very difficult to do when there's a piece of plastic in your rectum. There are muscles you probably don't know you have that must be relaxed. You'll know when you're relaxed enough because at that point involuntary movements will take over. You won't need to squeeze anything. The Aneros will seem to have a mind of its own. For me, it took a week of daily one-hour sessions before that happened and then another week before the big O. Some guys here are still trying to get any kind of orgasm from Aneros after a year of practice.

    As they say around here, "it's a journey." Try to enjoy what you get along the way.

    Best wishes and good luck,

  • Hi GoodGuy, to me it´s the same. I have token the wrong step by ordering the MGX. There´s no difference. A Senior member has advised to use the Progasm or Maximus instead. However they are very expensive I´d like to try that as well. What I can say, the time to "accept" it in the butt doesn´t take that long as said. That was the point I was wondering a bit. There´s no problem to me to sleep a whole night with it. It seems that neither the SGX nor the MGX reaches my Spot. I´m tall and so it seems that a bigger model must be at hand. But one thing is important, do you have experienced some difference in ejaculation? Since I use that thing in masturbation (no girlfriend this time) the orgasm is much more intensive and richer in flood. So theres a good side effect I think. During intercourse I would use these items in every case. Tell me about your experiences...
    Good Luck!!
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 204
    Aneros products are roughly the same height - 4" inches. (Sans the SGX, 3" 1/2 and the Progasm, 4" 1/2)

    It's not so much a matter of hitting the prostate as it is 'awakening it'. For the majority of men, the rectum will of stiffined up after childhood and good feelings do not flourish so easily. The journey involves softening up the prostate and bringing it out over time by magnifying on good sensations. The degree to which your body (and by result, feelings) has stiffined varies for some guys - some to the extent that it'll take 4 years to get somewhere near a Super O.

    I might be wrong here but case in point with a prostate is that if you've let slip an ejaculation with the Aneros inserted, this is when you will undoubtebly hit it. It swells up a huge amount, and you'll practically feel the Aneros sqeezing out the milk from the 'bag'. An 'awakened' prostate will supposedly feel like this but minus the ejaculation. (Hence a Dry-O)