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New MGX User Needs Some Input
  • I have tried one other prostate massager in the past before I got me MGX the other day. So far I have used it about 5 times. I read all the instructions/Wiki/Forums ect.

    After I put it in, I feel like it is not contacting with my prostate at all. I do not get any sensations or pleasurable feelings. Even after 30 mins of breathing and contractions, nothing.

    Should I try a different model?
  • MH07MH07
    Posts: 1
    I hope you get some replies, I have the exact same situation. Considering Progasm or Helix.

    I have been trying with the MGX for a while. I mean, it feels nice and all, it's not an unpleasant sensation (and I've not had a lot of anal experience), I just don't think it's hitting my prostate at all. It's just "there".
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,740
    Good morning men,

    It took me about four months to 'light-up' my prostate sufficiently to sense the threshold where pleasure was evident and distinguishable from the, "it's just there" feeling of anal & rectal fullness.

    I started with a Helix. Then, became impatient, bought a SGX, then a Progasm and finally an MGX. I think that confused my body and brain as I'd swap tools in a search for increased pleasure. It's easy to look back and realize that I was expecting an inanimate piece of plastic to provide pleasure when, in reality, pleasure is in one's brain and springs from individual sensate focus. (Remember that many here are trained to initiate and amplify that pleasure without using the Aneros. -- think of the Aneros as a 'point of focus' or 'placemarker' for your brain.)

    It's far better, I think, to stick with one massager, get really relaxed with it and ready your body and brain for the very smallest of sensations. Bless and study those tiny sensations. At first, they may only visit you once in three or four sessions.

    While MGX is not my favorite tool, it and Vice provide me with most consistent feelings regardless of posture and body position (gravity effects). (I have all the Aneros tools save for ICE.)

    My suggestion: Give the MGX at least six-weeks to the exclusion of other anal toys. If after six weeks you want something different, get a Helix or perhaps Progasm. Plan on some 'starting over' and perhaps another six weeks before you begin to see progress. Then, adopt one tool for what I call 'Anerogasmic' sessions. Use the other tool for what I call 'rough-housing' (wild play, partnered foreplay, simple masturbation, etc.) Let your brain know that, when it's a particular tool, you are going to affirm wonderful orgasmic learnings, bliss, self-love and the tender caress of your own fingertips.

    Remember to breathe and if you haven't yet, start 'connecting' your nips to your prostate.
  • I´m wth you with that same "problem". I don´t think that neither the SGX or MGX I own doesn´t hit my P. Interesting point would be the orgasm itself. Since I use Aneros it comes better and heavier. So I think that it massages the P but we cannot feel it the way we wanted it, better excepted it. I´m a tall guy and I think SGX or MGX are just too small. I tried to use a Plug years ago but that wasn´t small enough for the "entry". So I had a bit anxiety about that thing. But I don´t need 5 minutes until "he´s" accepting that item in me. I slept with it after heavy orgasm allnight, doesn´t hurts or something. So I think, as I said, MGX is still too small. But on the other hand is has this effect that the orgasms are much more better. Have you tried on intercourse or on masturbation? I can only say, I haven´t got that specific orgasm like they always tell but I never have a "normal" orgasm without that tricky thing :-)
    Let it flow, regards!!
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 204
    Aneros isn't exactly cheap so even if the MGX won't 'reach' my P i'm inclined to keep using it until results strike.