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Can girls use aneros?
  • bellebelle
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    First, let me say that I'm SO relieved to see that other women have posted here and that it seems to be okay!

    I just got the aneros as a stocking stuffer for my husband and I must admit I'm a bit jealous! We are both excited about getting started, and I've been reading about how to use it. I am so curious about it, and am thinking of trying it out myself. I'm a bit embarrassed to bring this topic up, because I know that a woman's body is different than a man's, and these products are clearly designed for a man's body! Of course it won't do for my body what it will do for his, but can a girl use aneros?

    I've found ONE post mentioning a woman using aneros, perhaps I've missed something? Also, it's so neat that there is this item that can have such a profound affect on an individual's health, simply by inserting and contracting muscles. Aneros - PLEASE make something for women! Kegels alone are not as effective. It can be difficult to isolate the correct muscles. I haven't even mentioned how cool it would be to discover my G spot...


    p.s. I can't wait to share this forum with my husband! How nice to see that even heterosexual males can enjoy anal stimulation and not be threatened that they will somehow lose their sexual identity!
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    Great for you (and your hubby!) that you got this for him! WOW!

    I've never heard of women using it, but hey, why not try and let us know. There should be no reason why you can't use it, I'm not sure tho whether you'd enjoy it or have the same experience as males.

    Do try it and let us know.

    OK and one last thing -- do not share the Aneros with anyone. If this one is for hubby, get your own.
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    Yeah give it a try, please report back as to what you felt (if anything at all).
    Though it would probably help if you had a prostate. Its almost like me buying a clitoris vibrator, knowing I have know clitoris :-p

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    Interesting situation this, when one looks at the popular female vibrator, the one that has the small clitoris attachment as well as the g spot stimulator, the overall shape is almost identical to an aneros with the tab and the longer part to contact the prostate, I would suggest that here are possibilities for pleasure to the female from an aneros provided she can create contractions similar to the male sphincter and that the tab and furthest end of the aneros do touch the magic spots.
    This of course is further facinating in that both male and female sex pleasure organs are situated in the same configuration but just different locations ???, hence, all males are 50% female.... lol....
  • ninonino
    Posts: 28
    Well, I can't speak to the female anal/g-spot experience. Butt (no pun intended) since I have recently found that inserting the aneros backwords with the abutment tab removed has yielded amazing feelings for me, physically it is certainly possible that a woman could use it that way. I guess unless a woman tries it out, we will never know ;)


  • Here is just something I read while on the net. don't know how reliable, but something to think about.

    P-spot Toys

    The prostate gland is a sensitive spot in men that is about two inches inside the rectum, pointing towards the belly. To learn more about the physiology of the prostate read our male anatomy article. The P-spot is in the same location as the G-spot is in women (in fact, women can enjoy G-spot stimulation when they use curved anal toys, too!) Plugs that offer a firm forward curve are designed to stimulate the prostate. A perfect example is Aneros.
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    There is another product that may be of use to women, called the 'clingon'. Searching on google should find it. It is one of a series of pyrex toys.