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No super O but a ton of I dont know what!
  • yunggunyunggun
    Posts: 1
    I have been trying the Progasm out for a few months with some success. Usually I can get some flutter feelings down below, but nothing to brag about. The one thing that does happen is after a few in and out contractions I feel like im going to ejaculate like while having sex, but it pours out instead of shoots out and it doesnt look like regular sperm. This happens every time. Feels good, but waiting for the explosions!

    Whats the deal?
  • Sounds like you milked your prostate. From things I've read on the net, if you milk your prostate, the prostate fluid will just run out. Not shoot out. Enjoy it. Sounds awesome.
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198

    I get that same thing on occasion, if I havent ejaculated in several days then have a longer (1 hour+) Helix session. If the same thing that happens to me is happening with you, I would say it's a prostate orgasm followed by a flow of clear and slippery prostate fluid. It can end up being quite a large volume of it...several Tablesppons full. I've soaked my upper thigh/pubic area with the stuff.

    Where regular penile stimulation orgasms involve the entire male sexual apparatus, it appears the Aneros helps to train you body and nerves to differentiate the sensations coming from one part of it and acutally seperate these into different orgasmic responses. Prostate fluid does comprise the bulk of the volume of semen but it's typically more like Cowpers fluid (pre-cum) in consistency and appearance. It won't clump up or coagulate the way semen does. It also doesn't have that strong chlorine or sauted mushrooms smell (anyone besides me ever notice the similarities?) that cums with a regular wad of semen. And, when you orgasm, rather than spurting out, it oozes or as you say "flows out" out. This is quite a different experience for me as Ive always been a shooter...spurting into my face or even way over my head at times. Still feels like an ejaculatory orgasm just longer. If you keep going after this first flow, you might find, like I have, you can get this to repeat several times, although the wad of fluid will reduce obviously with each successive orgasm. But, the orgasms will still be as strong.