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  • After 2 months of use I finally had a big O and ejaculated without touching my penis. The technique I used was sitting leggs apart on a reclining couch. After an hour or so I got a huge erection and bang I came. A lot of sperm came out and I felt completely empty. In summary the device works all you need is patience.
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    Interesting, how long have you been trying to get there? Alot of us have been trying for months. By the way, how quickly did it take you to get to the big O in that paticular session?
  • I have been tryin for two months. It took me around one hour and a half to reach climax.
  • ninonino
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    Personally, I wouldn't consider a hands free ejaculation as the big O as wonderful as it may be :)

    I do not claim to have had a big O with Aneros use but have had experiences of such intense bliss it is truly beyond words as a result of spiritual practice.

    My hypothesis has been that the aneros super O is the same experience. After a year with aneros, I can say that it is definitely wonderful and helps a man to experience orgasm in a different full body way as well as helping to open the root chakra and helping to manifest the juices to fuel spiritual cultivation/experiences.

    Using the aneros and following the breathing instructions is very similar to a form of Tantra although it is usually done with a Tantrika (a female spiritual awakened and skilled in the ways of opening others). For men this can include direct prostate stimulation by the Tantrika. But she is also transmitting a certain frequency (for lack of better words) that helps to obtain this amazing aspect of ourselves.

    Personally, I do not think of this in terms of a physical male penile orgasm / ejaculation and that is not what is being talked about here with the super O although the feelings that come are as intense (and beyond) and can go on for a very long time without and even with sexual thoughts (or in spiritual talk, with or without an object to cling to).

    I strongly suspect that what those who have had a super O have experienced is what is also refered to as an energy orgasm in other circles or even spiritual bliss.

    According to the sages, this is an aspect of the innate nature of all human beings. And yes, although it didn't happen to me with aneros, I feel that using an aneros can help to bring some people to this natural innate state.

    Just my thoughts.