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Need help, i got scared...
  • Hi i have been useing the progasm and the tempo for a while , and last week my Vice turned up i had a great session, but the next morning when i went to the loo i wiped myself and there was blood there, it was fresh blood and only a little and did not do it again but it scared me and i havent used anything up there since. Any advise ...
  • im no doc but theres a couple things. you disrupted your lining with the vice and you get a "blood" like mucus. which is usually nothing. you put it in to fast and tore something. but i honestly cant say. ive prersonally cut myself up there not with an aneros but besides the point. it freaked me out and there was blood nothing major but i stopped for like a week and then slowly worked it again. if i were you i would go see your doc tell him exacly what your going threw. he will just give you an anti biotic and tell you to take it easy for a lil while. its honestly nothin major yet it could become a big problem if your reckless. im no doc like i said but i would go see one. theres no shame once those doors are closed....
  • Thanks for the info, i will make sure i take alot more time next time , i will try it again soon ...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    you probably gave your self a little tear in your anus when you inserted and it got re-torn the next day in the bathroom.

    it will heal quickly. this is common and inconsequential.

    don't force on insertion.

    of course if it recurs often and has a lot of blood, etc, talk to doc. could mean hems.