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  • I have often wondered why if I touch my wife in any sexual manner, I can ooze precum in seconds. Sometimes its just a matter of giving HER a massage. She doesn't have to touch me or anything. I just get excited and bang! There it is. Just keeps oozing. However when I'm having an Aneros session, it doesn't happen all the time. Now I know its not a must for a good session. But I'm pretty sure that everyone loves when this happens. More the better for me. I know people here report precum just flowing out like a faucet. I would love that. I wish I could make this happen more easily. Seems most of my sessions lately are duds and produce no precum at all. Just don't know if I EVER make good contact with my prostate. However.....theres nothing making contact with my prostate when I ooze for my wife. No anything. It just "cums" out within minutes of touching her. Maybe I just don't get sexually excited enough for the Aneros. Thats always been my thought. I just cant get this dang thing. I keep saying I'm gonna take a break for a while, but I can't stay away due to my inability to fail. One day.......
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hey Craig,
    Most of us have learned we are all different when it comes to precum production. It can be triggered mentally and/or physically and by a wide variety of stimulae. Suggest that you just accept it for what it is and nothing more. For me, it's largely mental but some Aneros toys like the MGX make better Cowpers contact and yield increased precum -- and MGX isn't my fav tool for orgasm. No relationship at all!

    Considering the contact with your spouse... Artform and I have both reported unique but slightly different pleasureful touching situations with our spouses. Artform's seems based on mutual energy in a Tantric sense. Mine seems electrical in nature since we must be insulated from one another then just touch at a single point of contact -- a fingertip rubbing along an arm, breast etc. While that pleasure doesn't cause me to flow precum, there's no reason why it might not.

    Each of us has wired unique patterns into our brains and we are all different and respond differently. It's important to love yourself, live in the moment and follow your own body and brain.
  • Sounds like massaging your wife with the aneros inside you is a combo you have to give a try :)

    What Ive heard over my time here in the forums, its a big variation between people producing unstople amount of precum, and nothing att all, so we are all different :)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    As rook has truly said "we are all different".

    I find if I have a dud session with any of the prostate massagers, I have no flow of precum at all, although successful sessions do result in a good flow,

    I don't know why, but use of any of the Peridise models nearly always produces a good flow of precum. Maybe the Peridise makes more effective contact with the Cowpers gland than any of the prostate massagers.

    "Vive la Differance"!
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    I am the same, with foreplay or if I give my wife a massage precum drips out, also the same when I do nipple stim.
    But when using an Aneros I get very little.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I'm still new to using Aneros, I have it for about 2 months. I was a bit disappointed that I don't these famous ultra-hardons, and virtually no precum. But, exploring some more, I've found a way.

    First, I'm an extremely tall guy. I'm not even sure this toy isn't too small or too short for me. I went with the advice for beginners and bought the Helix. It's very nice, but I feel it could be better with Progasm or even Maximus.

    I was doing lots of Kegel exercises already at that point, so I have - I think - quite strong Kegel muscles. But proper Kegel exercises are done by contracting just PC muscle, not butt (anal?rectal?) muscles. And there's some advice around the forums or was it wiki that you should only use your PC muscles with Aneros. And the recommended position (on the side) actually makes is the easiest for me to produce violent spasms and shaking, so it's not all stupid.While I was getting some good results that way, after a few weeks I wanted to challenge it. I'm glad I had.

    I lie on the floor, with legs bent in knees (90 degrees) resting on my bed. My bed is is very high, you may want to try a chair instead. After 15 minutes of relaxation and some contractions as a warmup, I just contract and hold as hard and deep as possible, as long as possible. First I clench the PC muscle (front), then without releasing them the butt muscles (rectal?anal). Then I just lie on my back and wait. Half a minute should produce noticeable results, I like longer.

    One of first things I notice is pleasure building up in my dick. Then I start oozing precum. Not much, and not very fast - like a continuous stream of small drops. It creates a small pool on my stomach. Nothing like you may have seen in these videos

    handsfree edging with aneros II - XTube Porn Video - cremaster1973

    Handsfree edging with aneros - XTube Porn Video - cremaster1973

    ...but a big progress nonetheless. Previously, I would only "sweat" with precum, only as much as needed to make my penis head wet.

    A lesson here is there are many different ways and sensations to find. Many ways to use aneros. I get a very distinct, different feeling if I do what I'm not supposed to do and use very strong and deep contractions. It's like hitting something new, not sure what. Depending on the strength of my contractions, spams begin either at my feet or at my head. Deep, strong contractions also make my *anus* contract involuntarily (normally I get lots of involuntary spasms, but not in my butt). I also get pulsating pleasure from what supposedly is blood pressure.
  • I have to say that the use of aneros have made me ooze more then before.
    Now after months of use I exercise, biking, and stretching....
    So maybe you will nptice a change later on as you travel down the road of aneros :)