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Oh my god - I didn't believe it but ... Crikey I'm hooked
  • EzriyderEzriyder
    Posts: 7
    I thought I would post this in case it might be any help to other newbies. Sorry its long - got carried away !
    I have watched the Aneros range develop over some years now and to be honest didn't really believe all the hype. I have tried for the elusive prostate orgasm in many ways over the years but never really achieved it except a few times when I was a young child. Anyhow, I thought it was time I tried Aneros so I splashed out on a Eupho.
    First day got clean and lubed up. Popped it in but was pretty dissapointed to be honest. put it away for a week or two and forgot about it. Then I found the Aneros website and Wiki and started reading all the very helpful stuff on the forum.
    So, went back and had another try, this time with a little success. It felt real nice and I got some good twitches going down below, though nothing to write home about. Finished by getting to a great orgasm with penile stimulation - very nice.
    Next day, now very intrigued, I had another go. 6 exhausting hours later I am shattered but feeling good and utterly amazed.
    Started doing the squeezes down below at front and rear and slowly things seemed to be getting better. I had a stonking hard on by now. Got things twitching and trembling nicely but couldn't really progress further. Had a few hot flushes that felt like that first wave of an orgasm build-up but it kept proving elusive as the stimulation increased and the good feelings would wane a little as the muscle twitched got more intense in my anus and perineal area. Getting impatient (really wanted to come badly by now) I started fidding around and moving the aneros with the loop tab at the back and found I could definitely feel my prostate area and what position stimulated it best with the (wonderful feelings). Slight movements to one side or other made massive waves of pleasure as I moved it around over my prostate.
    Then I found the real gem. I pulled back gently on the tab then pushed gently forward and up into me with a scooping action to get past and over my prostate. The feelings were staggering with the aneros now quite firmly against my prostate. I then held my but cheeks shut to keep things in place and rolled over onto my stomach. Started to relax and just take in the gentle pressure now being held on my prostate and to my amazement the feelings started to build and my heard was now pounding. I was short of breath and starting to pant heavily. Then I could feel the blood pressure in my prostate starting to throb in time with my heartbeat and the aneros started to pump me gently at first then stronger and stronger. It was like I had something massive pumping inside me and everything just clamped up tight as waves of pleasure ran through my crotch. I was really enjoying this and to be honest at that point I was thinking well this was well worth the money !!!. I found I could relax off voluntary contractions and the involuntary ones took over. Crikey, I was so hot and starting to get really into it. Then, as I thought it couldn't get any better I just moved my legs position very slightly and whoosh ! the most amazing strong pumping and lots of repeated O's (not the big ones though). No come and my hard-on was gone now but the feelings were great. Not as great as coming but they just seemed to go on rising and falling in intensity repeatedly over a couple of hours. the longest period must have been at least 10 mins or more, during which my ass and perineum were just clamped up like they were in a vice - it was wonderful with a deep throbbing and pulsating!. It's making me horny as hell writing this !. Each time I moved my position a little the waves would start up again and I just couldn't stop. I was doing it for hours. I found by then that I could basically be in any position as long as I gently moved my legs or squeezed my butt cheeks to get the aneros at or moving across my prostate. Slow movements whilst feeling for the intensity to find the best positions. I began to wonder if it would kill me before I finished it was just so good my heart was punding out of my chest. I still didn't get to the proper super O with a full anal orgasm but it was great all the same and there's alway next time (tonight probably - I just cant get enough !).
    So, as I said, for me the trigger was the scoop past the prostate then initially holding the aneros tab with my butt cheeks to keep it aligned on my prostate. I now find that my whole perception of my prostate area is so much more alive and this morning I found I was having lots extra sensitivity and involuntary contractions virtually at will without the aneros in me. Learnt a lot last night, using all the info and help I'd read on the forums here about relaxation, breathing and stomach muscle control to get the contractions really pumping.
    So onward to my quest for the big one but even if I dont get there I dont mind cos its mind-blowing anyway (and I know I will get there cos I got real close last night). I think my only complaint is that the eupho head is too small and tends to move off to the side of the prostate where the feelings are not quite so good. So, I ordered a progasm today - cant wait for that big beasty to fiil me up and totally blast my whole prostate area. I am totally sure its going to be staggering with the larger size.
    Crikey, I'm wet as hell now after writing this !!!
    I think I must be real lucky to have had this much success with it already on only my third attempt.
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    God, this is a wonderful description, ez!
  • EzriyderEzriyder
    Posts: 7
    Well, after writing my post from yesterday I felt so horny I went off and had another pleasant session for an hour or so with my Eupho. Nothing great, just pleasurable. Then, later when I went to bed I started again. As in the afternoon it was nice, got a few strong spasms down below but then it subsided and I couldnt get it going stongly again. So, I thought, ok, I have been putting in a few hours with it over last last couple of days, maybe I'm overdoing it too soon (can't get enough of it !), I'll pop it out and get some well needed sleep.
    Well how wrong could I have been !! I turned over and settled down and was starting to drift off to sleep when I was bought back awake by my heart starting to beat strongly. At the same time I had this weird sensation swirling around inside my belly, groin and lower back. It was just a faint tickle or sort of gentle fizzing. As I lay there wondering what was going on I realised the fizzing was gradually getting stronger and turning into a pulse or throb through my belly, back, anus and penis at about once per second. I thought it was the blood pressure from my heart causing the pulses but then realised my heart was pumping like a mad thing at a much faster rate than the throb. The sensation just kept building and building over about ten minutes and getting so strong. I was now struggling for breath and panting. I felt as if my anus was trying to push outwards. My whole lower body felt like a large balloon being pumped up and down with the pulses. It was almost making me panic by now as it was getting so strong I could hardly bear it, although as the same time it was so nice. I thought my heart was going to climb out of my chest !. Well, as I said this continued for about ten minutes and then it started to subside gradually and went back down to near the level it started from. I stopped panicking and thought well I can settle down now, that was great. Wrong again ! no sooner had it subsided than it started increasing again as before. This time though the sensations got even stronger and I was thinking I hope I can stop this if I need to because its almost too much. Well, the same happened again, it eventually subsided then grew again. No matter how much I tried I could not get any control of my self, the waves just kept coming stronger each time. The more I tried to concentrate on stopping it the stronger it got. This continued for about 5 or 6 phases over about an hour, then I started to shake and tremble and felt as if I was going to flood the bed with cum. No cum though, instead all the associated pumping and squeezing down below to a level that almost made me pass out. The strength of the anal and PC squeezes made me feel like I was going to burst. My lower abdomen and legs legs clamped up solid. Every muscle at tight as it could get and my stomach muscles were doing a sort of up and down rolling motion, like you used to see body builders doing for show. I could not move at all and just shook in spasm for about 5 mins. Then one massive final spasm and PC squeeeze and I was left in a trembling and shaking heap on the bed, soaked in sweat and desperate for water. Still panting and thinking I might just have a heart attack now as my heart definitely had designs on climbing out of my chest, it was beating so hard and fast ! There was some calm for a while then and I though OK, please let me sleep !. But no, I then went through same same thing again, this time each set of spasms getting weaker (thank god !). Eventually I was just left with the original tingle and fizz in my stomach and I managed to get to sleep at last. There should be a government health warning on these things - it was almost too good to bear !!! And I didn't even have it in during all this !
    OK, now I was getting worried. Woke up in the morning to find the pressure pulses starting again - starting to think that I would not be able to stop this !!!. Luckily with a bit of will power and distracting myself I managed to make them subside. Then there was a knock on the door - the postman with a parcel - my progasm I ordered yesterday. I should have known better but I was gagging to try it out, even though I wasn't sure if I could stand any more at this point. Anyhow, off to the shower and I thought I'll just have to pop it in for a few minutes and see how it feels, just a quick try because nothing will happen surely. Wrong again, I barely got in past the bumps and it just slammed itself home and my knees buckled with pleasure as my prostate and anus started pumping wildy. It was staggering, wonderful, 10 times stronger than with the initial waves I got from the Eupho. Luckily though, as I had found with the Eupho, the initial waves seem to be relatively short so, while I had relaxed a bit I reluctantly I slid it out while I still could, before I got past the stage of total abandon. Great, I washed it up and got myself dried and dressed, feeling great and already thinking when I can next get this this beauty inside of me. Then I suddenly realised that the strange tingle was back in my stomach and my PC was pulsing and feeling engorged. If I made the tiniest twitch in my as I could feel the strong waves starting to build again and found it very hard to concentrate enough to hold them back. I've been having real trouble keeping the waves at bay this morning and having to be real careful how I move or if my ass clenches (like when you cough). The slightest movement seems to start triggering the pulsing waves again. As I write this its still subsiding luckily (some 4 hours after my shower though). If I deliberately clench my ass even for a moment I immediately go into several of those rolling sphincter and pc muscle rolling waves and my whole level of arousal starts to go back up a little.
    So, please please please I need help here - how the heck do you control this - how do I stop it when I need to - is there some method of holding back? I'm staring to get worried that I could spend days in pleasure spasms even after I've removed to aneros ! - I will spend the rest of my days as a quivering useless dribbling wreck with rolling eyes and a stupid smile on my face while I drift from unstoppable pleasure wave to unstoppable pleasure wave.
    Seriously guys, this is only my 4th and 5th sessions - if it gets any better or I can't get it to stop when I need to I think it will kill me !!! I am now getting worried that the waves might start up while I'm out - how do I explain that one to passer's by !. Is it just that I'm using it too much too soon? Help please !
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272

    First congrats! What you're experiencing is awesome and you should be happy to achieve this kind of success. I had success right away with the aneros but It wasn't till a bit later until what you're describing happened to me. I believe what happens is much like when one awakens their Kundalini (Kundalini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). You've awoken this dormant sexual energy within your body and right away it can sort of have a mind of it's own. (note in the one of the physical "side effects" of awaking your Kundalini is diminished sexual desire OR a state of constant orgasm. so it's possible that this could be a Kundalini awakening). Can be kind of scary but try to enjoy it because after awhile it'll calm down and you may find yourself once again trying to seek out that elusive energy wondering where the hell it went. For me I was having MMO's all day long though just mild ones when I was out and about especially driving but anytime I would try to relax, meditate, go to sleep, the energy would take over sending me into MMO's. I accepted and loved all of this. At the time I had a GF and she was turned on like crazy by it so this ended up being a great time during our relationship because the sex was so good.
    But if it gets too much for you one thing that can help calm things down a bit at night for bed is try masterbating to ejaculation. That might help release some of the energy so you can get to sleep. But don't worry too much. Enjoy the ride and soon enough you'll wish you could go back to the days when you were having uncontrollable orgasms all day long ;-)
  • EzriyderEzriyder
    Posts: 7
    Hi Billy11
    Many thanks for your advice. Its good to know I should hopefully be able to get control of it. It was a Eupho I started with before the spontaneous arousal started and that does'nt have the Kundalini though. I just tried the progasm today and its awesome. I didn't think the Kundalini would do anything but it does definitely heighten things. Had me climbing the wall the moment I got it in !

    I hadn't though of ejac as a way of lowering the awareness and sensitivity (whats that anyhow - since aneros I've forgotten that !!!). One thing I like about the aneros is that, even though the effects are incredibly powerful, you finish by feeling invigorated rather than downright tired like with a normal orgasm, hence hadn't tried that - will now though !

    The scary part is that, even this soon, I am utterly addicted and this thing IS going to take over my entire attention for some time to come. I have been thinking of nothing else since the first try.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Ya sounds like you've got some good times to come;-)

    I actually don't own the Progasm and forgot that Aneros made a product that had a "K" tab. But that's not what I was talking about. What I mean is that this Kundalini energy can be activated by many things not necessarily using the progasm. Pretty much anything that activates this dormant energy can do the trick. In your case it was the Eupho, but really it could be from meditation or so on. I really can't recall which model I was using when I activated this seemingly uncontrollable energy though I believe It was from aneroless sessions. At the time I was learning to feel this energy and achieve multiple orgasms without the aide of an Aneros.

    I'm not saying that you've awoken your Kundalini energy or that I had awoken mine during that time in my life but there seems to be some similarities among them. From what I've read when one awakens their kundalini energy it can be quite overwhelming. But it sure seems like some kind of energy has been awoken and sort of goes crazy for awhile before calming down which has similarities to awakening your kundalini.

    Rock on! May this newly awakened energy treat you well!!
  • gilbertgilbert
    Posts: 10
    Great thread Ezriyder! Please post some follow-ups, want to hear about your progress :). Good luck !
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Congrats for your success!!! :D I'm going through quite similar stage at the moment and I feel I can't stop doing that either.. it just makes me super horny when I'm even thinking about it.. :D I'm getting my HELIX tomorrow.. can't wait.. :D
  • EZ
    Your descriptions have me dripping!