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Cleanliness next to...well, you know
  • I've been meaning to start this thread for a while now. And after a chat session discussion today, I decided to get off my proverbial butt and write it. I know this is discussed in the WIKI, but for some reason, it seems to me that there are some of us out there who didn't get to that here goes.

    OK, maybe it's a touchy subject but here is my 2 cents worth on cleanliness and Aneros usage. One of the chat session guys mentioned that he "hated the smell of his Helix after a session" and I was puzzled by that. Turns out he wasn't using a warm water enema before his sessions! No wonder it stank!

    Now, I know this is kind of "dirty" talk, but it's essential, I believe, for Aneros success. A clean rectum is essential for comfortable Aneros use. Not only is the aftermath a lot more pleasant, but your Aneros will work better, too.

    Let me start by saying this. If you cleanse yourself with a warm water enema before an Aneros session, there will be little, if any, "smell" on your Aneros after a session. Your clean rectum should have no discernible odor, nor, gawd forbid, should your toy have any extraneous matter sticking to it. If it smells or is dirty, then this post may help.

    So, what to do. Well, like I told my chat friend, the easiest and least expensive option is simply to go to the drugstore and purchase a FLEET'S ENEMA. (Here in the States, Walgreens,, have a generic substitute for about half the price of Fleets, and their bottle is exactly the same!) It comes in a small box and the plastic bottle inside has some emetic in it which you should discard as soon as you get home. The small squeeze bottle may be refilled hundreds of times. Obviously, one can buy larger syringes and or injectors in the sex shops, but this alternative is both inexpensive and readily available. No shame in buying it, either, as everyone gets constipated from time to time, and it's good to have them around.

    Use this enema bottle to inject nice warm, clear (no soap or any kind of deodorant or anything else) water into your rectum and then purge it out. Repeat. DO THIS AFTER A BOWEL MOVEMENT---NEVER BEFORE!!! EWWW. It may take a few bottles to get everything flushed out, but it's worth the effort, IMHO. You'll soon learn what it takes to get yourself ready and how much flushing is necessary. BTW, stand over the toilet when using the squeeze bottle...leaks and a little spillage are to be expected...especially the first time you do this.

    Oh, yeah, you'll want to lube the tip of the enema bottle with a little petroleum jelly before use...helps with insertion, of course. And be sure to wash the tip/cap with hot water and soap, too, so it's clean for the next time.

    So take the time to prepare for an Aneros session. It can do nothing but improve your success, as well as the clean-up process. I find that all I usually have to do is wipe off the lube and the toy is clean. Washing it in hot soapy water is always good, of course, but if it's clean coming out, clean up is a snap.


  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Well, whoever the chatguy was, I'd say he's in the minority on the Aneros forum.
    Judging by some of the posts I'd say there are probably quite a lot Aneros users that not only like the smell but indulge in the taste of it as as well!

    As for the enema with warm water, I'd say a little hot water and soap after the session is fine. I'm not really into sniffing anything anything coming from my asshole(enemad or not)So,shit it al out, then clean your toy(s) and your asshole.

    So the steps are: 1. Clean toy with hotwater and soap 2. smell the toy

    Only reverse the order if youre into that kind of thing
  • I agree, Cockadoodle. It makes the whole session experience, IMHO, much more pleasurable. I do an enema each time I have a session. What do you other guys think?
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    I (personally) usually don't worry about it. I usually lube up and insert for a 25-45 minute "first round," completely eject everything (which purges any minor flotsam), and then start over for round two. (I.e., the first session serves as my enematic activity.). To your point, the second session is usually more profound.

    Notably, however, I did have to go through some learning curve early on, to develop the "wait a minute, something's in there that shouldn't be" instinct and trust it.

    But now, if I feel some uncertainty about my internal readiness, I put in some lube ONLY, and slosh THAT around as a warm-up session (often quite "successfully"), then eject and start over. (I'm actually quite a fan of "lube only," actually. It never feels like wasted time.)

    Bears mentioning in my case, however, that a heavily caffeinated daily routine keeps me quite regular and quite cleared through. So I've been fortunate in that sense. Two pots of coffee a day is quite an enematic of it's own (though sessions shortly after coffee generally don't go well).
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Cockadoodle, :)

    Like Tremelo I don't worry about doing any internal cleaning prior to Aneros sessions. I've had very few problems with fecal matter getting in the way. Yes it has happened. And like Tremelo I've learned to know and feel when something is interfering with my Aneros. But that happens so few times that it is not enough for me to warrant taking any action to rectify the problem. As far as the smell... I have no desire to smell my own Aneros and fingers once they've been in my anus and rectum. That's what warm water and soap is for. Otherwise, any other smells that occur, I figure is no worse than my own flatulence. Part of this is getting over the mentality that it is dirty and bad back there. It's a part of your own body, and is no worse than any other part. Fecal matter, smells and all.

    Now I won't discount the benefits of a rectal rinse, as I do know that for some people it eases their mind and/or really helps clean up any lingering fecal matter that would get in the way. This is a personal choice that you will have to experiment with to see if it is helpful for you. I figure if you don't feel the need to do it, it is one less preparation step towards your Aneros session. And my own opinion is that streamlining your preparation is helpful in encouraging a guy to have more frequent Aneros sessions. Rather than being discouraged from doing so because you have so much prep to go through.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Here's a poll on the enema topic.

    --*do-you-enema-first-12073/ --

    Opinion: lube works better when it's not mucked-up with fecal residue. A good Aneros session takes time. Spending 2 or 3 minutes getting clean is more than repaid in faster relaxation, better lube performance and perhaps greater pleasure. Even with a high fiber diet, I usually 'produce' some small chunks of feces when I rinse.

    I think of this as more of a simple anal rinse or douche rather than a more complicated 'enema.'

    I agree with Cockadoodle's approach. Disregard enema instructions that suggest lying down or kneeling -- we're not trying to irrigate the colon. A standing posture over the toilet and just a few ounces of water will provide just the cleanse one needs and not involve kicking off a major bowel movement.

    Tips on gear: At home I use a shower diverter valve with an anal douche nozzle for a quick squirt. Several guys in the forum have bought toilet seats with a douche nozzle and warmed water (nice !! -- $$$)

    On the road, I carry a drug-store bulb syringe with a short rubber rectal tube. The tube makes it easier to handle the bulb while standing, improves comfort and puts the squirt of water several inches up the canal, just above the prostate. If you've not bought a rectal tube before, opt for a 38 or 40 size -- easier to insert than the smaller tubes. (note: no petroleum lube on a rubber tube )
  • I'll have to try the warm water enema. I've been using a gerbil for some time now. His name was Mr. Snow because he was the fluffiest, pristine white gerbil I have ever seen. Now I have to call him Samuel L. Jackson. :(
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    You guys, sometimes it's like you Aneros-bi's are a little perverted ;)

    So you've been using Jackson and this is what? less disgusting than washing your Aneros toy with soap and hot water?:confused:
  • OK, OK....I guess what I was trying to drive home without the graphic illustration is that human bowel contents are the home of a significant number of pathogens and nasty bacterial vectors.

    In the most blunt language I can muster, this stuff is potentially dangerous to your health and the health of others with whom you may come in contact. E.Coli is only one of the many pathogenic bacteria that are EASILY transmitted by human to human contact. Salmonella and Shingella are also present in most cases.

    My whole point was and is not to raise a ruckus with the topic, but rather to encourage you all to BE SAFE and use good hygiene practices when dealing with anal play. That's all.

    By not thoroughly cleaning yourself and your toys, you run the risk of contamination of other things like your hands, your clothing and your bedding. Remember, dudes, you can't see any of this stuff but just keep in mind that it's altogether possible if you're not cleansing yourselves, washing your hands and your toys with at least warm water and soap.

    For all the pleasure we gain with our Aneros toys, just a modicum of safe sex practices is called for. Please don't treat this cavalierly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or so they say.

    We practice safe sex, let's just practice safe Anerosing.

  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    I don't think anyone was faulting you or intending any undue ruckus. Yours is certainly good food for thought. I'm just satisfied with my system (and yes, I do wash mine after use/before re-use.)
  • buttfunbuttfun
    Posts: 60
    [QUOTE=brianadams;90647]I agree, Cockadoodle. It makes the whole session experience, IMHO, much more pleasurable. I do an enema each time I have a session. What do you other guys think?image

    I didn't really care when I first started, and it wasn't a big deal, but after I decided to start "rinsing out" before each session, it made a big difference.
  • In all seriousness, I use a warm water method to cleanse myself prior to each session. I find it to be part of the eroticism and warm up. Every session where I failed an initial cleaning lead to a dud session with less feeling and pleasure. Aside from all the benefits C is mentioning, I find it to just be more enjoyable after creating an unobstructed zone.
  • I always do a wash out before a session. I think it makes the after session clean up a easier. Plus the chances of soiling my bed are far less.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Just like I guess most ppl don't enema after they've taken a shit, it strikes me as being superfluous before an Aneros-session. And the reason I clean out my asshole after I've shitted my Aneros out is not for any crap residu, since I'm sure my body can handle what resides there naturally anyway, no it's the other stuff, the lube, that doesn't.
    So IMO the jury's still out if lube that's not been mixed with shit is more or less toxic than lube that has.
    Either way, after the session I shit it all out anyhow and then wash-out my asshole.

    And really, I don't care how natural your lube is, truth is whatever is in it, your BUNGhole isn't its natural habitat, so it would be a great load off my mind if Aneros could make a toy that didn't require any lube whatsoever.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=rikaaim;90667]I'll have to try the warm water enema. I've been using a gerbil for some time now. His name was Mr. Snow because he was the fluffiest, pristine white gerbil I have ever seen. Now I have to call him Samuel L. Jackson. :(

    Hey Rik,

    The SPCA would like you to give up the bestiality bit with Mr. Snow. Instead, opt for a Teddy Bear (perhaps motorized). London Telegraph & Travelodge report they are trending up with guys. And, a simple run through the Laundromat can restore its original color. (Note: Batteries may not be included.)

    Ref: Third of adults ‘still take teddy bear to bed’ - Telegraph --
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Sorry to have given you the wrong idea Cockadoodle. I totally respect each persons choice and way of doing things. I just wanted to give an alternative view point on the subject. I'm actually interested in trying your approach. It's just that I've never perceived it to be such a big concern to get me to remember to goto the pharmacy and pickup the appropriate equipment. At some point I will give this a try. And who knows? Maybe I will see a difference.

  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    my plumber always told me not to drink from the hot water, as there are contaminants. Do you guys use cold water warmed up or hot from the tap?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889

    For the first 4 or 5 months of Aneros, I didn't bother to rinse out my rectum (small rubber bulb douche kit - 4 ounces) unless I felt there was something in there -- maybe one out of 5 sessions. Session quality didn't seem to be affected one way or the other. Then, as you may have noticed, my wife and I got into pegging. Now, every night before I go to bed, I rinse out even if I think I'm empty, just so I'm ready for action. My wife appreciates the extra step.


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=legace;99175]my plumber always told me not to drink from the hot water, as there are contaminants. Do you guys use cold water warmed up or hot from the tap?
    Seem to be OK on this count since I started draining a bit of water from the bottom of our Water Heaters on a monthly basis. When we started doing this, the first few quarts were usually a thick yellowish brown mess. Now I don't see that accumulation.

    For a small enema/douche I use a shower shooter (which is fed in part from the water heater) and am OK with that. For a large enema I'm more fussy and will mix it up using distilled water from the store. On the road I'll use a bottle of drinking water warmed up -- more important if I'm in a foreign country.

    my 2-cents worth ...
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Well, let's consider where that water is going. There are more "bugs" in your ass than there are in the water, assuredly, and cold water is, well, cold, and therefore much less comfortable. I use warm tap water, and have never had any problem with it so far...3+ years and hundreds of sessions.


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Ran across this in Slate: -- Summer’s Eve: A canny brand reinvention for the douche manufacturer. - Slate Magazine --

    Looks like the Summer's Eve folks could develop a new product for us guys.