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  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    Anybody tried njoy plugs or wands? I got the funwand and it is comfortable and easy to use. It is very different product from the Aneros, requiring very gental manipulation, but the sensations it produces are similar to the sensations an Aneros produces. Sorry I can not say more but I do not want to over sell as it is expensive and I have not made that much progress with the product yet. But so far it is very interesting.

    njoy: pure/fun

    If anyone tried the plugs what was your impression?

    They look cool but too heavy to move the way the Aneros moves, leaving the impression that it has to be manipulated with the ring.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    hi gabrial

    I have all the Njoy products except the Eleven (scary) and the extra large Plug with the 2" diameter (scary but not as much as the Eleven)

    Their only product that comes close to Aneros (poorly) is the Pfun Plug. I wrote my thoughts in a thread - Njoy's Pfun Plug falls short (and OUT)... It is just too heavy to manipilate easily and poorly shaped...I think...

    The two wands are really designed for women to stimulate their G-spots and anal play. I just think that effective male prostate stimulation is just so sudtle and delicate for these to work well. Their weight can make them harder to contol and manipulate, and over time, tiring to your hand. And, their shape and curve, which works well in and around a vagina, is problematic in the anus, which restricts movement and creates a kindof "pivot"..."sea-saw"..."rocker"...action that makes delicate control challenging since they are curved...I think...

    The Plugs...

    The large one is large and heavy. It gets tiring to the muscles, The medium one is not bad but it gets tiring also...but it just takes longer. The small one is fun and can be very pleasureable. With the right amoiunt of lube, it moves freely and can tickle the prostate. It can not do what Aneros is a "plug" remember...but a little tickling is always fun. I find it works best while sitting up so it's weight leans forward, toward the prostate. As I recall, Grand Tiger is fond of the small and medium plugs...if you want to search for his comments

    Finally, their products are just plain superb in their finish and quality, and do not think they are out of line in their pricing, for that reason. I would recommend them to anyone for their original intented uses...just not as an Aneros replacement.

    I hope that helps...
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I haven't the resources to afford those, but I do have the Love Pacifier Plugs, both the Beginner and the Advanced, which are shaped like the njoy plugs, but made of silicone, and are much cheaper. I really haven't used them much, so I can't help you there. I get more sensations from my Aneros'.
  • gabrialgabrial
    Posts: 31
    Well after a few days use here is what I found:

    Fun Wand

    • Very good stimulation, but it requires a very gentle touch.
    • Not as good as the Aneros for getting close to orgasmic stimulation. But that may be inexperience.
    • Very good to map out what is what and where it is.
    • Did I say it requires a gentle touch?!?!?!?! Once I got that the rhythm and touch it was very simple and comfortable to use.
    • If you are having trouble finding the right buttons to push, this helped me. You can 'poke around' (gently) and the design seemed to make the braille reading much simpler.


    • It is expensive. Finding the right buttons this way is expensive and may not work. I think if you are having trouble with the the Aneros line of products this may not help and just be an expensive paperweight. Don't get me wrong, I really like it, but there are lots of posts with people not getting it. This is not a magic bullet.
    • It is not 'self powered'. Once I got the rhythm of the Aneros (which was quick) I could put my brain on hold and enjoy the ride.
    • The packaging is over the top.

    I think that the Fun Wand from NJoy works well. It's functional design seems spot on (others disagree,) it is physically pretty, and easy to use. It is something different from the Aneros and pleasurable in its own right. Have not tried the but plugs so will not comment.

  • besides progasm i also have rude boy. i must say i have not have big o on either rude boy or progasm and what i dont like about rude boy is that it doesnt stay in the place, thats why i want to give progasm a try, i cant wait to try a few more times on progasm....
    by the way anyone know aabout rude boy?
  • Hey gabriel appreciate the input on the fun wand. I'm pretty sure i'm going to buy it within the week as i've been looking at it for about 2 months and just looks like a great investment: stainless steel, multi-functional, and something that will last a lifetime. As appealing as the pfun plug looked (biiig, angled, and heavy) I figured with my helix, maximus, and tempo I was covered for now in terms of prostate massagers, and after a almost a year of prostate massage bringing wonderful sensations and more pleasure than I knew my body was capable of, I yearn to further explore these new sensations with a beaded/manual device.