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Anyone here who has low testosterone?
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 117
    I have low T. I have always had low T even when I was only 21 and had it tested the first time. Even as a teenager I always felt like something's wrong with me. I also couldn't even grow a beard until I was 20.
    I had it tested a few times and it was always borderline low like 252ng/ml and the range goes from 250-1000 and the endocrinologists I went to were always like you're fine you're in the normal range. I was so pissed about them. None of them even listened to me. None of them cared that I have ridiculously low muscle mass and almost NO strength. I cannot even do 1 real pushup! I tried putting on muscle mass in the gym in order to look more normal but it was hopeless. I could gain a little strength and also a little muscle mass but it was not worth the effort at all. While my workout partner made progress all the time I always hit plateaus and my body also didn't tolerate the weight training. I got all kind of aches and pains.
    I am also depressed and anxious and pessimistic and have low self esteem. I do not know how much of this is caused by low testosterone. Maybe having more would not make me feel better I don't know. But I have being so weak and skinny and having no strength. I have probably as much muscle mass as a woman. My shoulders and everything are totally atrophied there is only skin and bones and at the same time I still carry way too much bodyfat especially on the lower body which is also totally abnormal for a man. I am so pissed that no doctor would even want to listen to me or understand my problems. If I was a doc and somebody like me walked into my office I would directly know that something is wrong. It's not normal for a man to have a skinny-fat, smooth body where you cannot see any muscle and who on top of that also stores fat in places where usually only women store fat.
    If I only knew if testosterone replacement would help me or not. I'm also scared of trying it. Even if I found a doctor who was willing to help me then I'd still be afraid of the side effects like going bald or getting acne or growing a lot of body hair. I am always unsure and scared and not doing anything which is also a symptom of being anxious. I totally hate being this way.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Your fears are unfounded. Run, dont walk, on the net to Dr. John Crislers website and post your concerns on his forums. You will meet guys there who will help you tremendously.

    You need to stop this second guessing yourself and become conversant in T supplementation.

    Pmgamer on that website is a guy, an engineer, who will help you alot.

    Godspeed to you and your new life with T supplementation.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311

    I totally agree with Turnrow. I was tested and found to have low testosterone (along with other hormonal and chemical imbalances) about four years ago. I started T therapy then and I will NOT go back. I have more energy, sick less often, increased sex drive, lost weight (my problem, not yours), more optimistic outlook, and higher confidence level.

    I have not had any of the side effects you mentioned. Solve this issue now. Don't waste your life due to a simple medical imbalance that can be simply and safely cured.

  • QuoVadisQuoVadis
    Posts: 30

    Did you really go to board-certified endocrinologists? You need a proper endocrine evaluation by someone trained in Endocrinology and Metabolism. That's a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. Diagnosis of low testosterone can be tricky, and can require some additional tests. You may also need evaluation for pituitary function, which could disclose some additional and complementary hormonal deficits, contributing to your problem.

    On the other hand, the problems you note are not necessarily due to low T; again a proper evaluation could point to other directions. This forum is not the place for playing diagnostic games, but I do recommend you take this direction. I will also caution you against getting medical treatment from folks online.
  • Slinger70Slinger70
    Posts: 1
    Hey dunz, very sorry to hear about your situation at the moment.
    Can I ask what is your diet like on any given week?
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 117

    the problem is that I don't live in the USA. The USA has probably the most advanced and also open endocrinologists. Where I live the endocrinologists suck. They are all very arrogant and basically have the stance that TRT is only for men who are infertile or have a high voice. I once told an endocrinologist that I read that low testosterone is linked to heart attacks and he made fun about it as if I was a testosterone junkie. I had complete hormone profiles done not just testosterone. I also have low LH hormone and also not very much free testosterone. I think that in my case it is not a dietary issue. I have always had this. Even as a teenager I was physically weak and felt like something's wrong with me. I also don't have a high libido. My libido is low and I'm also depressed most of the time and anxious.
    The problem is what can I do if there simply is no endocrinologist who is willing to help me? The best which I was offered once was a cycle of t-gel by a urologist but I read that gel isn't well absorbed and not really a good solution and he also only wanted me to do a cycle and then stop which made no sense to me at all. :(
    As a man you also want to look masculine and feel like a man and not look like a smooth teenager. I think that I'm physically even weaker than I was when I was 15 and even back then I wasn't strong. But I know exactly if I tell this to a doctor he will tell me everything is fine because I am still in the normal range....
  • QuoVadisQuoVadis
    Posts: 30
    If your LH is low in the face of low testosterone, it points to a hypothalamic or pituitary issue, again deserving of further inquiry. What country do you live in? I have met Endocrine people around the world and, though many of us are arrogant, most also know their stuff. There are new guidelines in the US from the Endocrine Society on diagnosis of testosterone deficiency in adults which can be shared with your local Endo person. (,

    And by the way, transdermal (patch or gel) testosterone works perfectly well.
  • Dunz: I CAN RELATE. You need to seek help from a doctor who would listen to you. I was dismissed by 4 doctors who said I was fine. It took 8 years for a smart doctor (who I had to bitch to and push) to realize I had low T's. I was so angry. They say normal is from 300-700. What the labs don't do is match those numbers with your age. 300 is normal for a 60 year old, but low for a guy in his 20's. You have to be pushy and try doctor after doctor.

    I finally feel so much better after HRT. Test. controls more than just muscles and sex drive. It is also connected to your mood, metabolism, sugar levels, quality of sleep and your general well being. So it is very important! The gel did not work for me; only shots.

    Don't be too concerned about your boyish looks. A lot of men and women like smooth, thin bodies, especially in the gay community (if you are gay, that's a plus for you). I honestly prefer thin boyish guys. I find them beautiful and they turn my head all the time.

    So don't give up! I know what you went through and I wish I could help more.
  • I can relate as well. My T level was 163 and since receiving the shots the level is over 600. I feel much better, have much more energy and have a libido again. I am working on using the aneros and making progress. My readings and those recommended in this forum will help tremendously. Be patient, be relaxed and good things will happen. I am in the hands of a good physician now and hope to expand my horizons both sexually and spiritually.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    This website seems to have a lot of great information:Boost Your Low Testosterone! Increase Low T Levels Naturally (they also have a free PDF that has some nice tips)

    BTW, I'd say Ring of Power is more of a hoax based on what I've read at
  • I had a T level of 163. Now it is over 600 and feel much better, thank you. Realistically, I don't think I could have tried the aneros without the higher level of testosterone.
  • Steve RSteve R
    Posts: 5
    I have used this in the past with very good results. Dr.Kryger is very helpful. It's also cheaper than a lot of what's on the market.

    What is Testocreme®
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I have similar problems (anxiety, nervousness, low self-esteem). Only a short time ago I learned that ejaculating temporarily lowers one's testosterone level. I used to wank very often, now I do it very rarely. I prefer to be overly horny than nervous. It's not a life-changing, but it helps. I often feel slightly depressed and nervous after ejaculating, this is what gave me a clue to read more on the subject. I'm 100% sure it's not guilt, I'm very comfortable with my body, sexuality etc.

    As to how long the "low testosterone level" effect lasts, no one knows for sure. Several days without ejaculatory orgasm make me feel better. I just have to stop touching my penis completely, watching porn etc. It's not bad if you don't think about it and don't tease yourself. Some western doctors said ejaculating about 3 times a week is best, while in India it's a wide-spread belief a man should ejaculate once or twice a month.
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 117
    Hi guys,

    I also think that my levels are too low for my age but the doctors are simply retarded where I live and simply go by the normal ranges and it doesn't matter if you're 20 or 100 years old. You can't get much more retarded than this. I also told them I am worried because low T isn't healthy for males and linked to heart attacks and they made fun of this most likely because 40 years ago when they studied medicine they didn't know this yet. I am really disappointed of most doctors.
    I had my LH tested a few times and it was also always rather low. I also did an LHRH Test once. These were the results. I do not know if this is normal or not but the doctor said it's normal.

    Here it is:
    LH 0min mU/ml 1.25 (start)
    LH 30min mU/ml 18 (30 minutes later)
    >pretty strong increase here after 30 minutes which seemed a little odd to me

    FSH 0min mU/ml 4.70 (start)
    FSH 30min mU/ml 7.6 (30 minutes later)

    I do not really believe in boosting T naturally. I tried tribulus and stuff like that it did nothing for me. I also don't think that explanations like too little zinc are the reason because I have always had this. Even as teenager I felt like something's wrong and noticed that I had little stamina and was pretty much the weakest in class.

    Do you guys think I should simply try TRT to see if it makes me feel better and if not get off it? But can you even get off it anymore once you're on it and your body shuts down its own production?
    And since I will not go to endos anymore who could I go to? Urologists are much more open and willing to listen but they don't know as much about hormones as endocrinologists. What should I do for example if I get on TRT and then get bitchtits because the T is converted into estrogen? Or what if I start going bald? I'm afraid in such cases a urologist could not offer any more help he could only prescribe T injections or gel and that's it.

    What do you get gel or injections and if injections what kind of and how often?
    I mean let's say one gets injections then it also depends on how often you get them. For example if I have 300ng/dl naturally and then get TRT and get 250mg every 3 weeks and then had like 400ng/dl on TRT then it wouldn't be worth it imo. If I get TRT then it should really be worth it and push me at least to 600 or more ng/dl because then I'd really want to experience how it is like to be on the top of the normal range in order to tell if it really makes me feel better. Half-assed stuff wouldn't make sense for me like raising the level only 100ng/dl so that I'm in the middle.
    But all of this depends also on the doctor. if the doctor thinks that raising to 450ng/dl is enough then I couldn't do anything against it.
    Is there even a way to "calculate" how much T you have depending on how often you inject and this way you could basically determine yourself how high the level should be and then adjust the injection frequency to the desired testosterone level?

    @ airbag

    In my case it's the other way. I often get the desire to jack off when I have a lot of stress and afterwards I really feel better. Not jacking off when I have stress only makes me feel more restless.
  • tantrictantric
    Posts: 3
    you might want to do a search for this term (zinc testosterone)
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 117
    [QUOTE=tantric;99407]you might want to do a search for this term (zinc testosterone)

    What exactly do you mean? I know that zinc is important but if you're saying that ALL is just based on me having too little zinc then I don't think you're right. I mean come on, how likely is it that I've had too little zinc my entire life while others who eat pretty much the same don't have the same issues? This makes no sense. Also zinc doesn't explain why I also have low LH levels.