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pains up anus now
  • vatmanvatman
    Posts: 1
    hi im new to this but decided to throw myself into it,i got an mgx and had an amazing orgasm 2nd time in,unreal reminded me of when i used to take drugs it was so good,but the 3rd and 4th time i starte dto get impatient and thought it wud be ok to do rough contractions and i mastubated on the duvet like fuking the duvet with the aneros in unti i came,everything seemed fine ,ive also fallen asleep with it in ,but now ive started to get a shrp pain up my ass every now and again especially when im siting or at say a petrol pump filling my van,im a little worried after reading some of the bad things that can go wrong,shud i go see a gp or shu i just chill and see if it passes,im a bit of a worrier but i defo have slight pain and every now and again a very sharp pain,im a bit gutted because i really hope i can continue to use to aneros mgx but at the moment im too scared to put anything up there,please help i hope you think im ok going to a doc about this will be so embarrising for me
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
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    Hi vatman,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    It sounds to me like you got a little too rambunctious and may have caused some internal bruising. I'm not a doctor so you can take the following with a grain of salt. I would first recommend no Aneros use for at least a week to see how your physical situation evolves, if your condition worsens in the slightest bit, then I would definitely schedule an appointment with a physician. You may suffer some temporary embarrassment from discussing anal stimulation with your doctor, but rest assured your doctor has heard of far worse things and he/she is going to be discreet about your case regardless.

    If your symptoms have lessened markedly or ceased after a week then no doctors call is probably necessary, however, please be gentle with yourself in the future. Your inner organs are easily damaged by direct vigorous contact, that is why the manufacturer recommends use completely hands free. This should also be extended to exercising care to see that your massager doesn't come into contact with other objects or furniture in such a way as to apply undo pressure, or twisting motion whilst it is in your rectum, such as can occur during movement in your sleep.

    I suspect you are going to be just fine shortly, your body has amazing recuperative powers if it is treated with respect and given proper nourishment. I think you'll be back playing with your new toy very soon and enjoying the adventure of a lifetime and a little wiser as well. Please let us know how things go for you.

    P.S. I sent you a PM with some introductory hints and tips to get you started.
  • Vatman:

    In regards to your anal pains you may want to read up on Protalgia Fugax (a condition that I have and have diagnosed myself with my doctor agrees with it) this a form of levator syndrome or levator ani syndrome. You should read up on it just to rule it out. The best things in my experience to help me with Protalgia Fugax is relaxation, anal massage, the Aneros, the Peridise sets, the Crystal Wand (, enemas, fiber laxatives, gas-x, and potassium supplements. Since I haven't been using the Aneros way less often than I used to due to lack of privacy and time I find that my symptoms are occuring more frequent again like before I started using the Aneros. The Aneros, Crystal Wand, and Peridise seem to be the greatest in helping me with this and relaxing the anal and rectal muscles. I've used the SGX but I use the Peridise, MGX, and Progasm more frequently than the SGX or my Helix.

    Click or copy and paste this link:
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    For the first time ever, I now get severe pain up my anus during sex.

    I get it particularly badly when I am totally relaxed and enjoying the best sex possible and round about my 5th or 6th orgasm anal pains begin and increasing with each subsequent orgasm as somehow my mind drifts to newtoforums obsessions.

    newtoforums, please help me and stop your spamming
  • I used to get this. Back then I had the MGX and used Probe Thick and Rich, and sometimes just my precum. When using just precum, I would masturbate until I had enough precum, then smooth it over the Aneros and insert.

    I took a six month break from Aneros. Now I have a Helix and a Vice (both bigger than the MGX) and I've had no problems recently with anal pains. I've been using KY Jelly and recently switched to Slippery Stuff.

    I really don't know what, if anything, changed that made me not have pains anymore, but I'm certainly grateful. It used to happen when I was sitting on the edge of my couch. It doesn't happen at all anymore. I was 19, now I'm 20--maybe it was a development thing somehow, I don't know.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    Any quality lube should prevent you from damaging yourself, through chafing or tearing. That said, some have their own preferences as to what works best for them. The issue here generally has more to do with the vigor of one's sessions more than anything else. If you're hammering yourself with strong contractions for an extended period of time it is possible to experience discomfort from this, hours and days later. Fortunately this is generally something that disappears within several days. Working the Aneros by hand can also get you into trouble. This should be avoided at all times! Something to keep in mind is that the prostate responds better to subtle stimulation anyway. If you're searching for a session that features a multitude of orgasms, this is most effectively attained and maintained through the use of gentle stimulation. Not that stronger contractions aren't productive, but they should never become the staple of any Aneros session.

    BF Mayfield
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I agree ...I used to be sore for days after I intially started using my helix and mgx. I found that I was bearing down too hard or going too long to try and get results. After I finally gained the skills to do SO's I found I was overdoing it. Made me sore for several days.

    The lesson here is one of classical architecture. Less is more. Subtley and frequent shorter sessions with breaks between them will yield you more pleasure than marathon hard ones.

  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    (In regards to your anal pains you may want to read up on Protalgia Fugax (a condition that I have and have diagnosed myself with my doctor agrees with it)

    Thanks equalityboy81 for the explaination. I also think I have had this and always wondered what it was. It would usually happen at night and would wake me up. I used to give myself an enima using warm water first and then followed by a cold one. That would usually releve it. It would happen five or six times a year and now , maybe it's the aneros, I haven't had one for a couple of years... I never mentioned it to my Dr. as my PSA test and digital exam were always OK and the enima would work to releve it.. But. it is good to know what it is most likely to be.....
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 565
    I've had proctalgia fugax several times in recent years, mostly after really intense ejaculation during sex with my wife. It's a very painful, spasming feeling of the muscles of the pelvic floor, seeming to center right around the anus, and lasting about 30 minutes. As with eddy99, using an Aneros over the past couple years has greatly reduced its occurrence. They say relaxing in a tub of warm water helps when it happens but I've usually been able to lie still enough it would eventually pass. Thankfully, my PSA's, digital exams, and colonoscopies have been fine and when I discovered what the medical condition was and found how closely my symptoms matched the description, I've since given it no further thought.