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What got you over the EDGE?
  • utubeplayutubeplay
    Posts: 40
    Hi Guys,

    As some of you know I had been able to get DRY-O's during MOST of my sessions a few years back. Then LIFE kicked me in the ASS (NOT in a GOOD way LOL) and long story short.....STRESS has killed my DRY-O's.....I can SOMETIMES get a very weak Dry-O ....ANYWAY, I just finished a VERY NICE two hour session and go right up to the EDGE of a DRY-O but could not seem to spill over into multiple DRY-O's like I had a few years back. Has anyone else experienced this and if so WHAT got you OVER the EDGE?? I think I already know the answer(RELAX, DON'T think about Dry/Super-O's etc.) but I thought I would see what kind of responses I get from all you great guys out there!
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    try weed it will relax you and turn off your stress if only for a few hours and you live in the right place man
  • jack38jack38
    Posts: 35
    lots of patience, lots of practice, lots of nipple stimulation (!), gradually lowered expectations ... eventually learned to just relax and enjoy the pleasurable feelings even if that was all that there was ... and one day, WHAM!!! super-O's out of the blue ... just keep at it and enjoy every small amount of pleasure when you have a chance and one day you'll go completely over the edge in a way you never imagined!!!! take care
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I recently went through a period of seeming to be unable to receive the pleasure I was originally having. At first, I tried total abstinence for a few weeks but that didn't seem to help.

    I think what got me through it was to cut back to a couple of sessions each week but to make sure that I did have those two sessions. They are far enough apart that the interval between them adds to a sense of anticipation, but they are frequent enough to ensure that my body stays in touch with the process. Also, I have learned not to expect the sessions to last too long. Just now, the ideal length of a session seems to be between one and a half and two hours.

    I don't want this to sound overly prescriptive but just to give an idea of what seems to be working for me.

    Good luck and remember that this is all about having fun!
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    Deep breaths do it for me. Keeping your lungs full of air I believe puts more pressure down below squeezing your prostate between your diaphragm and your device.

    That's how it feels to me anyway. Just lay there and enjoy the growing sensations
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    -Only entering a session when I have 'desire.'
    -Believing & affirming my orgasmic capacity (think mantra).
    -Finding and using peripheral stim targets.
    -Wiring my nips to my prostate.
    -Zazen breathing meditation to relax.
    -Dividing my 'Anerosgasmic' sessions into three parts (warmup -- rest/recovery -- orgasmic)
    -Limiting myself to just one or two models for dry orgasms. (Helix or Eupho for me)
  • utubeplayutubeplay
    Posts: 40
    THANKS everyone for your GREAT suggestions!

    I just wanted to add that I had a WONDERFUL moring session this morning with a few DRY-O's!! I think your suggestions helped as I REALLY REALY just RELAXED and told myself to LET GET!! GOD they felt SOOOO GOOD....Gonna just RELAX and see what happens next

    So THANK YOU SO MUCH! Any other comments are ALWAYS welcome
  • Steve RSteve R
    Posts: 5
    Newbie here, first post. Eupho and Progasam were my first, about 1 year now, then 2 months ago, bought the Helix. I was getting some nice sensations from those, but nothing that blew me away. However, I bought the advanced Peridise set about 3 weeks ago. How to express in words, the bombastic pleasure I am getting from this smallest Peridise. What took me over the edge here is the Peridise and nipple play. Lightly touching the very tips only, i am getting a direct sensation to my prostate/anus. Incredible sensations, so pleasurable, it's hard to put it into words.

    For lube, I put about 2 grms of Castor Oil in an anal applicator, then I coat the Peridise with Olive Oil. Castor Oil can be kind of thick, so the olive oil helps. The Castor oil lasts a long time.

    I never thought my nipples were connected to anything sexual. There was never any feeling there, but not now. For almost 2 hours every session, I am totally lost in another whole body is in such a state of pleasure, it's unlike anything I have ever experienced. My first Super O was during the 2nd session with the Peridise, after starting the nipple play. The nipple play is what brought me over the edge. Now, within 3-4 minutes of inserting the Peridise, the pleasure starts and just builds and builds, then after about 15 mins, I start the nipple play, then slowly it builds to anal orgasms, multiple dry orgasms, super/mini o's. TONS of pre-cum, and a tingling kind of pleasure through my whole body. I am making so much noise, moaning etc, am sure my neighbors are wondering what is going on in there. LOL! .Then at the end of all that, (whew) most of the time, I can masturbate for the most incredible normal wet orgasm I have ever had. I liken the pleasure of that ending orgasm to when I was a teenager, yes it's that pleasurable, and the intensity is even more so. I am finding that the Peridise orgasms are in a way, more gratifying. They go on and on with such a full body experience, that the normal orgasm, as good as it is, cannot compare. I feel though, that after 2 hours of that, I want a normal orgasm to feel the release of all that pleasure.

    What is strange, and maybe you experienced guys can explain it. I am having much better success with this Peridise than any of the others I have...why is that? It's really not a prostate massage device? I think maybe the way I apply the anal/sphincter pressure is possibly rubbing/touching the prostate, or maybe it's my anatomy? I am 6ft 6inc, can a small, straight piece of plastic give so much pleasure??

    Whatever the reason, I am in seventh heaven. I wish I had known about this when I was younger...WOW, what a trip that would have been. Am in my late 50's, a widower, and to feel this kind of sexual pleasure at this stage of my life, is beyond my comprehension. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would experience this kind of sexual pleasure at my age. . WHO needs recreational drugs when you have the Aneros?!? What an incredible natural high!!!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Concur with Toker, weed gets you in the zone.