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Unexpected HFO..
  • steveg2611steveg2611
    Posts: 35
    Hi guys... I was just in the chat room relating my experience from last night.
    So at their request, here goes.
    I had an early dinner... went in to the bedroom.. put out a clean towel. grabbed my progasm.. got some lube and set out on a what i hoped would be a good session.
    After i had inserted my little toy i lay back.. I was listening to some new age music and was beginning to just totally relax and enjoy. I drifted in and out for a while not really feeling much. I would try to concentrate on the contractions,but then i'd drift off again. I had been at it for maybe and hour. Which i admit is much longer than I ever last before the urgency to jack off kicks in. But for some reason i was thoroughly enjoying it.. so i just lay back with my eyes closed.. And then i felt something. I opened my eyes and looked down.. I had a raging boner.. and much to my surprise i had a mixture of my precum and cum oozing out all over me. This in itself is a revelation because i rarely if ever precum until i'm on the verge of an orgasm... AH.. so maybe something is going to happen... I decided to keep my hands away and see what might happen. I lay back taking deep breaths.. I began contracting my deep pelvic floor and just enjoyed the feelings. I kept my eyes closed and my hands away. LOL.. my body was beginning to warm up and it felt good... then from way down deep and in my lower back i felt as if something was starting to jack me off from inside... a strange but very pleasurable feeling.. one that i didn't want to stop.. but there was an urgency to see where it was leading... so i just tried to quiet down and let it happen.. having no place to be i lost track of time and then as if it were an out of body, i felt my whole body begin to spasm from deep within.. This was not your typical genital centered go for it feeling.. this was whole mind body. i tried to calm it.. but i also didn't want it to be disrupted. i lay there experiencing the pleasure... and WHAM. my body went stiff.... and I exploded into a mind blowing no holds barred hands free orgasm that damned near made me faint. good thing i was laying down. LOL..... I lay there shaking for some time.. relishing the deep pleasure that until now was pretty much interrupted by my own urgency to just take it in hand and jack off. LOL.... but this time i Did let it happen.. whoa ..
    as I came down from the high i just let my breath slow.. i felt my heart rate calm.. my body temp came down. and i was again in a state of bliss if thats a good word. Then after maybe another 15 minutes or so i began having those deep pelvic feeling that come from knowing the session is over and its probably time to move on... small contractions began in my pelvis.. it was like my body wanted me to push the toy out so i could clean up and go on.... at first i rejected the feeling but knew it was time.. so i let the involuntary contractions pick up knowing they would push my progasm out and the end would be upon me... as i lay there enjoying the last feelings of pleasure i tried to remember every minute.. and then i felt a last deep pelvic contraction pushing against the progasm.... I gasped as the head pushed against my prostate... the intensity of the feeling was overwhelming. As i was pushing down the head of the progasm was pushing hard against my prostate and in a second my whole body went into another mind blowing hand free orgasm. I could feel it from the base of my skull to the tips of my toes.. I had only cum a few minutes before so i didn't ejaculate as much but this O was so intense all i could do was lay there and pant.. NOt that thats a bad thing.. so i'm still enjoying the aftermath.. and relating it has made the experience even more pleasurable..
    I guess it means that everyone comes on this journey individually and there is no right or wrong way its just your way.
    I'm now wondering how this will affect what i do when i do body work on my clients? makes the mind reel thinking of the possibilities. I hope that everyone on this journey experiences this ultimate pleasure... we can all hope.
    Thanks for listening. and wishing you all lots and lots of the big O's..
  • ZenithZenith
    Posts: 22
    Congratulations steveg on a great orgasmic experience. Rectal clenchs like that are really cool!

    Have many more bud!
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Steve.

    As you said, your HFOs were unexpected. I've heard there are only a few Aneros Forum members who can count on having one every session. They are unanticipated when they happen to me and kind of rare; about 5% of the time. I wish I knew what conditions and methods could turn a dry O into a wet one, not that I'm looking to have a wet HFO every time, but still...

    Best Regards,

  • Steve, I as well appreciate your response and sharing your experience. There are many aspects of your session that mimic several other accounts of Super Os or just really great sessions. It sounds like your ending in a state of bliss is similar to what many have called the "bliss cocoon." To me, this sense of being wrapped in warmth and joy is very much the perfect end to such a great session. I'm not a "cuddle" person by nature, but I can understanding the desire that my girl has for cuddling after experiencing such a powerful sensation. Also, the manner in which you begin your session is almost the same way I came to my great first Super O. I was simply laying down, relaxing, and enjoying the sensations of my Eupho moving around inside me. In this regard, I was "listening" to my body. Like you, I quit actively trying to conciously control the sensations. Once I learned to be more passive and just let them happen, amazing things began. I'm saying this as encouragement to others who are seeking the pinacle of the Aneros pleasures. Let Steve's outline be a guide for any who wish to enhance their enjoyment of Aneros. :)