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  • CyrulCyrul
    Posts: 21
    I have noticed that after nearly 5 years of Aneros use, the frequency of my traditional masturbation sessions has diminished greatly. Please don't take this as a complaint! For me, Aneros sessions do require a certain amount of time and preparation. (I have learned that any sort of rush or limited duration kills my mindset.) A quick j/o session though, takes no time at all.. Still though, for whatever reason, I do not manually masturbate much anymore. When I do, something doesn't seem quite the same...

    Has anyone encountered this? I do feel that dual-wiring is entirely possible, and one form of pleasure can co-exist with the other; I feel it's a question of getting over the "this or that" mentality of it.. How about "both!". Now I just have to let myself accept it.
  • ZenithZenith
    Posts: 22
    "Man cannot live on bread alone, he must have Peanut Butter" ... Brother Dave Gardner

    Yeah -- Cyrul, nice thread bro and may prove thought provoking for a lot of men here.

    I used to think of my sensual/erotic practices as being competitive for my mental and physical resources. What you call the "this or that mentality."

    When I gave up "the chase" and joined the ranks of partnered men, love of spouse overrode masturbation as my primary sensual outlet--the one thing I could fall back on when girl-friends failed me. As our marital relationship become more cemented during my 30's, masturbation, along with other sensual fetishes re-emerged. I managed to fit those puzzle pieces together, weaving some masturbation into interaction with my wife. And, she has done the same for herself. She does have some firm boundaries on anal action but accepts my being Aneros-inserted during foreplay and intercourse. Have to be overt and obvious about washing my hands though. :D

    The Aneros, eventually grew more powerful in it's sensual and orgasmic properties than any of my other practices (inluding sex). It came into clear competition for my mental and physical resources. That pushed me into the semen conservation mode for most of a year and I began to ration myself during married sex. It took over a year to begin to balance 'the triad' of conventional masturbation (varied and embellished with several fetishes), Anerosgasmic sessions, and marital sex driven by the variables in the fantasies of two people.

    However, a three-legged table has proven more stable than a two-legged one. I cherish the pleasures from each practice. Aneros practice has taught me to regard masturbation as more than a quick release from physical pressures in my GU system. While I don't masturbate as often as I did years ago, I am more attentive to planning those sessions (usually as either very Macho or more into the sort of self-love that is taught by the Aneros). I also plan which fetish(s) I wish to accompany my teasing, edging, or bold stroking.

    Aneros has taught me to bring more of my own emotional side into Masturbation, raising it beyond the simple physical activity that it once was.

    I am cautious about confusing my fettishes across sensual lines and dedicate particular Aneros toys/tools to specific practices.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Cyrul,[QUOTE=Cyrul;98653]I have noticed that after nearly 5 years of Aneros use, the frequency of my traditional masturbation sessions has diminished greatly. ... for whatever reason, I do not manually masturbate much anymore. When I do, something doesn't seem quite the same...Yes, I've noticed this same phenomenon and it has been reported by many others as well. While I'm sure there are numerous factors which influence this change in behavior. I would characterize this process as an expansion of our capacity to generate and appreciate the pleasure potentials of our own bodies.

    Aneros use and the associated rewiring teaches us to become more aware of the subtle sensations pulsing through our bodies everyday. This increased awareness allows us to focus upon and enjoy these sensations to ever greater extents. As good as traditional ejaculatory orgasms are, the period of maximum pleasure is a fleetingly brief few seconds and then the refractory period sets in. Aneros use allows us to reach a high plateau of pleasure and maintain that level for not just a few precious seconds but for minutes at a time. In some cases those minutes can even stretch into an hour or more. This is not an insignificant accomplishment!

    IMHO, a fundamental psychological shift away from egocentric consciousness toward an Id driven heightened state occurs through extended Aneros use. The pleasure principle being the impetus for this shift. As one gains more experience and success with their Aneros, the prolonged pleasure time acts as reward reinforcement for the practice. Hence, we also hear about the addictive qualities of the practice.

    With increased experience and consistent, repeatable, pleasurable Anerosessions possible the urge to experience those fleetingly short ejaculatory orgasms is greatly diminished. For men who have accepted this mental paradigm shift in thinking, their sexual/sensual world is only expanded and all their old modes of behavior are still availble, they just are not of paramount importance anymore.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i had similar experience when i first started having great success with aneros but it passed. Now especially for a day or two after a good aneros session i have really intense traditional masturbation and produce more semen than before i started with aneros which adds to the intensity i hope you have the same result good luck