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Thats what I'm talkin about.....
  • I know I'll probably jynx myself but.......Last night I had the best session ever. I'm pretty sure(the way things were going) I would have had a Super O if I had more time. I was under a time constraint. I was oozing fluid, and had an erection the majority of the time. It was fantastic.
    I was reading a post by SirSlamz, and he was saying that he listened to porn in the background. I figured I would give this a shot because it would first, probably arouse me more. Second I have a terrible inability to concentrate half the time. My mind always wanders like crazy. Sooooo.......I got a pair of ear bud headphones and plugged them into my laptop. I then found some long porn, and laid the laptop aside me on the bed. Man did that do the trick. Holy crap. I just relaxed and did nothing but listen and let my mind go where it wanted with no other distractions other than pleasant sounds. The other thing I got from his post was to try to avoid the orgasmic feelings. Try to push them away and fight the involuntaries. Try to stop them from happening. Dont try and push for more pleasure. Just try and keep your pleasure level to a minimun. You will not be able to. Your own body will fights against itself and multiply the pleasure. I did this and the pleasure was magnified 100 times. It was amazing. Anyone whose having trouble....try these two things. Im telling ya. They will work. Good luck and thx SirSlamz.
  • SirSlamzSirSlamz
    Posts: 7
    Well, It's good to know that I could help someone out, but the credit for the last bit should go to darwin (source:, it's his idea, I just brought it up, I'd also recommend reading through his thread, best advice I've ever received.
  • helix44helix44
    Posts: 17
    I have a variant of "try not" that works well for me. It's "I have what I need". If at nearly every moment in your session you can relax and accept whatever you're feeling as success, as all you want out of the session, and if you're honest with yourself in savoring whatever you're feeling, then one of two things will happen. You'll either have a session that goes nowhere else and will have genuinely enjoyed it, or you'll kick yourself up to the next level of enjoyment. I've had both experiences recently. I've had sessions with wonderful p-waves that never got me to O's or beyond, and I've had sessions where the close connection and acceptance of the experience as it was happening opened the door to halucinogenic super O's.

    The difference is subtle but has been important to me. With "try not" you might be trying to suppress something, whereas with "I have what I need" you relax and open yourself to the enjoyment of the moment.