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Obese which model.
  • I'm a 58 years old 5'8",280lbs.which model would suit me best? I purchased
    the Maximus and there little movement in my anus from this model .
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    welcome 8178,
    Many of us find Maximus is a great toy that delivers a lot of pleasure. Perhaps though, as a 'first tool' it's not a best choice.

    I'm not sufficiently expert in the area of obesity to adivse on how that might constrict the ano-rectal region. However, the "Max" is one of the Aneros next-generation toys aimed at the more advanced user. -- Aneros Maximus --

    Not much movement is really necessary for any of the Aneros tools to pleasure you into a 'dry' orgasm. The keys are to clean and lube well, gain positive canal contact adjacent to the prostate then relax sufficiently so that just your breathing or very tiny muscle contracdtions move the Aneros, by just a few millimeters. If you are looking for something like 1/2-inch of toy travel, that's for fun play which is unrelated to the gentle moves needed for a dry-O. Large excursions of the toy may mask the involunaries you're looking for or disturb the positioning of the toy in relation to your prostate.

    Were I you, I'd consider continuing with the Maximus for several more sessions. And, review the Wiki for help. Should you however, consider this isn't working out as a starting tool, you have some options:
    -- Keep the Maximus and buy either an SGX or MGX from the Aneros store. Either is eligible for a refund should you decide to swap from one to the other within 90 days. I think though that you would pay for shipping on the second choice.
    -- OTOH, if you purchased the Maximus from the Aneros on-line store, you can return it within 90 days for a $ 48 refund. Check the store web page at Prostate Massage, Sex Toys for Men, Male G-Spot, Prostate Stimulators Stimulation, Anal Toys .

    I'd not suggest any of the 'next-generation' tools (Eupho, Helix... etc.) until you resolve the current issues. Suggest considering the SGX or MGX (either of which qualifies under the Aneros 90 day guarantee.) The SGX, MGX and Aneros classic have ridges along the taper of the stem. Those provide a good surface for your anus to 'grip' and may provide you with better control in your early sessions.

    Please post your experiences and you'll find plenty of detailed help here.

    Blessings, Cheers and Warmest Regards, rook
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    'rook' has given you sound advice and I concur with his thoughts for the most part, I would only add the following. Typically, I recommend either the Helix or MGX models for beginners. Both of those models are likely to be more mobile/agile in response to your muscular contractions than the larger sized Maximus. Bigger is not necessarily better. While you may be carrying extra pounds on your body frame, this should not significantly impact your ability to use the Aneros devices. Since you are a new member, I presume you do not have much experience with the Aneros or perhaps any anal play/toys. For many men it can take an indeterminate amount of time to awaken their prostates and start having pleasurable Anerosessions. IMHO, your ability to relax, observe and be patient with yourself without expectations are far more important than the particular model you employ. Once you are capable of obtaining pleasure from one model it is very likely you will also be able to obtain pleasure from any of the models, it is just a matter of degree.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I would reallysuggest that you start an exercise routine. The core muscles are really a big part of getting into the right position to ride a wave. And you will do your spirit and health a world of good.
  • Thanks Gentlemen, perhaps i was too overzealous ordering the Maximus,I just thought since I was used to anal play with a vibrator dildo with the help of my spouse the larger size would have been the way to go. I do see the wisdom in your advice and will order a more practical model. Just which one I'll have to figure that one from the information you have given me. Thanks again.....
  • Rumel gave you some good advice as he gave me earlier. I am about 5'7" and weigh about 185 and I have some extra weight in my midsection. However, although I did not have great results with my first uses of my Progasm, I became patient, relaxed and made sure I used plenty of lube. I have and injector and putting that in and using it is quite enjoyable for me. I have had better and better orgasms (at least until yesterday afternoon) but I realize that not every experience is going to be better. One more thing, even a mild O is better than most that I used to have. Stay with it and do what rumel says. When I have multiple Os during the week, I lose weight. I have lost about 10 lbs since I started and my blood sugar was down to 6.4 which is excellent.
    Notsogood (I really do need to change this name)
  • the more exersize you get the stronger you become. no matter what part of the body were talking about. keep at it you will build your str up. i had some what the same issue with mobility. now i can make it dance. remember if your completly new to this kind of activity your muscles arnt going to be i top physical shape.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    unless you have fat in your perineum, i don't think obesity relates. i would not think your anal cavity would be effected by obesity. height is more relevant. at 5'8" you are possibly in the SGX range.

    however... the first fallacy of aneros use is that if you are not getting motion or results, to swap models. instead read the wiki and the forum and learn technique, and be patient.

    you already know that exercise and muscular and cardiovascular health are an important component to sexual response. if you have luck in working on those that will help.

  • ;)Update:
    Received my MGX the other day and it's a much better choice than the Maximus.The MGX is reaching areas that the Maximus failed to do,and now on to the journey for that elusive Big O......
    Thanks to you all for the great help.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Don't abandon periodic enjoyment of your Maximus however. In my opinion, the larger the massager diameter the less movement. My Progasm barely moves but produces great orgasms. My Eupho, on the other end of the size spectrum, dances around like crazy as it puts me in orgasmic bliss. I agree however with mostly using the MGX as you train through the rewiring process. Once get the orgasms going, then you can experiment with and appreciate more the differences between the models.