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Proper Kegel Dosage
  • O Face GuyO Face Guy
    Posts: 18
    Hey all...

    I know there are countless posts on here that have to do with kegels, so please excuse any redundant-ness happening here.

    I used to practice kegels on a very regular basis. For about 2 or 3 years I did them almost everyday for at least 40 reps. At one point I was up to 120 reps, with the last 20 being 5 second long PC holds. There were some benefits to this, such as being able to pump or "fluff" the boner up to the desired hardness within a short time span. My goal was to combat premature ejaculation or to at least postpone ejaculation by clenching the muscles. Unfortunately this just led to me reflexively pumping the muscles way too much and wearing them out. I pretty much un-learned how to relax during sex.

    I quit them a while ago (probably another 2 or 3 years) and things improved a bit. When I started using the Aneros I eventually fixed the relaxion issue.

    However nowadays as I am rounding into the realm of 30's, I'm thinking of starting them back up. I want to avoid overdoing the excercise and re-triggering past muscle issues.

    Can anyone recommend a good amount of reps to start with that would ease back into this? Or has anyone even experienced the same issues in the past?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,774
    Hi Face Guy,

    Thought provoking question. Did some hunting. Unfortunately, I've got little more than conjecture that's "all over the wall."

    My Uro put me on them when I was a new Uro patient around my 62nd birthday. I just re-read his handout. It says do 30 per session -- no length of time to hold each contraction. The procedure for finding the PC group and doing one kegel seems to ask for max contraction. I thought this was a pretty good handout until you asked these questions.

    Over in the Yahoo A-S-I forum (Erectile Dysfunction) we push kegels for guys with P.E. And, I've added my Uro's handout to the ASI section.

    I've never overdosed on Kegels though. Early in my Aneros practice, the p-tab was bothering me and I 'muscled-up' with a lot of Kegels and had my wife coach me. (she has nice fingernails !) :)

    So, Google came up with a whole course on the subject: -- Kegel Exercises For Men - AskMen -- Those routines are pretty rigorous and beyond my current capacity.

    Recently I've been studying up for an assault on e-stim. The Slightest Touch folks use a set of a dozen moderate PC contactions as an arousal builder and they want those held for 30-45 seconds. --,%20Slightest%20Touch%20and%20the%20Super%20O.pdf --

    To be relaxed and not distracted by those, I'd guess that practicing with sets of 15 to 20 at full intensity for a minute would be a reasonable workout. Three sets of those would be an hour workout which could be multi-tasked with other activities.

    So, I'd comfortable with 3 sets of 20 contractions to max intensity as a maintenance routine. No clue as to how long to hold them.

    If someone has a recommendation based on some documented Physical Therapy or muscle building studies on targeted achievements for an adult male, please post.
  • O Face GuyO Face Guy
    Posts: 18
    Thanks for the advice. I will ease into them with these lower numbers and see how it progresses.
  • MindTravelsMindTravels
    Posts: 79
    Note that I'm not an expert on any of these topics and I've only done kegels a few times. But here's what my intuition is telling me...

    If doing them before taught you not to relax during sex, the natural solution would seem to be building relaxation, and not just tension, into the workouts. Make your workouts less regimented and more ebb and flow based on what feedback your body and your arousal is giving you. Alternate the times when you're tensing the muscle with times you're relaxing it deeply and entirely.