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First Sign of Life from Aneros - Hands Free Ejaculation!
  • Hey everyone,

    First I would like to say thank you to everyone here on the forum. The experienced advice has helped me along the way.

    I got an aneros about 10 months ago. I live in a small town, so the only model at the toy shop was a Progasm. "Have courage" it said haha
    I easily fell into the groove with the toy, and after a few sessions was experiencing involuntaries, but no P-waves or anything greater than a nice tickling sensation and the good feelings of the muscle contractions. After a couple months though, I assume I started over thinking things and have no made any progress since.
    I'm a young buck, fairly dominant in my sexuality with girls. so patience is a huge learning curve for me. i was looking for something totally mind blowing. I was getting envious of my fiancee cause I could screw her senseless and I wanted that. I enjoy my sessions, and fit them in as frequently as I can get alone time.
    As I said before, i have had 1 session I can remember getting several p-waves. and havent had dramatic involuntaries for a long while. i like listening to the phantasmic journey lots. usually most sessions after I relax and breathe for about ten minutes I get a raging erection that gets tingly all over, sometimes it feels like the aneros is vibrating inside me. this will last for maybe twenty minutes. after a while the feelings subside, and sometimes i lose interest all together after that haha is it best to give up when you lose interest?
    if anybody has any tips for this young buck, pass them on...


    Today, moments ago, I had a session. I just got some JO lube, and I popped my progasm in. laid back, and listened to the phantasmic journey. had some nice involuntaries that made my cock bounce around after about ten minutes. and I was constantly going from semi hard to erect. after about fifteen minutes, the whole experience changed. it felt so amazing inside me, and it began gently quivvering. my cock was twitching and swelling up too. it was so good i didn't want it to stop. i was telling myself, relax, breathe, chill, enjoy it. as i relaxed i felt like i was going to ejaculate and i remembered reading about guys saying it felt like ejaculation but dry. so i relaxed into it and BAM! massive nut, all over myself. it was an awesome orgasm, goose bumps all over. moaning and groaning. I checked the clock and it had only been 22 minutes.

    SO! did I do something wrong (not really wrong but was I on the verge or DRY O CITY?!) any pointers let me know

    BASICALLY my faith has been renewed and I hope the dry spell is over.
  • Rocketman10Rocketman10
    Posts: 92
    glad to hear :) just keep on having fun and keep enjoying what ever comes your way I have been at it 5 months I own a helix and also a progasm mine said "Think Big" lol
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Awesome! Keep it going! :)
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Hello deepfrontier...or should you really be going by YoungBuck? Anyway, welcome the the wonderful world of Aneros. A couple of thoughts on your experience:
    Regarding busting a nut...had it been a couple days since you'd had your last ejaculation? Even thought I'm out of the young buck category and more like in the 12-point rack stage of buck hood, if I haven't had an orgasm/ejaculation for about three days and then use the Aneros I know that it will be a good session with lots of pre-cum leaking and regularly, I'll have what amounts to almost a full orgasm but instead of spurting out semen like in a typical "choke and squirt" jack off, I'll ooze out a large amount of prostate fluid. This stuff is pretty clear unlike the normal milky, white semen. It's also very slippery pre-cum but a much greater amount. It feels incredibly good, like the feeling of semen spurting out your penis in a normal ejaculation but this is much slower and stretches out quite a while. And, I can repeat this several times in a row. Is this what came out or was it more like the consistency of semen? I know that if I was in my late teens or early 20's like you must be, if I was using an Aneros and hadn't cum in a couple days, I would have a hard time not blowing my wad. When I was your age, I could go three or more times a day sometimes and that still didn't cause the fire to die down! Ah, those were the days!
    Regarding sexual patience...I can only say sex gets better when you're not rushing to the finish line all the time. This is hard (no pun intended) for a young guy as God designed our bodies and hormones to cycle on a 72-hour basis and the need to ejaculate after three days for most young bucks becomes pretty unavoidable (Yea God!). As you get older that intense inferno of youthful sexual passion starts to cool a bit to a nice set of red hot's still there and it can still get the steak nice and hot but it may take a bit longer to get going or not feel as urgent. You gf/future wife will greatly appreciate if you can train yourself to extend this burn time...and your orgasms will be stronger too the longer you can maintain a hard on while being stimulated. The Aneros can help train your body with this but so can edging. Are you familiar with how to do that? It's a form of masturbation where you bring yourself just to the point of cumming and then back off and repeat this over and over. It takes practice but it's fun practice and once you get good at it you can experience multiple orgasms without ejaculating and stay hard and highly charged for an hour or more. It helps to do PC excercises too. Those are the muscles you use to shut off urine when you pee. By practicing clamping and releasing those guys multiple times a day over a couple weeks, you'll develop enough muscle control where you'll actually be able to get to the point of cumming then clamp down on your PC muscles and stop yourself from ejaculating but still have an orgasm. And you can keep this up multiple times untilnyou just cant stand it anymore. Something to try, if you haven't. Edging for a while before you insert the Aneros might also ramp up your Aneros session by priming the pump.

    The bottom line is, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this. Just relax, slow down your pace and give yourself the permission to just explore your body and these awesome sensations without feeling like you have to blow your wad every time at bat. Trust me, if you do a session and hold back from ejaculating then stop, rest for a couple hours and come back to another session, your second session will blow your mind! Enjoy your youth young buck. have the body of a 20-year-old knowing what I know now!