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What is it about driving that turns me on?
  • TychoTycho
    Posts: 12
    All of my orgasmic breakthroughs have been without the aneros and while driving in my Jeep! I don't know if it is the vibration or the fact that I am not actually thinking about my prostate and trying to get it to do something. It just starts off innocently driving and I feel a little pulse or tingle down there. I just start circulating the sexual energy from groin to head and back and before I know it, P-waves and light orgasmic pulses start happening in my prostate. I try to replicate this at home on my bed with and without the aneros, but I get absolutely nothing. I don't get aroused by porn so I am hoping to get my wife to give me a total body massage while I try the aneros. Hey. I give her full body massages several times a week with no sex, so I hope she is understanding. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Tycho.

    Seems to be the vibrations of the car and the road. The rougher the road, the better the effect. A Jeep CJ5 on dirt would be ideal. I had to quit using my Aneros while driving due to one incident of a "blinding" orgasm. Oh, well...

    Unless you've got one of those vibrating beds, I doubt a full body massage will work like a Jeep. On the other hand, I'm sure your wife is much better looking. :)


  • forgemanforgeman
    Posts: 46
    I have had crazy dry o's driving down a highway at about 65mph. I feel my nips stiffen and I find my hand flicking them and bam! my crotch is pulsing. You must be very carefull doing this though to maintain control of the vehicle, so I dont do this very often
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    This seems to be a hazard for any of us with experience beyond very basic Aneros or KSMO play. Anerosless experiences while driving may be the most hazardous since they can start unexpectedly and evolve without conscious effort to amplify them.

    Perhaps Tycho, this is driven by visual cues during forward motion. Those might parallel the sense of speed or spiraling we have during the Super-O. And perhaps this combo of orgasmic cues combined with visual motion might be opening a brain channel into prior experience.

    My "hard way" lesson on this showed it doesn't take a harsh ride combined with inserted or even Anerosless contractions to trigger some perceptual and cognitive aberrations.

    My first happened on a Sunday morning after artform had Chat-coached me on just exercising 'intent' without any tissue movement --- an introduction to a very basic element of tantra.

    Without any "Intent" but just reflecting on the concept of "Intent" I had an involuntary. That quickly evolved through a p-wave and onward to a mini-O. Although this lasted but 5 seconds, that was about 250 ft of travel at the 30-35 mph. I was driving on smooth pavement with the car's suspension set on 'Tour' (i.e. soft). It didn't take a CJ5 on a rough road to pull this off. The distraction was easily as serious as it would be during a voice conversation on a cell-connection.
  • I am new to all of this, I've only had my Helix for a month or two. I don't have any insight into what you said, but today for the first time I went to the gas station with the Helix in me, I didn't have any intense pleasure or anything, but while at the gas station I got a nice tingling sensation at one point. Kind of fun to be in public with the device in you, made me feel adventurous.
  • TychoTycho
    Posts: 12
    Well all I know is that my driving keeps getting more and more enjoyable each day! Hopefully my body will remember that when the mind says NO it means NO. Not TAKE ME NOW YOU BAD BOY! ;-D