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hypno holy crap!...
  • okay well ill start off by saying i use to think hypno was a well.. load of crap. ive been using aneros for 6 or so months now. i just read the wiki and what not and jumped into it. had alot of fun alot of new experiances ive never had before but nothing to profound. ive gotten a handfull of aneros's and love each on of them. then earlier today out no where i said skrew it and orderd hypnoanero got the download one. and well. holy crap, holy crap. i never knew i was capable of anything near that. ive always been an audio person so this was PERFECT for me. by the middle of it i was craving it so badly soo deeply tranced i had no idea where i was or what time zone i was in. and then it finally let me let loose a bit and that moaning in the backround kicked in this primitive male feministic lust rage i never knew i had. i mean i was moaning groaning spazing out and flippin out for so long. i never came myself but thats just how i roll. maybe if i wat a couple days i will but i could care less if i cum this was down right bliss. if anyone reading this i uable to have a super O or if youvehad one i still HIGHLY recomend getting this. ill admit i laughed at it at first but then i just said freak it and let the tape take over..well worth its money i really hope the team makes more. a huge tip of the at to yo rum and whoever elts put in effort in making this. its no joke

    i believe....
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    I never go into a session without the HypnAerosession MP3 playing. Like I said in my review, "This is a MUST HAVE for people that are serious about getting to the Super-O." It works.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Thanks for your endorsement of my little project. I am very pleased to hear you are being aided by "HypnAerosession", that IS what it was intended to do, help you get relaxed and into the optimum frame of mind. This product was produced with the generous and sincere help of veteran Aneros users 'B Mayfield', 'darwin', 'Pan' & 'Hlaser99'. We were also most fortunate to secure the beautiful vocal talents of 'Alana' whose pathos and empathy for the project were extraordinary.

    Since no product can satisfy everyone as we've recently read here, it is not for lack of effort or desire on our part to have made this accessible to as many men as we could.
  • I've read a few posts on HypnAerosession, and from what I understand it is two parts. The first part to relax you, the second part to aid you on your journey of pleasure. My question is, do the people who uses HypnAerosession actually listen to both CD's or has anyone had success with skipping the "relaxation" part and jumping straight to the 2nd?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    CD1 at about the 75minute point was my point of no return and where I went on my own. Great training wheels!

    Couple of trips that way and CD2 became a part of the collection I wear on my armband.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    I always go right to track #2 since I got to the Super-O. Track #1 is helpful verbal instruction on how to relax and what to do to get to Dry-Os and Super-0s.