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Cleaning vaseline off a medicine dropper?
  • wontquitwontquit
    Posts: 41
    Its all stuck on the inside. I tried flushing with hot water already. What can I do?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Short of using cotton buds with soapy water, I'm not sure I can help.

    Not really sure why you would have Vaseline inside a medicine dropper in the first place! If you are injecting it into your rectum, I doubt there is need to go to those lengths. Sounds like a bit of a waste of Vaseline. Just cover the tool with it before insertion. That should do it.
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Maybe you should try using olive oil instead of vaseline as a lubricant it is safe to use because it is natural and
    it is absorbed through the rectum the same way as the stomach absorbs food.
  • lugnutlugnut
    Posts: 1
    might try soaking it in Dawn dishwasing detergent and warm water. Dawn has a good track record in breaking down petrol producet. OTOH a new dropper costs how much? you may not need to refinance your house to afford a new one and pitch the old. Butt then you may be emotionally attached?
  • RipTheJackerRipTheJacker
    Posts: 240
    try taking the bulb off and use a pipe cleaner and hot soapy water
    - rip
  • wontquitwontquit
    Posts: 41
    Affording a new one isnt the problem, but the cost adds up quickly if Im using a new one every session. Id much rather spend a couple minutes cleaning than another $5.

    Olive oil as lubricant? It doesn't seem like it'd be quite as slick and "constant" as other substances... can anyone else comment on this?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Don't underestimate the value of olive oil. It is as slick as any lubricant. Its problem is that it is absorbed fairly quickly into the body tissues so it doesn't last long. For an Anerosession which might be expected to last for a couple of hours or more, you need something more enduring such as unrefined shea butter or Vaseline.

    Suggest you check out the thread "Unrefined shea butter,how much?" in this forum
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    lugnut's comment on liquid Dawn (U.S. product from P&G) matches my experience. I keep a bottle in my shower and carry a couple of ounces of Dawn when on travel. A good bet on shooters is to have more than one and clean several at the same time. I just drop an used injector into a jar of soapy water (a couple of drops of liquid Dial works well). This isolates it from the atmosphere and contains any odor. I refer to that jar as my "chamber pot."

    When there are two or three shooters in the jar, I clean them in hot water and antiseptic-Dawn and 'exercise' them to really scrub out the inside. If the detergent solution is above 145 deg. F. you can use liquid-Ivory as an inexpensive alternative to Dawn. IMO, plunger type syringes clean up better than bulb type.

    Most of us are concerned about the 'logistics' of anal cleaning and lube on a frequent basis and look to simplify things and minimize what my wife calls, "Aneros clutter." Nevertheless, sanitation counts to minimize growth of bacteria and fungi. Particularly in one's clean lube stores and our prep tools. Every guy here has dealt with that issue and there are many different solutions.

    Agree with Pommie on the Shea Butter. My fav is alv's recipe for a blend of Shea+Coconut. It is a solid when cool but quickly melts as it warms to body temp so distributes quickly after injection. The fats that do the actual lube hold up well beyond 2 hours. Nice and slippery... refer to:
    -- -- Alv's "formula" is post #129 in that thread.

    Alv also discusses his 'ice chill' method of lubing which does away with the nuisance and expense of injectors and minimizes waste. That thread has over 150 posts now but is a good read when you have time. rumel's 'Natural Jelly' is discussed as is plain Almond Oil. I once calculated the cost of alv's blend -- it came out to about 15 ยข per two-hour session which covers some waste from left-overs at the end of my sessions.

    After a few months, most Senior Forum members seem to seek alternatives to injectors and syringes. In addition to alv's techiques, Love_is, Darwin and J4 discuss using solid chunks of Shea Butter, suppository style. That solves both the injector cleaning nuisance and provides an opportunity for some ad-hoc anal play as a part of the insertion ritual.

    If you want to stick with injection and can tolerate a larger injector, you can save $$$ by making you own, here's my low-cost home-brew solution: -- -- that 'how-to' is in post #5 .

    Enjoy & blessings to you man!
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 757
    What's wrong with the Lube Shooter, or Lube Launcher? You get three tubes and a plunger, for about $10, delivered. I've used one set for several years, and after wiping the excess off with toiletpaper, wash them with a bit of anti-bacterial liquid soap and hot water, a bit of rapid plunging, it cleans out just fine. I'm down to the last tube due to wear and tear, but I figured each one is good for about 1 1/2 to 2+ years. It figures out to be very inexpensive yet very easy to use. Not to mention painless to apply and easy to fill with my favorite lube, Slippery Stuff Gel.