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Did I misunderstand something?
  • karunapodkarunapod
    Posts: 1
    I ordered an aneros
    because I had learned about using it
    to heal chronic prostatitis
    by milking the prostate.

    Here's my confusion:

    I thought that when the prostate is milked
    the discharge should be clear prostate fluid.

    However, each time I use it,
    the discharge looks identical
    to ejaculatory discharge i.e. milky white.

    Is this normal?

    Part of the reason I am asking this
    is because I have studied tantra
    and taoist sexual practices for decades.
    As a result, sex for me normally includes orgasm
    but only rarely does it include ejaculation.

    One thing I have noticed that is really intriguing:

    If I come either through sex or masturbation...
    there's a distinct energy drop/immediate tiredness.
    But after using the aneros...
    I felt energized.

    Any thoughts/opinions about any of this
    would be greatly appreciated.

    I have used my Aneros three times.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i think as different nerves are stimulated the body releases different hormones and chemicals resulting in a less draining effect as for your fluid as you use it more the fluid will change colour if you stimulate your cock its still a penile orgasm even with aneros if you cum hands free it should be just prostate fluid
  • i must be broke or something. when i use mine almost every session i climax and im always shocked tha im not covered in cum. ive never been able to milk myself but when i stroke with the aneros inside i bust a nut so massive even cows would be like dam. yeah my anero experiance is a little differnt than ive read and i wana get this off my chest. for me for some reason sex/masturbtion/anero sessions have always felt "mechanical" and i have no idea how to just enjoy it and let my body and mind be free. when i smoke weed wth it i get paranoid and i cant enjoy my sessions ad just end up being headspun for like two hours. i was on "anti depressnts" as a kid when they fist came out, they messed me up alot mentally growing up and i think its tied into my orgasm these days. is this true or jus a load i dont know. i dont take any meds these days except for mens 1 a day and i have noticed stronger sensatons yet there still semi mechanical.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    A little basic anatomy lesson is in order here. semen (ejaculate) is composed of a number of compounds secreted by several organs in the body. The testes contribute about 4%, seminal vesicles about 65%, prostate about 30% and bulbourethral glands (Cowper's gland) about 1% of the total ejaculated fluid.

    Of these, precum (Cowper's gland emissions) is a clear, fluid often stimulated by mental arousal alone, this is also the first gland stimulated upon insertion of your Aneros massager. This gland may continue to experience stimulation/emissions during the course of an Anerosession, this is a completely normal occurrence, though not all men will experience it. Typically precum will contain very few sperm cells.

    Prostatic fluid may be released as a result of your Aneros massagers action on the prostate (see also Prostate Milking). This is typically a translucent, cloudy, milky white colored fluid with only some sperm cells as those are mainly stored in the seminal vesicles and ampulla of ductus deferens. This fluid release is also a completely normal occurrence, though perhaps not as frequent as some of us would like to occur.

    During a traditional ejaculatory orgasm the contents of the ampulla along with the seminal vesicles and prostate gland are all expressed which in turn triggers certain other hormonal releases in the brain such as prolactin. It is believed that high prolactin levels are responsible for the males refractory period following ejaculation and also contributes to the sense of energy loss/fatigue.

    Despite the occasional release of prostatic fluid through massage (milking action), anecdotal evidence from Aneros users suggests that dry-O's and the Super-O's do not trigger the release of prolactin or some of the other post ejaculatory hormones thus enabling you to feel relatively energized even following an intense Anerosession. Perhaps someday this phenomenon will be scientifically studied to ascertain just what is occurring as a result of this type of sensual stimulation.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Must not forget Oxytocin, that love hormone that moves us to protect our mate following orgasm. Oxytocin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There's an interesting comment in that article pointing out that the female orgasm is longer, timewise, than the male orgasm and Oxytocin levels might be higher as a result.

    Perhaps that explains why our dry-Os and extended time in an O-zone contribute to such an expanded sense of peace and relaxation making the dry-O more self sustaining.