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1st Dry-O Without Aneros
  • Wow, I had my first dry-O earlier and I thought i'd share the experience. I actually planned on not using the aneros tonight because I have to wake up early to study for a test tomorrow, so a little over an hour ago I decided to just play with myself for about 20 minutes before heading to bed. I put youporn on and watched some girls masturbate and play with each other. When I watch porn I typically don't like to ejaculate (prefer to save it and use the session to amp up my sexual arousal), so I delicately worked on all my other erogenous zones such as my nipples, perineum, pressure points between my belly button and penis, and testicles. I always find these areas very pleasurable and satisfying to play with to play with...except this time something different happened. I was feeling so great and my penis was very hard, and it was getting so pleasurable I decided to change from a sitting position to laying on my back. All of a sudden it just came over me: my prostate was feeling great, my PC muscles kept involuntarily clenching and unclenching in rapid succession, I really thought I was going to ejaculate but never did. Instead this kept going on for a solid half a minute and I'm in awe how great it felt, I couldn't contain a few moans! After it subsided, I was so incredibly horny and my penis was still throbbing for a little.

    This actually prompted me so say "fuck it" and I proceeded to lube up, insert my helix, and play hypnaerosession disc 2. While it was quite a pleasurable session (as are all of mine at this point), iI had no sensations similar to what I had just experienced. After 45 minutes I decided to just give was going nowhere likely due to me having too much on my mind to properly relax (it is the last 2 weeks before graduation and I have a LOT to get done and prepare for...not to mention wake up early). I just had to write this, i'm pretty excited. I find it interesting though how my first dry-o actually came to me without the aneros inserted haha. Well off to bed for now, I cannot wait until I get get some adequate rest and more time to myself in a couple of weeks. Oh, and i'm pretty pumped for my Tenga Flip Air Melty White to arrive within two days, then I can really test my limits at self restraint.
  • mogmog
    Posts: 169
    Hi ATM,

    Congrats on reaching the entry-level of mind-driven device-free MMOs. Further along the trail, with good progress, you could develop the skill as many others have done to achieve successions of super-Os without any manipulation of any kind. In my experience such orgasmic events are, by far, the most erotic and powerful……less is more!

    >I cannot wait until I get get some adequate rest and more time to myself in a couple of weeks.<<br />
    Don’t forget that expectation of higher results can be a killer to progress and lead to disappointment. You have to allow your body and mind to assimilate this skill at their own rate.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Wow! Sounds great!! :)