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KSMO Aneros Combo
  • Hi,

    I bought Jack's KSMO program and then found out about Aneros. I bought the Helix and Hypnaerosession cd.

    I searched through some KSMO posts, but didn't find what I was looking for.

    For those who practice both methods, what is your protocol?

    Do you use in separate sessions or both simultaneously?

    If simultaneously, exactly how do you combine the two methods?


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I've been a practitioner of separate sessions, as I've already been substantially rewired for the Aneros experience. I'm exploring how the KSMO protocol, by itself, may rewire me for additional sensory experiences and altered states of consciousness. I continue to follow the practice protocol as described by Jack in his training seminar and do not mix it with my Anerosessions. One of our veteran members, 'artform' has been a simultaneous practitioner for several years now, perhaps he will respond to your query about his mixed use protocol. You might also ask member 'mog' or 'Pan' via PM about their mixed use practices.
  • Let me know how it goes as im going to get around to purchasing his seminars as well at some point :) very much looking forward to it
  • mogmog
    Posts: 181
    Hi 48262:)

    >Do you use in separate sessions or both simultaneously?<<br />
    I think that the answer to that will be different for a beginner in the MMO exploration than for someone who has already achieved a fair degree of proficiency in both the KSMO and Aneros.

    If you are intending to begin to explore simultaneously these very different approaches to the MMO you might possibly be something of a rarity. I can’t remember anyone describing such a project.

    For my own part, I began with the Aneros and a year or two later took up the KSMO. I’ve been very successful with both approaches. But I now regard the KSMO as my core activity and use one of the Aneros devices occasionally as a variation on the MMO theme. Both experiences I find are somewhat different and I would not be able to place one above the other in terms of orgasmic intensity. But a great advantage of the KSMO is that it becomes literally a part of you and so it is available to you any time any place without any preparation being required.

    But for any beginner who wants to get the best out of learning the MMO skill I think that it’s already fully accepted wisdom that the two practices should be kept completely separate, at least on different days. Jack is fairly adamant about this and I personally think that it’s good learning practice.

    But it’s a free country. You perhaps might break new ground in mixing and mingling. But I have my doubts that you would ever get the best from the KSMO (and also possibly the Aneros) by doing that.

    Good luck,