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Does the Aneros work for Prostate Cancer survivors with no prostate?
  • I've been cancer free now for 3 years, almost to the day. I no longer have a prostate so I am wondering if these devices will work for me or is there something else I might try.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    first, congrats on being here with us to discuss this question, and welcome. a small piece of you is gone, but the great vast majority is still kicking!

    i have been wondering and asking the same thing. i have had some psa scares. i am also most likely gonna have a TURP sometime soon, which i realize is not the same thing, but does pose similar questions.

    perhaps you will get an answer, but i don't know of anybody on the forum who has lost their prostate.

    given the lack of information, i have the following suggestions:

    1) give it a whirl. if you buy the MGX you will have a money back guarantee.

    2) you would be doing the forum and perhaps yourself a great service to conduct the experiment

    3) note however that many men who have their prostate take a long while to become responsive, so it is possible that you will think the absence is responsible while it might just be that for you it will take a while

    4) how is your current sexual responsiveness? are you able to stimulate yourself to get pleasure? if so, does stimulating your perineum add anything? if you are not used to stimulating it, then it might not be responsive even if you were pre-surgery. the secondary erogenous zones like the perineum, balls, nipples, anus and rectum take effort to awaken. that is one of the skills that aneros users develop and why so many of them report that their nipples have come alive as orgasm buttons, or that they can have orgasms without any aneros and without any physical stimulation. my point is that if you want a clue as to if the aneros will work for you, you could try to discover if your perineum is still a secondary erogenous zone. same thing for your anus and also inserting a finger or dildo into your rectum. if you get some "signal" that might suggest that the aneros can amplify it.

    5) the peridise line of products is designed for both men and women. it doesn't rely so much on prostate stimulation as inducing the rectum to contract like it does in orgasm. you might consider that as an alternative, though it does not come with a money back guarantee.

    6) finally, what are your goals?
    a) are they to boost your post-surgery erection?
    b) boot your post-surgery sexual responsiveness
    c) or are they for anal pleasure in its own right?

    my uninformed guess is that it has a good chance of b and c, and i just don't know about a.

    in sum, i heartily encourage you to go for it.

    in fact, and this may well get us nowhere, but i would call for support to get you a product for free. i have been reading this forum every day for 7 years and you are the first post-surgery guy to come on here. it seems to me we should be honored to have you here, and that support could look at this as an opportunity to have solidarity with sufferers of this disease as well as learning something.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,

    It is unfortunate you've lost your prostate due to cancer. However, it is nice to hear that you now find yourself cancer free. I can sympathize with your anguish about being diagnosed with prostate cancer as I have gone through that as well. I was fortunate to have mine discovered at an early enough stage that external beam radiation was deemed an effective procedure to follow so that I could retain my prostate. Even so, I have noticed significant diminished sensitivity to massage stimulation. Do you know if nerve sparing techniques were employed in your prostatectomy? If so you may still have vestigial nerve structure sufficient to enjoy the internal massage stimulation an Aneros massager may provide to the area.

    'darwin' has asked some excellent questions and offered some great advice as well. In addition to what he has suggested I would ask if you seem to have lost all sensory response to internal stimulation then perhaps I could encourage you to investigate an alternate pathway to multi-orgasmic functioning. Have you heard of Jack Johnston's "Key Sound Multiple Orgasm" protocol (KSMO)? Here's a link to his website, this is a very different approach to achieving sensual pleasure and perhaps restoring orgasmic functioning.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    so sorry to hear of you bout with cancer but happy to hear you are the winner. I have often thought of what it would be like to undergo what you have

    some of my strongest feelings come from only inserting the aneros just a little bit (like just the head of the progasm)
    this, like the peridise models would result in a anal orgasm if I am understanding it correctly.
    I would think that should work for you
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Hi Steve,

    I am really sorry to hear of the loss of your prostate but I do believe that there may be a very worthwhile alternative for you.

    My two bobs worth - HIH, the developers of these wondrous devices, have developed a group of four models which they have called "Peristal" because they create peristaltic responses within the rectum. Their purpose was simply to provide relief from the discomforts experienced from haemorhhoids. Users of these devices soon discovered that they were experiencing anal orgasms. I guess it was for this reason that Aneros took them over, renamed them "Peridise" and have since marketed them primarily for their ability to provide sexual stimulation and anal orgasms.

    Since the prostate is not involved in this activity and women (who have no prostate) can also enjoy the advantages of these models, it seems reasonable that these should also work for you. I should also draw your attention to the Aneros "Tempo" which is similar to the Peridise but made of stainless steel and, to my mind, a quantum leap forward from the Peridise series.

    I think you would find using the Peridise and/or Tempo almost as enjoyable as any of the conventional Aneros models. I certainly do!
  • [QUOTE=barfinkl1;97552]I've been cancer free now for 3 years, almost to the day. I no longer have a prostate so I am wondering if these devices will work for me or is there something else I might try.


    dude i would certainly give it a go i work in a hospital setting and work for (among others) several urologists and they are a source of knowledge as are their (our) patients - i'm a non-doc running a med imaging dept for a group of radiologists ...

    i know of at least two gay bottoms who have had radical prostatectomies one of whom with which i've discussed the subject directly - the other is second-hand information although i do know the patient

    ... both had either non-nerve-sparing radicals (or unsuccessful nerve-sparing procedures) and have no erectile function - although they can masturbate their penises which maintain sensitivity

    they can allegedly still successfully bottom for their partners in anal sex and can reach orgasm by anal penetration and fucking alone - dry orgasms of course except for precum - butt with multiple uncontrollable gratifying pelvic floor contractions "just as good or even better [than before their prostatectomies]

    ... as a neophyte to aneros and anal pleasure and a stranger to fucking anything other that a vagina or mouth i can personally attest to the fact that i wakened to pleasure from the anal sphincter stretching on penetration by my progasm long before i attained pleasure from the prostate itself

    i'm very hopeful for you - keep the forum informed mate

    - rip

    p.s. almost all the post radical prostatectomy patients with whom i've chatted say they empty their bladders completely prior to sex or jo - unless they're into the golden shower scene