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First Dry'O!! Incredible!!
  • animerosanimeros
    Posts: 12
    Well, like titlie says, the last night I have reached my first Dry'O. It was amazing!!! I was liying in my back and I was feeling P-waves rounding my prostate. In one moment I felt in a mini'Os zone, after a few minutes inmerse on them, the calm came to my room, and then after another few minutes of calm, suddenly the Dry'O invaded all my pubic zone. I was moaning like never and lost the control for a few minutes. It just lasted not for more than 2 minutes, but was the best orgasm of my hole life.
    Thank you to this forum and all the people who post here his experiences and share them with everyone interested. If all of you have not posted it here, maybe I have never discovered the goods of this little device.

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Hi animeros,

    Could you explain in detail what you where feeling,what do p-waves feel like and the dry orgasm also,what were you feeling.
    I like to know because i'm still unsure if i had on or not.
    My session are very intense but never had on as strong as a regular orgasm or had a full body dry O.
    My sessions do still get stronger along the way so thats good.