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Helix question and differences
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25
    I recently got the Helix, and was at first very intrigued by the shape compared to the MGX. But the surface is nothing like the MGX and it doesn't feel slippery. On the MGX, the surface is very smooth, once it is lubricated it is very slippery.

    The Helix has more of a satin finish...almost (this sounds awful, I know) like 1500 grit sandpaper. It's just nothing like the MGX and while I believe the shape of the Helix is more enjoyable, the texture just seems like it NEVER has enough lubrication. It feels like it has much more friction and is harder to remove when I'm done.

    I've wondered if I got a unit that somehow missed the final polish if that's part of the manufacturing process. It's to the point that I've considered getting some polishing compound and a buffing wheel and making it smooth like the MGX.

    Anyone else have this experience, and if so, why was it changed? Give me a Helix (perhaps a tiny bit bigger as well) with an ultra-slick surface like the MGX and I'd probably be spending more time alone just in awe at the feelings I have than I do now.
  • JohnQJohnQ
    Posts: 20

    I own the same models as you and don't see any differences in texture.

    You might consider sending it back.

    John Q.
  • I received my Helix with the same finish and it did not move inside me as easily as my MGX and MGX classic.

    I used my wife's 'fine finish' emory board to buff out the finish. It worked so well, I used it on my MGX's.

    I'm talking about the fine finish emory board that you would use on the top of your nails to polish them. They can be found at any drugstore. It will take you about 20 minutes to finish the job.

    Hope this helps.
  • My Helix is the same way and I have yet to get the same results that I was with the MGX. I'm getting a little frustrated with it. I have been using KY jelly to coat it, but I can't seem to get in the zone with it like I can the MGX. I've been very frustrated. Last night, I went in with ZERO expectations (actually fell asleep with it in for 15 minutes). I awoke and NOTHING. I couldn't get anything going on down there. I just get tired of the seemingly long prep and needed cleanup afterwards. Don't know why I'm struggling with this thing after having 2 super-O's with the MGX.