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Nipple stimulation as foreplay for a breast orgasm
  • When I was learning about sex I was told that one stimulated a girl's
    or woman's nipples to arouse her before intercourse. Early on, I
    learned that my own nipples were at least as sensitive as most
    women's, so in nearly all of my sexual encounters with women over the
    years, nipple and breast play has been mutual. It has been my
    experience that women are turned on by a man with sensitive nipples.

    Now through my discovery of the breast orgasm (see Darwin's post), nipple stimulation has
    taken on a new angle. After years of making the nipple orgasm (no
    touching of the penis!) my main form of solo sex, I have now
    discovered the breast orgasm (orgasm by massaging the surface of the
    breast without touching the nipple). And nipple stimulation has again
    become foreplay. By stimulating my nipples, I have discovered, I
    awaken the erogenous feelings in the larger breast, and once that
    happens, I stop stimulating the nipple and begin rubbing the breast.
    It's usually no more than a minute or two until I have a powerful
    breast orgasm, and the breast remains so sensitive that continued
    massaging can usually produce a second orgasm within another minute
    or two.

    Has anyone else tried this? Am I unique? Am I a freak?
  • Hello Wuerstchen, not you are not a freak. In my EMD exercise (see Darwin's thread "Grandtiger's Extended Male Deer Exercise a couple of pages back at this time), I draw the intense pleasure from my penis upwards through my body and eventually to my head. Everywhere I massage along the way becomes intensly pleasurable. Pleasure also flows down my legs so my whole being achieves a profound state of ongoing orgasmic bliss. In this state I can massage almost anywhere on my body and focus on the pleasure in that region. If I have my prostate massager in place the internal pleasure is even more intense. Touching my nipples increases pleasure everywhere to such extreme intensity I can't even begin to describe it, and it just goes on and on, yet time seems to stand still. Forty five minutes will go by in a few moments. If the pleasure were any more intense I think I may vanish from here and emerge somewhere on the other side of the universe, or in another one!

    Enjoy yourself,

  • Hi, Tiger! Thanks for you input. I am new to this forum, and it is great to find a group of guys who are interested in exploring the varieties of orgasmic bliss. For me the penis has become a bit player, hardly the center of my sexuality. After discovering the breast orgasm last spring, I have since learned that a nipple orgasm seems to turn my entire body into one giant erogenous zone--a few weeks ago I had an intense whole body orgasm (following directly after a nipple orgasm) by rubbing my belly.
  • mole07mole07
    Posts: 1
    I am a straight male and enjoy reaching out orgasm by nipple stimulation Wink It started with an accident when I realized that my nipples are hardened during my orgasm and felt a deep sensation rubbing against bed sheet. I was curious and start stimulating them ever so often, usually pinching them or encircling them by the tip of my finger. My nipple become sensitive and a little "fuller" than used to be and sticks out a little more than before when I am aroused. I am glad that I can achieve full orgasm (without direct penile stimulation!), including ejaculation, and deeper (very different from direct penile stimulation) orgasm.
  • I would also second the motion that you are not a freak. I find your openess encouraging. That is one of my favorite aspects of this community. Men are openly discussing sexuality with other men! This is in an encouraging and platonic way that nutures and allows all of us to grow. I myself have rather unsensitive nipples. As such, I find your post exciting and helpful. I am starting to learn more about nipple sensation. I want to open that part of my erogenous self. Anal enjoyment comes very easy for me. Nipple stimulation has always been elusive. While one may have a journey of anal awakening, I am beginning my journey of nipple awakening. I look forward to more posts in this topic and many shared ideas.