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super quick "getting there"
  • I was using a few other non-aneros models for a while, similar to those on your site. I'd need 1-2 hrs for a session. Then I ordered the MGX, then the Eupho. Really, honestly, it cranked up my sensitivity no-end. Now within 15 minutes I'm there with sweet dry "o"s and can have a very satisfying session in an hour. I mean almost from insertion, then relax a few seconds and it takes over. I was always under the impression before that you need to insert, relax, do this exercise etc etc. But now, after getting the two mentioned devices, I'm off to a flying start, ha. Do other users have this experience of turbo-charged feelings right away?
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    The same happens to me. Immediately upon insertion, I begin to have wonderful feelings and it just gets better from there. Dry and Super O's are only about 20 minutes away. All it takes is a little relaxation and enjoy the journey.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I am the same... I believe the exercises during the early stages are for 2 reasons:

    - Build up the strength of the PC and anal muscles and rewire the brain to create involuntaries

    - Get use to the feeling of the device moving.

    Once mastered it is simply relay and breath. The breathing helps to establish the movements and to get additional oxygen to the vital parts.
  • Me Too. but took me 1 hour to get super-O.
  • All this is good encourage ment for us newbies good stuff to look forward to im on here daily at the moment reading to pick up tips :) I own a helix and have been using it for a month so far is good I know im heading in the right direction I found it hard to relax with distraction of noises ect but i then thought rather than paying out for another aneros to add to my collection im not going to till I have reached the super o stage I brought that hypnaerosession much help :) so far my milestones include getting some involuntaries and some p-waves have been produced the p-waves only started this week as i brought the hypnaerosession at the start of the week has helped me relax
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Never used anything but the Aneros (completely new to me when I started a year and a half ago for prostate congestion) and rewiring took a number of months, but now after a few minutes of initial relaxation with it in, it takes hardly 5 minutes of gentle PC contractions and nipple tickling for powerful dry orgasms that feel like I'm ejaculating all over myself to start coming. They'll last for 10 minutes or so very intensely, then become more gentle and relaxing for several more minutes at which point I'll feel "satisfied" and stop.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The fact is that some people already have a sense of prostate awareness to begin with. Some don't but seem
    pre-wired for the experience, requiring very little outside of the proper kind of stimulation to jump start the response. Others require time and exploration to rewire, to begin to perceive the different type of sensations that will ultimately lead to a Super O. In the end, it makes little difference whether one is preset for this or one takes many months for the awakening, the experiences will be just as powerful.

    My own response to the Aneros had three major phases. The first was a short period of immediate Super O's. The second was a dry period that lasted over 6 months. It was during the latter that I really learned about my body and the Super O. In the third phase, taking what I'd learned in the second I was able to cross over to a level where I could have Super O's on demand. Things have continued to evolve to this day. I've always been grateful for my path, particularly the second phase, because in coming to a greater understanding myself, I was able to pass along this information to others. This is essence of the journey that I spoke years ago. Some people will have a shorter path, for some it will be longer. Some will experience bumps in the road, (short and long path), others will have smooth sailing all the way.

    No expectations.....relax and enjoy whatever comes your way!


    BF Mayfield

  • MilferMilfer
    Posts: 4
    Hi BF Mayfield,

    Something you said got my interest: “no expectations… relax and enjoy whatever comes your way!”

    I can confirm this is true, but also that it’s quite a paradox.

    Slowly as my journey made great progress, I started to learn that you cannot force for things to come, or to control them in any way. By relaxing, indeed, I was able to experience new sensations that got to me, and indeed, I was enjoying them the most.

    However, expectations to me are made by these new sensations. Making great progress involved somewhat neglecting these experiences, as in: there is more to come, just relax. This is very hard to do in a ride where you find yourself in a wealth of new exciting sensations, it’s almost impossible to relax because you want more.

    I can somehow compare this to my first ejaculation when I jacked of the first time. I had no sense of building up an explosion, only to find the rising, somewhat sharping sensation in the head of my penis, extremely pleasureable. But I got there by not controlling it, merely by relaxing.

    Still I haven’t found the solution or experience to learn what it takes to relax
  • Well a have just recieved 2 new sensation in a session a few days back :) one of my session was really intense and at the time the time I didnt even have the aneros inserted at all was sat at my laptop just talking to mates n i felt weird sensation on my thighs ect so i thought lets play around I just layed on my bed and started stroking them , the sensitivty and pleasur increased then i started to stimulate my nipples and the rest of the body about 20 mins in i was just stroking every where and I just felt pure ectasy all over my body where my hands where touching which seemed to spread :) I then about 10 mins after all this felt another new sensation of that tingle in my dick followed by a sharp electric shock run up it was weird i stayed doing all this for a good hour jus really enjoying it stopped as my prostate got worn out :) fun times
  • Thanks BF Mayfield.
    I had a really intersting experience recently. I was communicating with another member here. I've always been a "side" man in my jouneys. This other memeber was a "back" man. Somehow, his descriptions of his journeys evoked in me a desire to try it on my back. My "side" journeys, as mentioned earler, were always very fast like I'd step into gear a few minutes after insertion. But I tried it on my back, and have been doing backs exclusively now for the last few weeks. It's very different for me. Not fast. A slow build up that excites me because it is slow, but I know it's going somewhere and it clearly comes and is beautiful. It's like a much purer time, with a lot of fluff (maybe a myriad of feelings in all sorts of places) removed and just contact on the prostate? I have less precum this way (on back) but it is very enjoyable.
    Funny enough, I was doing this the other day, and after about 40 minutes as I crested with a beautiful dry O I heard a neighbour girl groan as she was climaxing too! (I swear I am not making this up). She was in another apartment, I think it was upstairs over mine. I have never heard this kind of action before from there or any other apartment. I only sometimes hear high heeled shoes walk across the tiled floor upstairs. She came right when I did with loud moans. At first I though I might be having an out of the body experinece (ha), but a quick look around showed me I wasn't. Was that funny or what? I mean the timing!
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Bill: Very interesting observations followed by a great anecdote. I am having fun imagining it. Thanks.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What a terrific experience! I hope that you let it rip....moaning up a storm yourself. I can imagine that I too would have been quite disoriented by those sounds initially, but frankly, I would have gone with it once I realized what was happening (using those sounds to go to a higher level of arousal). I'm curious, did you find that it made for a stronger orgasm? Knowing what I know about how erotic energy can be transmitted, it makes me wonder when I hear about something like this occurs.....maybe it not as coincidental as we might think.

    BF Mayfield
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    "Come together"
    Immortalized by The Beatles.

    "Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly
    He got joo-joo eyeball he one holy roller
    He got hair down to his knee
    Got to be a joker he just do what he please

    He wear no shoeshine he got toe-jam football
    He got monkey finger he shoot coca-cola
    He say "I know you, you know me"
    One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
    Come together right now over me

    He bag production he got walrus gumboot
    He got Ono sideboard he one spinal cracker
    He got feet down below his knee
    Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease
    Come together right now over me

    He roller-coaster he got early warning
    He got muddy water he one mojo filter
    He say "One and one and one is three"
    Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see
    Come together right now over me"

    Happy daze !
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well Bill Bately!! and All!!... :D :D

    Great event captured Bill! And B Mayfield, I think it even more likely that this coming together ( Thanks V!! :D ) was NOT an accidental happening... "Very interesting observations..." indeed Woodsman!! Energies, field effects, resonance, entangled linkages at some distances...

    This is also related to the reason that KSMO ethics prohibit making the Key Sound in public or anywhere near someone who could be effected without their prior informed consent.

    Great fun though too Bill at the time. How do you think you would have reacted had you not also been in an orgasmic session?

    all the best sensing sharing soaring on orgasmic energies up close and/or planetary and way beyond all

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I think vocalising is a strong human need, it can convey anything from anger to orgasmic release. Personally I prefer orgasmic release if I'm going to use it to whip myself up to a frenzy coz vocalising provides a feedback loop to ever increasing pleasure. We need something like the fleshlight caters to that basic masculine need to penetrate and come shoot.Likewise Aneros could cater to the desire of being able to completely let go without anyone in the vicinity hearing you. A soundproofed device for around your head blocking out all sound while simultaneously providing the unbridled sense and sound of release.

    I think Aneros should do the responsible thing and help us poor retainers in providing this release

    Thanks in advance
  • What a terrific experience! I hope that you let it rip....moaning up a storm yourself. I can imagine that I too would have been quite disoriented by those sounds initially, but frankly, I would have gone with it once I realized what was happening (using those sounds to go to a higher level of arousal). I'm curious, did you find that it made for a stronger orgasm? Knowing what I know about how erotic energy can be transmitted, it makes me wonder when I hear about something like this occurs.....maybe it not as coincidental as we might think.

    BF Mayfield

    To say the truth, it so surprised me I lost it for a few seconds, ha. Only minimally, and then I eased back into what was happening with me and was able to enjoy it again. Maybe I was briefly worried that my experiance with my dry Os was starting to rub off on the neighbours and they were catching it too, ha. Like how was I to explain if I met them in the elevator? Ha.