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Have you ever tried forecasting your anseros session?
  • Recently I've tried to forcast how my session will be and I have been surprised with the accuracy. I wonder if others have tried this. To explain: For example, have you ever experienced where you're looking forward to a session, you seem quite excited but the session is a dud. Have you ever had that happen? I have. And then there are times yuo aren't expecting much, but it knows your socks off.
    Thuis led me to start mentally forcasting how the session will be. I just quiet myself and try to picture it, and I'm surprised to find I get a picture of how things will be, how long it lasts, how intense etc. Really.
    Like today, I had a great session in the morning and not usual for me, I had the opportunity to try again in the afternoon. But I tried to "forcast it" and contrary to how I was feeling, I got the answeer that it wouldn'ty be so great, though I felt I could have dabbled in it. But I've learned to trust this feeling, as in the past it rellym has worked for me. So I didn't do it again, but to wait for a more opportune time. I don't know. Works for me.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I'm sure that any attempt to forecast the outcome of a pending session would be setting yourself up for a disappointment, especially if it turns out not to be as good as you forecast.

    If you are feeling turned on as the session commences, it is likely that the session will be better than otherwise but I never go into a session expecting that it will be a good one. I like to enjoy the surprise when it turns out that way.

    It might then be asked "why go into a session at all?' The answer for me is that I am on a journey (maybe to a Super-O).

    In any event I nearly always receive some pleasure from the activity and I honestly believe that each session is contributing to rewiring my body and mind towards something quite exquisite.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI Bill Bately and Pommie!! :D :D :D

    Great discussion of an interesting possibility! Key question: Bill, when you say visualize, do you mean visualizing what you want to have happen, or letting your body reveal things to you as you openly feel a session and let your body/mind suggest how it could happen??

    Visualization is an important part of healing using yogic or qi gong healing for example. Intention ultimately plays a role here and in healing. Highly trained athletes visualize what they want to accomplish before their run down the ski hill, for example. IMHO, the fruitful use of intention depends upon where one is in this journey, and how or what part of you applies the intention.

    Bill you use the word "forecasting", like trying to predict the weather, which is one of the most complex system of energies on/in the ecologies of GAIA. Is that what you mean, guessing based on a mix of how you feel and what you desire?
    Or do you think directly: "this is what I want" and visualize that as an end result only?
    Or do you get the feelings coming to you and feel the process of a session unfolding gradually for you, uncontrolled by your ego?

    Bill Bately said:
    "I had the opportunity to try again in the afternoon. But I tried to "forcast it" and contrary to how I was feeling, I got the answeer that it wouldn'ty be so great, though I felt I could have dabbled in it. But I've learned to trust this feeling, as in the past it rellym has worked for me."

    So, this goes a good deal of the way to answering, but I would appreciate you telling us how you feel the process of forecasting itself when you begin and until you get the answer. Clearly you are prepared to get an answer contrary to your "wish". Do you go into this with a specific wish or an attempt to structure or even just influence the result?

    If "no", then it seems that you are in exceptional receptive communication with your body/mind, with the right attitude of allowing it to inform you in the session itself by what it reveals and the sensations you do get. This is an important thing to "allow" in both healing and in orgasmic practices such as Aneros, KSMO, Tantra or Tao. To be able to get a "preview", even a feeling in general before the event itself, is wonderful indeed, and part of more advanced "adept" gifts and skills.

    In short, even though you may or may not have some level(s) of EXPECTATIONs..., you are primarily open to and receptive of the "word" from your body/mind. That is a respectful action and the result a gift. This is certainly possible, and in no way contradicts the "put ego aside", "no expectations" suggestion for early days and pre-Super-O sessions.

    In pre-Super-O stages, I agree Pommie, do not let doubt or negative feelings keep you from being open and trying another session. And don't cloud it with expectations.

    Looks like you may be further along your journey Bill Bately!

    all the best humble respectful open receptive allowing body/mind communications all

  • Thanks artform (and Pommie too). You've written a lot and it looks very interseting. I think I need more time to really soak up what you're saying. Just a quick answer: when I said what I said I meant it in the sense that it's all good. Kind of like what's to be will be. Like accepting what IS and being happy with that. To not have unrealistic expectations. I'm new to all this and do not have learning about tantra, though I've briefly looked into it and thought it intersting and relatable. Sometimes when I forcast it, I can get an answer like it will be a nice session, with some very pleaasent somewhat smaller thrills; not heart stopping huge excitement. Loaded with this expectation, I don't come to the seesions with too high expectations and I'm relaxed (which always helps) and I get just that, exactly what I need at that time. Like learning to enjoy ther little things of life and being content. This is just a short answer and I'll try to get back later with more.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Like to think of it as mentally "affirming" aspects of the session to be.

    The elements of that affirmation will probably be a part of the post-meditation mantra that I use to dedicate the session.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Very nice rook!! :D :D

    The practice of opening into a meditative state, from a variety of traditions, is an excellent approach and I like that route too. The ongoing role of cumulative neuro-muscular memories and other forms of memories can become key to these signals and insights before sessions too, IMHO.

    I experience it a little differently, through the timelessness of these energies once established as ever presence background being. I wouldn't have characterized the "feeling/knowing/sensing" or "assurance" as "forecasting" Bill Bately, but it is not a bad term for it either at that stage along the journey.

    all the best all timelessly energetically all ways all